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Just wait until to you taste this corn, soaking in milk takes the corn to another level! also see my recipe#121897

Recipe #370482

This is not a marinade it is used to baste while grilling and works well with all fish, I have used it on salmon and halibut with great results... this is very good!

Recipe #367436

I suggest to use fresh shrimp for this as frozen thawed will create a watery marinade, do not marinade for longer than 30 minutes or the acid in the lemon juice will "cook" the shrimp, adjust the cayenne to suit heat level, I have left the Tabasco as optional you may add it or omit --- this shrimp is very good!

Recipe #355732

For ease I have listed bagged lettuce, all ingredient amounts may be adjusted, this recipe will yield four if you are serving more then double amounts, once the chicken is cooked and the dressing is made this takes little time to put together, I strongly suggest to use my dressing from recipe#116849 --- prep time does not include grilling the chicken ----your family and/or guests will be licking their plate clean!

Recipe #351543

As with any cut of beef it is important to allow the meat to come down to room temperature this will relax the meat fibers to create a more juicy tender roast, you should figure on about 1 hour per bone sitting time, so plan well ahead don't even think about cooking the roast or any beef roast or steak from a cold stage! --- since salt tends to draw out the moisture from the meat I would not recommend using any salt while cooking you may always add some after cooking --- for the very best results you will need an instant-read meat thermometer for this -- you may adjust the seasoning amounts if desired and you may completely omit the fresh garlic cloves and just season with garlic powder ----- NOTE for more tips on the perfect prime rib see my recipe#82023

Recipe #312875

Use you own favorite meatball recipe for this, I use my recipe#69173 --- make certain to choose small mushrooms so that they will fit nicely inside the meatballs, if using wooden skewers make certain to soak them in cold water 30 minutes prior to threading, feel free to thread on some bell peppers and onions if desired, all amounts may be doubled.

Recipe #309008

This bread is a snap to make and so delicious made on the grill, prepare all the slices ahead and grill the same time with other food, I did not list amounts for salt, pepper and garlic powder, you may use as much as desired and the garlic powder is only optional I always add it on, if desired sprinkle on some shredded cheese after the last turn but do not turn the bread over --- servings is only estimated.

Recipe #308361

Pace Picante Sauce works well for this, I also used a very hot salsa that I canned last fall, I have made these ribs using both homemade salsa and the Pace Picante sauce, using the Pace Picante Sauce you will get a nice mild burn after eating a few :) --- the ribs are fully cooked before marinating them, plan ahead there is an 8-24 marinating time --- for the very best flavor I strongly suggest to prepare the sauce up to 3 days ahead and refrigerate the flavors in strongly intensify --- these are very good

Recipe #307998

There should be enough marinade for about 2-1/2 pounds of beef or chicken you may double the marinade ingredients but keep the fresh garlic and green onion at the same amount --- the meat needs to come down to almost room temperature before grilling so plan well ahead, also there is a marinating time of 8-24 hours, you may omit the cayenne completely if desired or adjust to suit heat level.

Recipe #307969

Plan ahead the potatoes need to marinate for at least 2 hours, baby white potatoes work well also --- make certain to soak your bamboo skewers in cold water at least 30 minutes before placing the potatoes on --- try to use good size baby potatoes for this as you will need to slice them in half and make certain that they are all pretty much the same size for even cooking --- I have listed garlic powder, you may use fresh minced but I find that the fresh garlic tends to burn somewhat during the grilling, the choice is yours :)

Recipe #307342

Since the dry onion soup mix already has plenty of salt there is no need to add in any extra, you can lightly season the patties with seasoned while cooking if desired --- plan ahead the patties need to be refrigerated for a minimum of 8 hours or up to 24 hours to blend flavors --- see my recipe #203857 --- for cheese-lover's add in 1-1/2 cups grated cheddar cheese also if desired :)

Recipe #307267

You can make the packets ahead of time to take for for camping :)

Recipe #307229

Add in a pinch of cayenne pepper for a little heat is desired, you can also bake these in the oven --- these may be prepared hours in advance placed in the foil pan and refrigerated just drizzle on the orange juice before grilling :)

Recipe #307224

This make a wonderful marinade for chicken, plan ahead the chicken needs to marinade for 6 hours, no more than the stated time or the vinegar will start to "cook" the chicken --- use only honey or pure maple syrup this is what contributes to tenderizing the chicken, sugar will not have the same effect.

Recipe #306834

This is an easy yet tasty recipe for zucchini, I make it often especially when I have my summer's crop ready, I find that a good quality Italian dressing will really make the difference, you can slice the zucchini in slices lengthwise also if desired, pick a large thick zucchini for this --- servings is only estimated.

Recipe #306804

You may omit the jalapeno if desired and you may use whatever else you want to flavor your burgers with just do NOT omit the cream cheese in the middle and add in the onion soup mix and garlic to the hamburger mixture --when I make these I use 2 scant tablespoons of cream cheese for each burger, you may want to reduce to 1 tablespoon if desired --- these may be fully prepared covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated until ready to grill --- these burgers are very good!

Recipe #299690

The secret to a perfect tuna steak is to cook it as you would a rare or medium-rare steak, overcooking will produce a tough dry fish, the center needs to be pink -- plan ahead the steaks need to marinade for 8-24 hours, prep time includes refrigeration time --- I have made this in the past many times it is *very* good!

Recipe #304590

You may adjust all amounts to suit taste, I like to use seasoned salt for this but white salt will do fine -- to kick this up a notch, in a small saucepan or microwave melt 1/2 cup butter, mix in 1 tablespoon mustard, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, 1/4 teaspoon lemon pepper and 2-3 teaspoons horseradish, brush on the corn then wrap in foil and grill as stated :)

Recipe #229826

Choose large onions for this, of coarse you may increase or reduce amounts to as many onions as desired, I have listed the garlic powder as optional we are a family of garlic-lovers so I add it in, chicken bouillon may be used in place of the beef --- the onions may be completely prepared well in advance, wrapped in foil and refrigerated until ready to grill, you can also make these in the oven :)

Recipe #304075

This is simple, easy and so delicious!--- use only small baby zucchini for this and trim edges, seasoned salt may be substituted for kosher salt if desired :)

Recipe #303965

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