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Fresh Herbs

Harvesting Herbs Herbs are at their peak of flavor when they've just been harvested. Midmorning, just after the sun has dried the leaves but before it's too hot, is the best time of day to harvest. You can cut back as much as 3/4 of the plant without harming it. If the leaves are dirty, rinse them quickly in cold water and dry them with paper towels. The best time of year to harvest is before the flowers bloom. You can prolong the optimum harvest time by pruning off the flower buds as they form, but even the most attentive bud-nipper will find that the harvest season will eventually come to an end, and it's time to think about preserving some of your crop. Freezing or preserving in olive oil are the best ways to preserve herbs, but many gardeners prefer drying because it is easy and doesn't require any special storage. Here's a tip to keep the dust and bugs out of your herbs while they are drying: Hang your bundles of herbs in a cool airy place, and place a paper bag over them. Make sure your herbs are tied in bundles small enough that they don't touch the sides of the bag when they are covered, and tie the end of the bag closed. Check back in about three weeks. When the herbs are dry they will crumble easily into jars for storage From
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21 Reviews |  By Rita~

Comfort food! What can I say just look at the title and you have it all! Leftover are great on a Shepards Pie!

Recipe #193358

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

Really a conserve being it has nuts and pieces of fruit. This sweet yummy conserve has a hints of lavender and ginger. Great for filling cookies or as a spread. If you can't get lavender it still will be great. You can use flavered sugars or just the good old stand by white sugar! No pectin here for it jells up nicely without it.

Recipe #186123

5 Reviews |  By Rita~

Keep the summer with you by collecting herbs that you dried and enhance upcoming fall and winter meals. This is a robust mixture of herbs that I dried from my garden. A take on the traditional Herbs de Provence. Great in ratatouille, soups, stew or stuffing's. Complements any roast lamb, chicken, beef or pork dishes, Sprinkle oven roasted veggies, fries or anything grilled. Jar for gifts!!! Or cut back the recipe for self use it will last 3-6 months.

Recipe #183096

30 Reviews |  By Rita~

This is a low good fat version of a grilled cheese seasoned with fresh and dried herbs and garden fresh tomatoes. I used a regular pan but for ease you can use a nonstick pan.

Recipe #180465

12 Reviews |  By Rita~

A simple and quick low fat, healthy breakfast of Scrambled Eggs over Garden fresh sliced Tomatoes and Basil. Add if you want even a healthier version go for just egg whites.

Recipe #180453

5 Reviews |  By Rita~

Bigelow makes this lovely herbal tea that is caffeine free.

Recipe #180435

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

I used finely chopped Aristrocrat pickles Recipe #44029 for the relish and Hot As Hell Habanero Zucchini Jelly Recipe #95424 but use any of your favorite pepper jelly recipes. Serve with seafood of choice or use as a dressing for a tuna or crab salad.

Recipe #179420

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

This is a low carb alternative to fried tomatoes that is easy to make and tastes great. Good for the unripe tomatoes that fall off the vine before it's time (you know when you weed and knock them off)or the end of the harvest. I did make with red too and they came out just as good. The green are firm and tangy and the red are soft and sweet. A nice side, place in a sandwich or top pasta. Oh and great on a pizza!But there goes the carb watching! Take note that the fat in the marinade is not all used so the calculations are off.

Recipe #179291

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

Make this on a bed of greens, tuna on crackers, in a wrap or on your favorite bread! Asian Flair! A great recipe to use leftover Grilled Tuna “beeriyaki Recipe #176028 but do use any of your favorite grilled tuna recipes. Used Wasabi Herbed Mayonnaise.

Recipe #179279

6 Reviews |  By Rita~

Use this as a spread,dip or toss as a dressing for your salad of greens or grilled flake tuna. No need for salt but if you need to try a touch of soy sauce.

Recipe #179186

10 Reviews |  By Rita~

This is a soft, aromatic, flavored, jasmine tea with lots of lemons. Made in your 10 cup coffee maker for ease. If use loose jasmine green tea use 6 teaspoons.

Recipe #177955

1 Reviews |  By Rita~

Grilled veggies with beans in pasta. Beer yes beer is in the marinade. This is a different take on a pasta salad. Beer helps enhance flavors of the veggies! Be sure to keep a bite to the eggplant and zucchini, you don't want them to be mushy in the salad. Lots of texture and flavor! This salad has grain from the beer and pasta, ohhh and the fresh herbs just liven this (you can skip or change herbs to please) the beans makes this a balanced meal giving protein and creaminess, lots of zip from the lemon (lime if you wish) and garlic you all know how I feel about GARLIC!! Be sure to drizzle with Extra virgin olive oil and be as generous with the grated cheese as you like.

Recipe #176025

This is great on a butterflied leg cut. Marinate meat for at least two hours for best flavor. Try it on chicken or beef.

Recipe #176023

1 Reviews |  By Rita~

Garden Fresh Juicy Sweet Summer Tomatoes topped with roasted sweet garlic, roasted sweet pearl onions, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. Splashed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Recipe #133658

1 Reviews |  By Rita~

Angel hair with lump crab meat, Fresh corn, Plum tomatoes right out of the garden along with fresh herbs and Garlic. With fresh summer ingredients this dish is made in no time. Rachael Ray move over--this meal is cooked in no time!

Recipe #131933

23 Reviews |  By Rita~

Tomatoes, Garlic, Fresh Herbs and crusty bread!

Recipe #131895

6 Reviews |  By Rita~

Poached in lemon, champagne, olives, capers, and tarragon. The only fat in this is the healthy fat from the fish!

Recipe #127701

11 Reviews |  By Rita~

This is wonderful just to open and sniff! I made four jars one with lavender and sugar put into my vita mix to make into lavender powdered sugar(Which is nice if you don't want lavender buds in your baking. Or to add to a cup of comforting tea), then jarred two with lavender and the fourth I put in a vanilla bean. Can be used in cake or cookie mixes, a cup of tea, in a frosting or glaze, salad dressing or just take a sniff every now and again! A great way to make the summer stay a little longer! I also made lavender jelly with it! Makes a great gift.

Recipe #101039

4 Reviews |  By Rita~

This is an adopted recipe. That I tweeked. SUGGESTED DIPPERS: Seafood, Turkey, French Bread, Fennel, Cucucmbers, Yellow and Green sliced Zucchini, Carrots....

Recipe #8266

1 Reviews |  By Rita~

Nice to gift wrap and put into a fruit basket. This takes 1-4 weeks to infuse flavors. Can be doubled.

Recipe #69092

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