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26 May 2007 I started doing Fruits-n-Veggies. I'm not a vegetarian persay, but currently my eating habits are pretty strict - however, I do occasionally use beef boullion for seasoning, but that can easily be substituted for a veggie one. What surprised me the most was how filling the fruits and vegetables are! I felt better and am looking better (skin, weight...) as a result. And I can eat anytime - which is lovely. Some of these are my recipes and some are ones I've found and enjoyed (if it's one I didn't submit, you can see my personal tweaks to the recipe in my comment). Eat well and enjoy

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52 Reviews |  By Mercy

Six minutes until hot steamy corn on the cob...and you don't even have to shuck the corn before cooking!

Recipe #119749

A very easy yet elegant and delicious salad

Recipe #14300

3 of the greatest flavors in nature, together in one dish (Spend a few extra dollars on good olive oil, and you'll see what I mean). Can be served cold or room temperature. Great for picnics.

Recipe #10757

21 Reviews |  By Tebo

Easy, simple and quick. Some red pepper flakes could be added for some extra heat.

Recipe #13656

I just saw this on Boy Meets Grill with Bobby Flay and it is so good and easy I had to post! A great ending to a Moroccan meal! This is also a Caribbean and Southern recipe.

Recipe #186849

A wonderful side dish that I make as soon as the yellow squash start coming in. When I first started making this about 30 years ago, I used the bacon grease. I found I like the margarine better and I like the squash to cook so that you have a few browned pieces in. Oooohh, that gives it so much flavor!

Recipe #126193

11 Reviews |  By Mirj

My friend Judy Montagu has a bi-weekly food column in the Jerusalem Post (weekend edition). She's always coming up with interesting recipes from all over the place (including Zaar). This recipe was featured in this week's column, and I know of at least 4 people who were so intrigued (myself included) that we had to try it out. It's really good. You wouldn't think it would be, but it is.

Recipe #106128

This is an adopted recipe. Here's what the OP had to say about it: "This is my recipe and is an excellent solution to managing your consumption of fat, triglycerides, sugar, etc., because it's all-natural without the need for any additives of any kind. Kids love eating and making this recipe, too! And it is the healthiest alternative to sugared treats. Best of all, you can eat as much as you like without any guilt -- if you do guilt with your eating program (such a waste -- see my profile)."

Recipe #71057

This is adapted from Smoothies & Summer Drinks. Freezing the bananas ahead of time makes for a thicker smoothie. To freeze the bananas I usually peel, slice, and then place them in an airtight container and then freeze. This can be made in a blender or in a large pitcher and puree using an immersion blender.

Recipe #221558

Recipe #228663

3 Reviews |  By bratty

If you like cabbage, i think you will love this. BF adores this, although i'm not a cabbage lover, so i never eat any. it's an easy side dish, very little preperation, and almost no mess.

Recipe #29845

Simple and fast. I don't "cook" many dishes in the microwave, but I make an exception with this. Cooking time will vary by individual oven.

Recipe #126760

This was a delicious creation one night of what happened to be in the fridge. It was so good I made it again the next day and my husband came in and took a huge helping and loved it so much he then came and stole more right out of my bowl!

Recipe #85533

Even those that don't like cabbage enjoy this!

Recipe #236927

A delicious, quick side with wonderful flavor - sweet and slightly tangy!

Recipe #236934

A quick dinner I whipped up one evening with what was on hand - came out wonderfully! DH had 3rds! Surprisingly filling delicious meal.

Recipe #234656

This was a quick creation and easy creation. I love easy veggie meals and this one turned out yummy!

Recipe #236263

Recipe #236928

Yet another veggie soup with a Trader Joe base. This one has a very different, very distinctive flavor. If you like carrots and ginger... give it a try!

Recipe #237338

A unique cabbage soup - with lot's of cabbage and a little tang from the pepper and spices.

Recipe #237948

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