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These are great dipped in coffee or eaten by themselves. They make a nice gift when put in a large coffee mug.

Recipe #49126

27 Reviews |  By Kim D.

This is one of my favorite Italian desserts and the perfect ending to any Italian dinner. The shells are pretty simple to make, and taste so much better than the ready-made shells you buy in the Italian markets. Note that cooking time also includes chilling time.

Recipe #95546

This is a another "no bake" variation of the traditional Italian cream cake.

Recipe #38225

This is a "no bake" variation of a very rich, traditional Italian dessert. Since it uses store bought sponge cake as a base, it is very easy to put together. Prep time does not include overnight refrigeration time.

Recipe #38511

5 Reviews |  By Dee514

This is the "old family recipe" that my grandmother used for making her delicious cannoli shells. My cannoli filling recipe is # 59710.

Recipe #40291

3 Reviews |  By Dee514

Pan di Spagna (sponge cake) is used as a base for many Italian desserts and cakes. It is a somewhat dry cake, which is usually sprinkled/brushed with a rum or liqueur flavored syrup before the addition of a cream filling. Three 8 or 9inch round or square cake pans may be used instead of the sizes specified.

Recipe #65221

6 Reviews |  By Dee514

This is a basic recipe for Italian pastry cream which is used as a filling for many cakes and pastries. The chocolate pastry cream is made from this same base, with the addition of the chocolate. Depending on the recipe you are going to use the pastry cream for, you may prefer to omit the lemon rind. Here are the recipes for the basic and chocolate variety. Prep/Cook times do not include chilling time.

Recipe #65220

2 Reviews |  By Dee514

This has been our family's traditional Easter dessert since long before I came into being. My grandmother (Maria) made it every year until she turned 78 and then declared "it was too much work." So that was the year (1970), I took over this traditional "labor of love." I still make it every Easter, exactly the same way she did. Here is her recipe. The Prep Time includes all the cooking, the 24 hour soaking time for the "dry" wheat, and chilling of the dough. The Cook Time is the actual baking time for the pies. Requires Two 9 x 2 inch round cake pans (I prefer Pyrex, because you can see how brown the bottom of the crust is).

Recipe #65382

Delightful small chocolate cream puffs ready for your choice of fillings. Some suggestions are ice cream and hot fudge (my personal favorite), or any of the cream puff fillings found here; recipes 43356, 39522, 66996, 54151. If you've never made cream puffs, don't be intimidated, they're easy and fun.

Recipe #74378

Aunt Lucy always had some "specialities" for you to taste, even when you just popped in on her for a visit. I wondered how it was never a fuss or bother to her? I popped in often; oooooo'd and ahhhhhhh'd and she'd give me her recipe. I tried it and you know! it isn't that bothersome and so, when you want something it is, cream puffs a la "Aunt Lucy"!

Recipe #22037

This is a great filling for both cannoli and cream puffs. Not too sweet and a real treat!

Recipe #283588

8 Reviews |  By Dib's

Another Perruso family recipe-these are great!

Recipe #15631

Posted for the Zaar World Tour-Belgium. From the "International Vegetarian Cookbook". This is a custard, glazed with apricot jam and kirsch. I haven't tried this recipe yet, but it sounds delicious. Note: prep time does not include refrigeration time.

Recipe #170572

2 Reviews |  By Bayhill

Posted for the Zaar World Tour-Italy. From the "Northern Italy Cooking" cookbook. I haven't made this yet, but plan to. This recipe is from Bologna, which is in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. Arborio rice is a short, thick-grained Italian rice. Note: prep time does not include cooling time.

Recipe #171263

Posted for the Zaar World Tour 2006. From the "Northern Italian Cooking" cookbook. I haven't tried this recipe yet. This is a sweet torelli from the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy. Note: prep time includes refrigeration time.

Recipe #171292

3 Reviews |  By Dee514

I was looking through my cookbook for a recipe when I noticed that I had posted a recipe (some time ago) for Cannoli Shells (#40291), but never posted the recipes for the fillings (OOPS!!). Here are the filling recipes that should have been posted along with the shells. These fillings are ricotta based. "Cook time" = chilling time. NOTE: Impastata (aka pastry ricotta) is what is used. The texture of Impastata ricotta is completely smooth (no graininess like regular ricotta) and much drier than regular ricotta. Directions are written for regular ricotta because impastata can be difficult to find.

Recipe #59710

12 Reviews |  By Dee514

This is the recipe I have used for years to make "Italian" cheese cake. It is a wonderful, basic cheese cake which easily lends itself to "variations".

Recipe #48914

6 Reviews |  By Kim D.

These Sicilian doughnuts are delicious served warm! The recipe comes from one of my favorite cookbooks titled "Cucina Deliziosa", which was compiled by the Charity Guild of Saint Joseph in Houston, Texas.

Recipe #74850

This is an old family recipe and Easter tradition.

Recipe #142281

When I lived in New York, I used to get this delicious tri-color cookie from the Italian Bakery every year for the holidays. Once I moved down south, I was no longer able to get them. I found this recipe in Good Housekeepings "100 best Italian Recipes". The directions seem long and scary, but these cookies are actually very easy to make. I hope you enjoy them as much as my family and friends do.

Recipe #147882

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