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Don't take every recipe you find on Zaar seriously!
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Found at "Wierd & Different Recipes." Not yet tried by me.

Recipe #283337

From Weird & Different Recipes. Note: You ALSO NEED 1 container of Nair.

Recipe #283690

This recipe comes from the cookbook "Family Favorites" from St. Jude Church in Radford, VA. It was submitted by Laraine Simpson.

Recipe #235361

2 Reviews |  By Mirj

Every year, on Israel's Independence Day, we all go off and have a barbeque in a public park together with friends and family. Every year, without fail, my Sushiman makes his Sick Salad. Sushiman is British, so sick means barf. And it really does look like barf. People rave about it, although I wouldn't know, I really can't bring myself to eat it, although that one time I did taste it (with my eyes closed), it was actually pretty tasty! At the request of a few brave souls in the Jewish forum, here it is, in all it's glorious, barfy splendor!

Recipe #223492

I discovered this recipe at It differs from the one posted by Mirj, so I'm submitting it here as in my opinion one can never have too many camel recipes. I have definitely NOT adjusted this one to suit my family's tastes! Yield amount was not given, but I'm guessing an entire subdivision. I'm estimating on preparation time as I have no idea how long it takes to scale 1 carp, let alone 20; pit-digging is also not included in preparation time.

Recipe #123477

Barely nutritional meal suitable for all miscreant children.

Recipe #39936

For those of you who do the best you can everyday to take care of your families, and yourself. Enjoy!

Recipe #189335

Yup. I went ahuntin' and got me a Moose. Then this fellar down at the fillin' station gives me this recipe. Hoppin' yea like it!

Recipe #164730

This is a fun dish for all you grandmas out there! Mine love it until they got too big. It's a great way to introduce them to this vegetable....

Recipe #164683

This is for VERY special occasions only - it takes a lot of effort, but the presentation is spectacular!

Recipe #57827

I found this hysterical creation on the Twinkie website. It was created by chef Clare Crespo, and I think it is rather ingenious.

Recipe #120476

7 Reviews |  By LAURIE

April Fool the kids and have a good laugh yourself!!!

Recipe #159950

Started out as but I had to amend due to limited available supplies. PLEASE fully read the steps before attempting this recipe.

Recipe #108937

Again from the Amish cookbook from Mrs R.E.P. ONLY USE KING SYRUP The other is for just me [wink]

Recipe #139489

Taken from Nanny Ogg's Cookbook. I thought they'd be great for Halloween

Recipe #39774

Great for Halloween parties

Recipe #39885

2 Reviews |  By Mirj

Why are these called Klingons? Maybe because they're sticky. Maybe because they are the dessert of choice on Federation Starships. Either way, this is great to serve at your next Star Trek Convention.

Recipe #31554

Born of necessity (no time, lots of!!), this quickly became a family favorite. It is almost silky in texture, and holds up well. Dress it up with horseradish or horseradish and mayo, or an assortment of salads... the possibilities are endless. An excellent make-ahead for a busy holiday week

Recipe #138344

Tastes like the real thing (at least to me, it does) Plus you don't even have to light the oven!! Prep time includes washing and drying the foam rubber seat cushion.

Recipe #116272

9 Reviews |  By Rita~

RECIPE TO TRY WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING THE IN-LAWS. Yes it's for laughs. A real comfort food! I wanted to share with all my friends here at zaar. My DC sent me something like this very much tweaked. The real recipe is recipe #77472.

Recipe #112744

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