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Japanese Food

My recent obsession is japanese food, and I just got my fancy fuzzy logic rice cooker to help with all that rice. Here are some japanese recipes that I have collected.
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6 Reviews |  By Olha

A refreshing salad with a bit of crunch. Fine shreds make for a nice appearance. Use a hand grater or grater blade on a food processor for shredding. Good with chicken Teriyaki.

Recipe #207070

13 Reviews |  By Bergy

A very traditional Japanese soup

Recipe #12744

Wow--just found this recipe on Epicurious, tried it and wanted to share it with my favorite cooking site, Recipezaar...This is great...simple marinade and great husband isn't that crazy about fish, but he loved this and I'll be making this again and again...Enjoy!!!

Recipe #179498

A fantastic combination discovered by accident one day. This can also be put inside rice balls.

Recipe #186809

2 Reviews |  By Chickee

This is my recipe for sushi rice. Makes quite a bit- will make 5 nori sheets worth (which makes 10 nori rolls the same size as you get from the sushi shop!). Aussie cup size (250ml) used.

Recipe #175663

This is an authentic Japanese Chicken recipe that is served with your choice of rice. This recipe came from a cookbook presented to me - "CANADIAN JAPANESE COOKERY, 1983.

Recipe #155692

This is a delicious rice recipe with such a wonderful flavour to it. I like this dish very much! : ) I couldn't find dashi stock so I used miso soup instead. And if you don't want to use fresh shrimp you can use precooked peeled shrimp. Just add them in the last minute of cooking to heat through.

Recipe #166879

This is a great dish for lunch. I found this recipe in Quick and Easy Japanese Cuisine for Everyone by Yukiko Moriyama.

Recipe #59508

In the Japanese language, the characters for "wafu" are East-West. This dressing is a western-style cream based dressing with an eastern flair...hence it is known as a "wafu dressing" or "East meets West Dressing." In short, this is a Japanese-esque recipe for salads and dipping that I've been making for over 20 years. For some reason, most savory wafu recipes (dressing or not) combine the flavors of soy and sesame oil. I actually like the combination here! The original recipe calls for making the mayonnaise from scratch and then adding the other ingredients. I prefer making this using commercial mayo because I the kids will go through quarts of the stuff on their salad. I usually double the recipe to last us a week. It's almost a crime, but very tasty to dip california rolls into this. Just do it secretly, and it'll be fine. Actually, "wafu" does not mean east meets west. It means "Japanese style". East/west would be wayo - wa for Japanese and Yo for European or Western. Wa is the character for Japanese, and fu is the character for "style". or "in the style of" fu is also the character for wind.

Recipe #166470

Literally translated, tsukimi means "viewing the moon". The egg in this dish represents the "full moon" surrounded by "clouds" of noodles. It is traditionally served in the autumn but I love it all year long. For some reason, I find it very

Recipe #119575

This was found on several internet sites. Submitted in response to a request on the boards.

Recipe #49639

This recipe is so easy a child could make it - my daughter used to enjoy making this & added weird food coloring that would make a purist cringe! From "Aunty Pua's Keiki Cookbook".

Recipe #101872

Never made sushi & afraid to try rolling some out? Try this layered version and cut the size portions that you wish. If you are hesitant to try sushi because of the seaweed sheets--this is the recipe for you!! This recipe does not use the seaweed sheets.Furikake nori is a mixture of shaved bonito seaweed, sesame seeds and wasabi horseradish. It can be purchased at oriental stores or online. Dashi is Japanese soup stock, which becomes the base of many Japanese dishes. This can also be found in the oriental section of a store or online. Passive time is the time for chilling and cooking the rice.

Recipe #160702

This is a wonderful green tea ice cream. Simple to make and you will impress everyone with it.

Recipe #118259

11 Reviews |  By Derf

A friend makes these and they are delicious!! Wonderful appetizer from Company's Coming, Cooking for Diabetics. Chill time is cook time. Diabetic choices: 1/2 starch = 1 - 1 1/2 square

Recipe #46014

18 Reviews |  By Rita~

Cucumber salad with an Asian twist! A crunchy refreshing salad! Or top a Grilled Tuna Steak recipe #66256 with it.These cucumbers are very long if you can`t find them use 2 regular cucumbers.

Recipe #75231

This was contributed by Olga D at another board and is a fabulous, easy, impressive appetizer.

Recipe #72977

14 Reviews |  By Mirj

Sushi can be very addicting, and once you get the hang of it, surprisingly easy to make!

Recipe #14004

8 Reviews |  By ~SwoR~

I had Teriyaki Chicken from a place called Shanghi Express in a Mall in Auburn Alabama. I worked for years trying duplicate this recipe. I believe this is it. The instructions sound more involved than they are. This is a quick stir-fry and so easy.

Recipe #48239

I like this recipe because it is pretty easy and I have gotten good results everytime I use it. It is adapted from a couple of different recipes. (This makes almost 2 cups of seasoning, I put what I have left in a jar or bottle and refrigerate)

Recipe #55243

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