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2 Reviews |  By I'mPat

Saw this on Good Chef Bad Chef and well was intrigued by the recipe so posting.

Recipe #513756

From Good Chef Bad Chef and obviously from Good Chef Zowie and must admit when I saw it on the show I thought it looked really good. Cook time is freezer time and have estimated servings but could depend on size of tray you use and how big and small you wish to cut them.

Recipe #513764

From Good Chef Bad Chef and from the Bad Chef Adrian Richardson - could do as a breakfast or as a dinner but I would then serve it with a garden salad (that's the Good Chef coming in and I think then would serve closer to 6) but still a good one pot meal.

Recipe #513771

This is from Super Food Ideas and is a no-cook meal and I think would be great on those hot days - the photo was mouth watering and so fresh and colourful.

Recipe #513282

This is from Good Chef Bad Chef and what I liked about the recipe is that it does not have the thick icing on top just a dusting of icing sugar as I always found that the icing made it sickly sweet and often as not removed it. I am hoping to make this soon for the DH but he has requested that I do so without the jam. Please note that our sheets of puff pastry are approximately 11"/28cm squared. Cooking time includes cooling down and chilling time and is estimated.

Recipe #513281

From national supermarket Coles, the photo looked so good and with nectarines in season I am hoping to make soon. Think this could also work well with peaches.

Recipe #513279

1 Reviews |  By I'mPat

This recipe is by Julie Goodwin the first Australian MasterChef, saving here as I plan on making it later this month but want to be able to scale it back for 2 persons. Times are estimated.

Recipe #513131

1 Reviews |  By I'mPat

From recipes+ looks delicious, they suggested butter lettuce leaves but I don't see why you could not use other lettuces if you so wished.

Recipe #512898

This recipe is from Super Food Ideas and the DH asked me to save to here to give it a try to see if he would like. The recipe called for a 425 gram can of apples but the DH has asked me to make it with Granny Smith apples so will allow for 4 large apples, peeled, cored and sliced. Preparation time does not include cooling time. Serving size will depend upon on how many pieces you with to eat at one serve, would also be a good lunch box treat. I made this yesterday and had some issues with, I used freshly sliced apples which had a total weight of 470 grams but found there was not enough mix of the dough and had to make a half portion so I would have enough to adequately cover the top of the slice, I have changed the recipe to reflect this and even after doing that it was difficult to spread it over the fresh apples but the DH was pleased with the result so have changed the recipe to reflect how I made it, though he decided to cut it into 10 pieces, instead of the 20 recommended by Super Food Ideas.

Recipe #512897

DH found this recipe on a blog site and asked me to save and will hopefully be making in the next day or so. Please note I made the following changes from the original recipe - the original finely chopped the onion, they used 3/4 can of whole plum tomatoes and chopped but did not specify size of can, they used a generous handful of coriander while I used spinach, they used 2 dessertspoons of natural yoghurt and I used 3 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt. I boned a 1.3 kilo leg of lamb and got 725 grams of lean meat and I also threw the shank into the pot. I served over rice with naan bread and did not make the salad. Also the original poster said to cook for 2 hours but I found it needed 3 hours to get to the point it was thick and glossy and there is a lot of gravy for the rice. Please note I have not allowed time for boning the lamb and cutting it up but it took me 20 minutes. 19th January - made again using 2 legs of lamb (which I deboned) got just under 1.8K of meat and used double recipe and it took 4 hours to cook, at a slow burble or slow simmer, and added lamb shanks as well and there was no meat left on them after the cooking time (next time I will also put the leg bone in as there was still some meat there [still haven't got my boning skills that fine as not to leave some meat :lol:] and I think the marrow from the bones help to thicken the sauce and add flavour as well), this time I also added beans in the last half hour of cooking and shredded spinach just before serving and the DH also suggested potatoes being put in when the onions are cooked but I vetoed that for us for if I serve with rice that is too much carb for me as a diabetic unless I pick the potatoes out of my portion but something to keep in mind for those that do not have that problem (I usually have a small tomato, cucumber and lettuce salad on the side and I do serve with naan bread).

Recipe #511549

The DH is after a really good Rogan Josh curry but when we use a commercial paste it just does not have that punch so he went on a search for recipe to make the paste ourselves and came across this one on a blog site though I don't know which one from the print out but posting here to give a try hopefully in the near future. Times are estimated

Recipe #510112

The original recipe was from Super Food Ideas and called for tuna and due to an aversion for parmesan cheese from certain family members I substituted all cheddar and I also added some shredded spinach and we enjoyed with a salad and garlic bread. The original recipe has it down for 4 serves but I think 6 to 8 would be closer the mark. With using salmon I don't remove skin and bones but do so if you wish. Though the recipe called for 375 gram packet of lasagne sheets (8 sheets), I only used 4 1/2 sheets in my dish.

Recipe #504774

This recipe is from James Reason's show Alive and Cooking. I have made some minor changes for dietary reasons. I have subbed spring onion for brown onion and chicken mince/ground chicken for pork mince/ground pork. Times are estimated and guessing amount of wontons as he specifies 2 packs (does not mention quantity) but based on the ingredients and 4 serves I think it would be 24 (2 packs of 12 wontons).

Recipe #502241

This recipe is from Justine Schofield Everyday Gourmet show and the finished dish looked delicious and hoping to try it soon, it was cooked up by guest chef Andy Allen the 2012 Australian Master Chef. Times are estimated. The only change I would make is to use cheddar cheese instead of parmesan mainly because my family does not like parmesan.

Recipe #502240

This is a Curtis Stone recipe developed for Coles, he served it with a honey anglaise but I only intend making the puddings, times are estimated.

Recipe #500726

This was in today's local/state paper and is suggested for Mother's day. Not a cheap cut of meat but the recipe sounds delicious. Times are estimated.

Recipe #500086

From Recipe+ - saving here as we did have a bumper crop of broad beans and were about ready to harvest when the fence blew down and flattened the lot. This recipe does call for frozen broad beans and I was planning in freezing them.

Recipe #474047

Just something the DH and I came up with, this filled 2 1.1K chickens which I had smeared garlic butter under the skin and sprinkled with a little paprika. The gravy that was made with the juices was devine, I had put water in my pan and cooked the chickens on a rack at 175C (fan forced) for about 1 hour 45 minutes (until temperature at the thigh and leg joint was 82C, though for the first 30 minutes the chickens were covered with the lid of the roasting pan and cooked in the lower 1/3 of the oven as my roasting pan is deep and this allowed more hot air to circulate and air from the fan to blow over the chickens) and when making the gravy I poured of the liquid and melted some butter in the pan and then added flour and fried off to make a rou and then slowly added the liquid back in whisking till I got the consistency I wanted (I had put a litre of liquid in the bottom of the pan and ended up with 1 cup of liquid once chickens were cooked), I did this as the chicken were resting covered loosely with foil to keep warm before carving.

Recipe #473181

This is based on a recipe from with some modifications from us. It was very mild even my DM curry hater enjoyed this so would consider adding some Madras curry powder to oomph it up a bit, you could also use Korma curry paste. I cut my onions chunky so that the DH can easily pick them out as he has an intolerance to them if he ingests them, so you could finely dice/slice if you prefer. I haven't allowed for deboning and cutting up a leg of lamb - it took me an hour.

Recipe #466164

From Australian BH&G Diabetic Living

Recipe #460448

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