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Hidden Gems RSC #1-8

A collection of recipes developed for previous RSC contests that were somehow overlooked. Some delicious looking recipes to tantalize your tastebuds. Go ahead and try one.
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My favourite way to cook fish of any kind is on a barbecue grill, or oven baked. This recipe is not as daunting as it would appear at first reading. The ingredients of this recipe seem to blend beautifully, from preparation of the Albacore Tuna, to final mixing of stuffing. The blending of herbs and seasonings was largely by guess and by golly; but having had considerable experience with seafood cooking, I was able to draw upon this knowledge to put together a rather tasty assortment of ingredients which compliment each other and complement this recipe. Have your fish monger trim the tail fins, but leave its head intact. All other fins should be removed. Your fish monger will clean the Tuna for you, to your specifications. This recipe can be adapted to oven baking as well. Note: Use a heavy foil to wrap fish prior to cooking. Important preparation of the foil follows under "Directions".

Recipe #132003

An uncommon preparation, but interesting and flavourful. The combination of Ricotta, Feta, and familiar herbs will bring back fond memories of your romantic vacation in Greece. Served with Retsina, the wine of Greece, Ouzo or Metaxa, you will make your travel plans just as soon as you finish your delicious meal. Served with a generous rice or orzo pilaf, your guests will slap their heels, and HOPA you are in Greek heaven.

Recipe #64982

1 Reviews |  By Derf

This recipe is an entry for the RSC Summer 2004 Main Course contest. It doesn't take as long as it looks and is delicious. (Cook time does not include marinating time).

Recipe #93328

This is the Caribbean meets south Texas. One of our favorite dishes is barbacoa (shredded beef) served on corn tortillas with salsa. We eat it for breakfast (really, it's true). Well here is our Tex-Mex Sunday morning special--Jamaica style.

Recipe #159476

"I wake filled with thoughts of you... Sweet, incomparable Josephine, what a strange effect you have on my heart! I shall see you in three hours. Until then, mio dolce amor, a thousand kisses; but give me none in return, for they set my blood on fire." -- Napoleon Bonaparte -- Start to finish, 3 hours... it's maddening anticipation, but what a sweet and unusual reward! The longer the mousses sit to chill, the less "beany" tofu flavor they will carry... so, if you can stand it, let the mousses chill overnight and assemble the Napoleons on day 2. several 3-inch metal crumpet rings or biscuit cutters, optional but very helpful

Recipe #64957

A lighter version than most pumpkin pies. I found the basic recipe many years ago in a Boston Newspaper. I've been tinkering with it ever since. It's very easy-use a prepared crust for convenience.

Recipe #52226

Cooking time is actually cooling time.

Recipe #93970

When I think of lamb, it reminds me of Sheri Lewis and her puppet "Lamb Chop", Ba, Ba! LOL For this recipe you can use de-boned lamb chops (or lamb/beef meat), however, in Asia pork is often used for this dish. This is a fun recipe to make, since the rice sticks/vermicelli noodles magically puff up almost instantly! As a side dish I have added an Asian Peanut Dipping Sauce for each individual portions.

Recipe #64903

RSC #7 June 2005. This is my first experience with couscous and I hope Evelyn is proud of my results. It's easiest to use a tart pan with a removable bottom or a spring form pan and press dough up the sides about 1 1/2 inches. I had about 1/2 cup left over which I put into muffin tins and filled. Dough can be covered and refrigerated overnight. I can't put this in the recipe, but you can serve this with ice cream, or chocolate sauce, or whipped cream, or fruity yogurt, or.. or... or.....

Recipe #132018

OK, so maybe this dish won't make your family falls down at your feet and worship you. But you will be secure in the knowledge that you have brought the freshest, healthiest dinner to the table. Prep time does not include making crema and tortillas.

Recipe #93612

Garlic mashed potatoes would be a perfect accompaniment.

Recipe #93966

A simple tapas with a presumptuous name. The recipe came out of my fevered and decadent imagination. I hope you like garlic because that predominates here. Be sure to salt lightly at step 1 and 3. You can taste and adjust seasoning before baking. You can leave out the shrimp and increase the nuts Serve this with an assertive dry red wine.

Recipe #132031

If you like garlic, you will love this recipe. With a sense of the Mediterranean in your spirt, one taste and you will be whisked away to perhaps the South of France where lovers whisper into each other's ear... Italy where Mothers call to their children, and Fathers whistle at their wives. Continue to Portugal and Spain where the seafood is fresh as new rain, and Greece where music is the food of life. So many more countries along the covetted Mediterranean shores. Enjoy these Brochettes with Orzo, dip your baguette into the sauce; you will live forever.

Recipe #131975

Recipe #94017

Delicious with rum punch or frozen margaritas while you are waiting for the main course to cook on the barbeque grill! You can also use this as a main dish for 2 if you like. I created this recipe with this contest in mind, because I love mangoes and thought they would liven up the chicken breasts, which I don't much care for (I strongly prefer thighs and furthermore consider them more characteristic of island cuisine than the breasts). Time listed does not include the overnight marinating; keep it in mind.

Recipe #161327

Lamb Shoulder Chops are probably not a purchase consideration as frequently as the more popular lamb chop, because of the less tender quality, less attractive appearance. However, the beauty of Lamb Shoulder Chops is in their versatility. Cook them up as a "chop" a "steak", marinate and barbecue as you would the more expensive lamb cut, or cut them up and make a delicious hot-pot, fit for kings and their courtege. Overnight marinating transform these Cinderellas into the Belle-of-the-Ball. Accompaniments could include boiled, creamy parslied potatoes, lemony-fiddleheads in season, broccoli/slivered almond casserole, or just a big old-country endive salad with an extra-virgin olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing. Too many flavours would, after all detract from the Lamb/Shoulder Chops. You will, of course, serve your favourite white wine(s), or red(s) if you prefer, or both for your guests' preference. If your guests bring wine, serve their selection - save yours for future dinner parties, because your guests will want to return for a repeat performance. I suggest you prepare your accompaniments while the meat is baking so everything will be ready at the same time. Prep. time does not include the 24-hour marinating process. Cook time includes oven baking, and all stove-top cooking.

Recipe #64792

You can make the meatballs in advance and freeze them. Noodles can also be frozen or dried. Prep time does not include cooking mung beans or resting the pasta.

Recipe #93922

This recipe is adopted from Mean Chef. I have not tried it, but will soon. Mean Chef says: These tiny tarts are a dressed-up version of pumpkin pie. Eliminating the traditional cinnamon and clove seasonings really lets the pumpkin's sweetness come through. And because you don't need a fork, these bite-sized morsels are perfect for a buffet-style party. Prep time estimate includes chilling time for the cream.

Recipe #52383

MultiMeat Pie. Recipe created the the "Ready, Set, Cook" competition in June 2002. I basically adapted an existing medieval recipe which my friends have all enjoyed. Have fun with the polenta 'pie case'. You can always substitute a regular pastry case for the polenta.

Recipe #31301

This recipe is an RSC entry. My brother never used to like tomatoes until our desperate mother suggested that he sprinkle sugar on them. He still eats them with sugar to this day. It was this that inspired me to use tomatoes in the topping. However any old tomato will not do. The tomatoes I have used are decidedly not acidic, quite small, very tasty and have their own natural sweetness. They must be fully ripe. This recipe is very simple and it is easy to adjust the quantities if you need more of any of the parts. Bon appetit!

Recipe #64012

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