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Great Breads

Breads (yeast/quick) that I've made and loved, or planned to.

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This bread has a great taste and texture.

Recipe #74223

King Arthur's Flour recipe. Prep time includes rising time.

Recipe #111406

There's nothing as wonderful as a freshly baked focaccia. Adapted from "Bread" by Treuille and Ferrigno. i even love this plain, without any filling. You can use anything for the filling; iI've included another variation. Generally, any Italian-style ingredients such as roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, capers, fresh herbs (esp basil/oregano) or grilled aubergines, will complement this bread. Just remember that any topping/filling must be cooked in the same time that it takes the bread to bake. Therefore, vegetables need to be chopped/sliced, and partially cooked (roasting/parboiling before they are used. Prep time includes dough rising/proving.

Recipe #84306

5 Reviews |  By H. Cato

We have a small close-knit community, so when someone dies, the women get together and prepare dinner for the family. I had taken food to one of these dinners, and helped served. I was lucky enough to get in line before the hot rolls were all gone. They were DELICIOUS! I asked who made them, and found out it was a woman by the name of Alice Ash. I asked her for the recipe, but she didn't have the recipe with her. A few days later, I received the recipe from my mom, who'd gotten it from her neighbor. Alice had given it to the neighbor, to give to my mom, to give to me! That's small town networking!

Recipe #11133

38 Reviews |  By s'kat

Fresh herbs infuse this hearty italian loaf! Prep time includes rising time.

Recipe #18200

Taken from "Crazy Plates" cookbook. Sneaky way to get some vegetable into your diet. Who can say no to chocolate?? UPDATE: I made this again today, for dessert. I served it like a cake/brownie with mocha ice cream. Yummy!

Recipe #73985

This recipe is adapted from King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion. It produces a fine-textured loaf, very soft, fluffy and definitely delicious. And it's easy too. You may do it by hand/mixer/bread machine. Instructions are given for hand-method as i usually make manually. Update - I've included instructions for cinnamon rolls and ham & cheese buns.

Recipe #86410

Got this from King Arthur Flour's website. It's easy and produces such good results that I had to share this. Soft, fluffy, buttery - my idea of the perfect roll for dinner/breakfast/whenever. Included some variations that I use at the end of recipe.

Recipe #90090

This is so yummy with lasagne/pasta! From Kraft.

Recipe #100188

From Fine Cooking #67. Serve with curry, warm salad on top, tomato soup etc.

Recipe #100767

140 Reviews |  By yogi

These are so good we eat them plain. No butter needed, though if you want to go through all the trouble of getting it out of the frig and getting a knife, etc. be my guest. Actually got this recipe from (but that was before I found this website...I'll never go back!) ha!

Recipe #35889

This is really more a tip than a recipe - It is so ridiculously easy. After hunting high and low for the recipe for restaurant yeast rolls/bread that are served in many chain restaurants & steakhouses, I was astonished to learn that very often they merely use pre-made ordinary yeast dough and honey flavored margarine - The secret "recipe" I had been searching for was actually just a method.

Recipe #17764

hamburgers are so unbelievably good in these homemade buns. When you have some time on your hands, kick back and make these, you won't be sorry. This great recipe has a pedigree...I found it in the King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion and they attributite to where it was posted by Ellen Dill. Thanks Ellen Dill!

Recipe #80613

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