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3 Reviews |  By MarielC

This is a wonderful creamy dessert. Not as rich as flan or or other custards because it has no eggs. Serve with whatever topping inspires you - fresh fruit, fruit compote, chocolate, you name it. I prefer fresh raspberries. It should be served very cold. If you plan to make this a day ahead, decrease the gelatin by 2 5/8 teaspoons (2 1/2 teaspoons plus 1/8 teaspoon) otherwise it may be too firm. Cooking time is chilling time.

Recipe #218544

This is a different version of Ambrosia with a touch of the green for St. Patty's Day. A hand me down recipe from a company pot luck. Cook time is time needed for chilling.

Recipe #22445

A cool dessert for a hot summer treat. This recipe is easy and kids will love this pretty light pink treat.

Recipe #9348

This is undoubtedly the best lime mold salad/dessert I've ever had, and my family has come to expect it for part of our Xmas dinner. You may use jelly from Australia or flavored gelatin from other countries as a substitution for American jello, adjusting the sugar to taste.

Recipe #92349

I loved this as a kid. Even though you have to use the blender, it's worth it because this dessert is THAT good! (Found on Kraft's website.)

Recipe #295804

This is the original Jell-O Ribbon Salad, as published in the Joys of Jell-O recipe book that my mom has had--probably since the 1950's. The holidays & other special occasions just wouldn't be the same without this dish on the table!

Recipe #9432

7 Reviews |  By BecR

This yummy dessert/salad has been in the family for ages. Works just as well with sugar free jello and light products. I usually double this recipe, and serve it as a nice light dessert or side salad whenever the weather warms. Great for potlucks! Enjoy! Note: Cook time is chill time.

Recipe #112777

My daughter gave me this strawberry pretzel salad recipe. It is a favorite of her in-laws. I tried it and it is delicious!

Recipe #29400

This is from an Amish country cookbook. I love jello and sour cream and this just made it extra special.

Recipe #121889

When I first fixed dinner for my father in law, he put this in his mouth and just sit there, I had no idea, I thought he wanted to spit it out, but once he swallowed it, he said he loved it and just wanted to hold it in his mouth. This was his very favorite, and everyone loves this. The cream cheese layer is sometimes hard to spread, I use the back of a large spoon and run cold water over it. Prep time includes 4 hours in the fridge before serving.

Recipe #122260

This has been a long-standing part of my family's Thanksgiving meal. Makes a lovely layered salad with a nutty top. We could no more do Thanksgiving without "The Green Stuff" than we could do without the turkey!

Recipe #39326

8 Reviews |  By WJKing

Kids and adults alike love this 'salad!' Nice to slice & serve on a lettuce leaf (for presentation)- the colors can be varied to suit any holiday - greens & reds for Christmas, varying shades of red for Valentine's Day, etc.. ENJOY! This sounds like a lot of work, but it's really not. This is one I like to make when I'll be working around home all day, and can stop to do step after step. :)

Recipe #47814

5 Reviews |  By KCShell

We had a block party for Memorial Day and I brought this jello dessert. You can buy the actual mold from for $3.50. I got the jello mold free for buying jello at my local grocery store, which included several recipes. If you don't have the mold, use a pan that has a 10 cup capacity. Follow directions as closely as you can as the consistency of the jello is very important. Please note that you can use (2) 4 serving size packages or (1) 8 serving size packages of jello for the red and blue layers. This will be a hit at your next holiday gathering!

Recipe #230720

This is an old recipe of my mothers, though I am not sure where it originated. I am not a fan of lime or even marshmallows really, but this stuff is dee-lish! I always serve it with Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinner. When I cook birthday dinners for family, it is requested then as well.

Recipe #208735

34 Reviews |  By dojemi

This is strawberry-shortcake-mixed-together! Quite delicious, especially on a warm summer evening. It can also be made in a Bundt pan (very lightly sprayed with Pam) served with frozen strawberries (thawed) and cream.

Recipe #25825

Make this in a clear dish! It is SO pretty and people will be asking how you cut the Jello into such thin and even layers! Cooking time is total time for all the layers to set. Each layer takes about 30-45 minutes to set so it is best to place the white mixture over a pot of hot water to prevent it from getting hard while you are waiting for the Jello to harden.

Recipe #248429

One of my all-time Jello salads that my mom's made since the sixties.

Recipe #189090

Mom liked to make this on special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Change the food color to red and you have valentines day or Maybe pastel color for Easter! You may also add drained and chopped maraschino cherries.

Recipe #397559

What do you get when you combine two Zaar recipes...and give it a twist? It would look distinctively something like this. It didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it, as I wanted only three distinctive layers and wound up with four, and the red and blue are lighter than I wanted, but it was really, really I was willing to look past its faults. I'll still keep experimenting with it, but I thought it would be a good one to post for the 4th of July. Cooking time is chilling time (between layers and after assembly). Other flavors would work well with this, a layer of orange and a layer of white. A few things worth noting: 1) For presentation purposes, try to find a plain vanilla ice-cream (without vanilla bean flecks) in it. 2) Allow 15-30 minutes for the first and second layers to set before you pour on the next layer or the layers will mix together and won't be separate. 3) Make the blue layer first if you want the layers to be red, white and blue from the top down. 4) The white layer has a very delicate, almost custard-like, flavor which goes well with the fruit flavors. If you want a more more pronounced flavor, add a little bit of vanilla (preferably white vanilla, so it doesn't change the color) or use Recipe #25883. 5) I found it far easier and quicker to open the side of the box of ice cream and slice it with a long knife than to dig it out with a scoop. 6) For darker colors in the red and blue, you could add a little paste food coloring to reach desired color. 7) I created this recipe due to some inspiration from two 'Zaar recipes: Recipe #25883 and Recipe #108778. Thank you to dojemi and faith58 for your inspiration.

Recipe #311492

Three simple ingredients: jello, water, and frozen strawberries. It would be great alone, in a trifle, or over shortcake. Garnish with whipped cream, if desired. Most of the recipe time is just chilling in the refrigerator.

Recipe #297234

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