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Greek Cookery

A collection of all my greek recipes, or recipes that are especially popular in Greece (hence the 'au gratins' and the middle-eastern mix). My aim is not only to include the recipes Greece is known for, but to also reflect modern life here in Greece.
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I love tavuk gogsu and never fail to order it when I go to my favourite Anatolian Restaurant. Anyway, the pudding is 'singed' (caramelized) on one side and is totally delicious - and yes, that chicken breast in the list of ingredients. Interesting, yes?

Recipe #173125

The verb 'klevo' in Greek means 'to steal'. This delicious lamb dish is called 'kleftiko' because, it is said, that when Greeks were fighting to liberate themselves from Ottoman Rule and hiding in the mountains, they would seal all the ingredients for this dish in a clay pot, bury it with hot coals under ground, cover with dirt, and allow it to braise, slowly, until done. This way, there were no delicious cooking smells in the air to betray their presence and bring the Ottomans to their hide-out. A romantic story - a lovely dinner. Don't forget some good red wine. Many, for lack of a clay pot (like a bean pot) wrap their kleftiko up well in parchment (a couple of layers) and braise that way.

Recipe #171314

Recipe #68205

This is a simple Greek dish - very easy to make and very easy to eat. It is not a risotto in the Italian sense of the word, so don't look for that technique here. Still, you will be pleasantly surprised with how we do it (it's easier!). I would make this using water for a meal suitable for the Lenten Fast. The stock adds richness and more depth and the parmesan is just plain delicious on it. In Greece we would eat this (without the parmesan) with a hefty slice of feta on the side, some kalamata olives, crusty bread and a glass of wine.

Recipe #163086

Bougatsa is a custard-filled pastry popular throughout Greece. It is a semolina-based custard layered in-between sheets of flaky, buttery filo. This version is the 'lazy woman's' (homecooking in Greece is nearly always cooked by mom) because it cuts out the need to make a custard. Instead, a sweet milk/egg mixture is poured over baked filo sheets and baked further until the milk soaks the bottom layer of filo pastry, turning it dough-like and achieving a kind of 'custard'. The whole is served sprinkled with icing sugar and dusted liberally with cinnamon. We love it.

Recipe #163090

This is a kind of biscuit made in Greece with baking ammonia - I believe you can find this in drugstores in North America. Light and high-rising, not too sweet. A rather 'plain' kind of biscuit that is well-suited for dunking in coffee or tea. The number of biscuits I mention is arbitrary. It really depends on the shapes you're making and how large or small you make them.

Recipe #164112

These biscuits are traditionally made by the Greeks of Smyrna and their descendants. They are lovely to have with coffee and/or tea. Baking ammonia can be purchased at drugstores in North America. The yield I mention is arbitrary as it depends on the shape and size of the biscuits you make.

Recipe #164113

We make koulourakia throughout the year as we love to dunk them into our coffee or tea. Easter is the time when EVERYONE brings out their favourite koulourakia recipe and shows off. Baking ammonia can be purchased in drugstores in North America. The yield I posted is arbitrary as it all depends on the shape and size of the biscuits you make.

Recipe #164155

This is a traditional 'Sunday Lunch' dish. The orzo (a kind of pasta that is shaped like large grains of rice) cooks in the liquid released by the lamb and tomato and becomes very tasty. Many make it with a cut of beef suitable for roasting, cut into large pieces, or even with chicken pieces.

Recipe #164185

Stunning visually. Delightful to eat. Good for you, too.

Recipe #166623

This is really quite delicious. If you've never tried octopus, I urge you to. It is meaty and rich-tasting, and the macaroni tastes wonderful cooked in the rich juices it produces.

Recipe #131836

This is a fricassee as done in Greece - finished with an egg-lemon sauce (avgolemono). It is wonderfully delicious, and least it is for us Greeks!

Recipe #131912

There is no milk or butter in these mashed potatoes - but they are VERY flavourful because of the caramelized onion and extra virgin olive oil. This is based on a recipe I tried from epicurious.

Recipe #140316

Recipe #144025

I made this soup up the other day and it is real comfort food. Hearty and healthy (well, if you don't count the bacon!) - it makes a big pot and that's a good thing as you'll want more than one bowl. You can make this soup vegetarian by omitting the bacon, but do add a couple of tablespoonfuls of olive oil to saute the onions in.

Recipe #144378

This is an emergency 'quickie' meal in my home. When time is short and I want to get something nutritious and tasty on the table fast, this is the meal I inevitably turn to as it is made with store-cupboard staples and everyone loves it.

Recipe #119289

Delicious little cheese parcels. Take my advice and double the recipe - there won't be any left.

Recipe #120813

This is my own concoction. I'm really pleased with the results. The anise flavour of the ouzo is very nice with the citrus. Use your citrus of choice - I make it with all 3, depending on what I'm in the mood for and what's at hand.

Recipe #123820

This is a very 'easy' recipe that is really quite delicious - especially if you serve it with bbq'd meat - souvlaki and kebab come to mind immediately, but any grilled meat would be delicious served with this alongside. You certainly don't need to do both the zucchini and the eggplant together, you can do just the one.

Recipe #129868

This is a delicious meze (appetizer) made with yellow split peas (or lentils). Santorini is the island that is known to grow the best yellow peas in Greece - and this recipe derives from there. It is very delicious and healthy - use it as a dip or slather it on good-quality, crusty bread and enjoy with a glass of white wine! Although this looks like a long time to make a recipe - it is mostly passive cooking time of the peas - the recipe itself is a breeze!

Recipe #131323

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