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Thai sticky rice is slightly sweet and rather sticy, and fun to eat; children love it. The traditional way to eat sticky rice is to gently gather a clump of it into a ball and dip into a sauce. Do NOT use American long grain or Chinese short/medium grain. Here's an explanation of Thai sticy rice: . Time indicated does not include soaking time for the rice. Although I've posted recipe to use with my Bamboo Steamer, a pasta pot (with a deep basket) lined with cheese cloth will work just as well

Recipe #380046

Foolproof way to cook short grain rice; no more burnt pans to clean up! The only special equipment needed is a bamboo steamer and two dish cloths. I've found that soaking the rice for 8+ hours works best.

Recipe #383636

These are fun to make and so tasty too! Serve with Recipe #383691. Chicken can be substituted for the shrimp. Another Cook's Illustrated recipe!

Recipe #383686

Serve with Recipe #383686. Recipe from Cook's Illustrated.

Recipe #383691

Not only is this a great addition to a traditional Indian meal, it's also delicious with lamb, vegetarian or a curry/cumin dish. This is Emeril's recipe that came with my cast iron pizza/griddle pan! Time indicated does not include rising time.

Recipe #384486

The best part of the muffin is the top! The kids will love them! Started out as a William and Sonoma recipe however I made modifications. The only special equipment needed is a muffin-top pan, or they could be baked in english muffin rings.

Recipe #390935

Several years ago I took a Chinese cooking class in Phoenix. We prepared favorite local restaurant dishes. This was one of the ones most requested, and it's simple to make.

Recipe #173123

This recipe comes from Simple Cooking Thai & Chinese. Uses ingredients that should be easily obtained here in the states. Note: At the suggestion of reviewers I have increased the marinade ingredients.

Recipe #173122

Posted for the ZWTII.

Recipe #173537

Posted of ZWT II. This recipe comes from Thai Cooking Class . . . I've not tried, but it looks like an interesting method of cooking... and it doesn't require the purchase of an additional kitchen gadget! DH will not eat chicken, so hope someone will try and let me know how well it works.

Recipe #173534

I"ve been tweaking this recipe. It's a combination of several that I've tried. Absolutely delicious with fresh corn however frozen or canned corn can be substituted.

Recipe #173133

A great one dish dinner!

Recipe #173132

Posted for ZWT 2006. This recipe comes from my Thai Cooking Class book. Haven't tried it yet, but looks like it will be QET ... Quick, Easy and Tasty

Recipe #173814

Recipes comes from Thai Cooking Class. Satay sauce is used for dipping of a variety of meats, shrimp, or anything else on skewers. Another popular satay in Thailand is toast - dipped in satay sauce, it's a favorite mid-morning snack.

Recipe #173813

This is a Thai recipe and is to be served with satays, fish cakes, and crispy deep-fried snacks

Recipe #173816

Posted for ZWT 2006. This is from my Simply Cooking Thai & Chinese cookbook. Another QETH (quick, easy, tasty and healthy dish)

Recipe #173833

Posted for Asia - ZWT 2006. Recipe came from a 'Favorite Restaurant Dishes' Chinese cooking class I took in Phoenix many many years ago. It includes making your own teriyaki sauce, which is EXCELLENT, so don't go for the store bought stuff . . .make your own, it's worth it!

Recipe #175011

The original recipes comes from an old edition of Joy of Cooking. Over the years I've modified the recipe using only white meat and updating the cooking method. Serve over steamed white or brown rice. This is a recipe that can easily be adjusted to serve two! UPDATE 8/30/07: I've made some further adjustments to this recipe to give it more depth and 'kick it up a notch'. If using the Hot Madras Curry Powder suggest that you taste test after addition of the first teaspoon.

Recipe #247639

This recipe has been setting my Private Recipes box so long I can't remember were I got it. It's another great recipe you can make in a short amount of time!

Recipe #371912

The following are the baking instruction to be used to make Naan using the dough made with Recipe #309834 or my favorite, Recipe #387518. No oven needed here; this delicious and buttery Indian flatbread is done in a hot, cast-iron skillet. Perfect for camping or in my small boat galley. This recipe makes one naan 8 - 9" naan.. Note that this is the baking instructions only! Refer to the dough recipe for the rising time required for the dough!!!

Recipe #387678

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