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Gluten-Free Passover Recipes

These recipes are all gluten-free and kosher l'pesach or can easily be made to be GF and kosher l'pesach. Some may contain things that some people consider kitniyot, so check out all the ingredients against your own Pesach standards. Enjoy! Chag sameach!
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Chewy, flavorful cookies for Passover that are not excessively sweet. They are dense and full of flavor. Try dipping them in chocolate for an extra decadent treat. I prefer them with date sugar, which is more nutritious than cane sugar. They are gluten-free and non-gebrokts.

Recipe #219518

3 Reviews |  By Tante B

These are the ONLY Macaroons I like! - my family (we're a large one)could go thru 400 easy!I've been making them for about 15 years & the recipe came from Classic Kosher Cooking.

Recipe #87718

So easy, only 4 ingredients. From the Chocolate Lover's Collection.

Recipe #43364

6 Reviews |  By Oolala

From The Cooking Network, 2000. You could make this anytime! Uses Essence-reicpe here too. Brisket is better if made a day in advance.

Recipe #217848

4 Reviews |  By Karen67

With Passover coming up, I thought I would add this recipe for some variety to the dinner table.

Recipe #217819

While nothing will ever be quite as delicious as the "real thing", these gluten-free kneidlach come closer to capturing the texture I was looking for than any other recipe I've tried. Choose a very finely ground blanched almond meal for the best texure. If you aren't vegetarian, you'll find it well worth using chicken fat (such as the fat that you skim off the top of the chicken soup, allowed to cool and solidify) instead of oil. These are very dense - If you'd like to try to get them lighter, I'd recommend whipping the egg whites into stiff peaks and gently folding them into the batter at the last minute. A note about flax seeds: These are considered kosher for Passover by some, and kitniyot by others. If you use them, be sure to use finely ground flax meal. If you consider flax seed to be kitniyot, try omitting this ingredient.

Recipe #219039

Potato kneidlach are light, fluffy potato dumplings for Passover that are a wonderful gluten-free substitute for matzo balls. I have loved these ever since I first made them for a gluten-free friend in 2005. I based this recipe off of one from The Passover Gourmet by Nira Rousso. My dad e-mailed me Rousso's recipe for potato dumplings a few years ago and I used that as the basis for these. Leftover batter can also be fried into chewy potato pancakes, as well.

Recipe #219041

These are a great sweet treat to serve with coffee. They are very simple to make and only have 3 ingredients. You can serve them as is or in small paper patty cases. I usually make a double batch. They keep well in an airtight container- though dont last more than a few days in my home! As a bonus this recipe is also gluten free as it has no flours- just ensure you use pure icing sugar in the recipe.

Recipe #217727

3 Reviews |  By Maxxr

Even my FFF cousin makes this lol. Good for during the year too and low fat. I know some people have the minhag not to use garlic during Passover - you can omit but it won't be as good. Adapted from Steven Raichlen's Healthy Jewish Cooking.

Recipe #113706

A rich savoury change from the basic potato salad.

Recipe #214951

From the SF Chronicle (2/7/07)... They write "This light-as-air pancake makes a lovely breakfast or brunch dish or light dessert."

Recipe #210172

This is called shalom bayit (peace in the home) kugel, because that is precisely the effect it has on mine when I make it on Friday afternoon. This is a recipe for either 2 large kugels (9"x13" and deep) or 4 small kugels (@8-9" square). It is best straight out of the oven, but can be saved for lunch the next day. To further its shalom bayit potential, I usually make it into four small kugels: one to feed my underfed, stressed out family on Friday afternoon (we always seem to forget real meals while we are preparing for Shabbat), another one for Friday night, another for Shabbat day, and, equally important, the fourth to give to some other family which is either running late, stressed out, just had a baby, or needs a pick-me-up. Never fails to work wonders. The key to this kugel is baking it first at a high temperature for a short time, and then at a lower temp. Wishing your family a peaceful day.

Recipe #137732

this came from Mr. Food's quick and easy diabetic cooking

Recipe #101331


Recipe #30794

45 Reviews |  By Lennie

I make these often during the holiday season -- everyone loves them. They also make a great hostess gift in a pretty jar. Thanks to Chatelaine, where I found this gem.

Recipe #12761

173 Reviews |  By Sidd

I got this delicious recipe from the orginal chef is Bikergoddess. We all thank her for creating this great recipe. It's not exactly like pizza, but it's pretty close. I like it alot. I've made it twice now, and will be making it over and over again.

Recipe #84516

74 Reviews |  By Mirj

When I first saw this recipe I though it was "Geek"-style, not Greek. Tried them anyway, and they're very good, geeky or Greeky!

Recipe #18762

This is a great holiday side dish

Recipe #11599

This is so much nicer than plain steamed or boiled cabbage. Try it on the cabbage haters in your family and see if it converts them.

Recipe #18816

7 Reviews |  By GinnyP

Another Mandarin Almond Salad. Only slightly different from the one Inez posted. Can't go wrong with either one. This is good stuff!

Recipe #42705

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