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We recently got a food grinder for our KitchenAid, and I'm collecting recipes that we can use to make various ground foods. We're especially fond of salami and such, but I expect we'll find other non-meat uses for the grinder, as well.

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Yeah, I know this sounds really gross; that's what everyone says when they first hear the name...but they change their tune after eating it! If you have the grinder attachment for your Kitchen Aid stand mixer (and I do), this is really fast and easy to make. I usually get garlic bologna, just because it adds a little more flavor to the spread. **Please note it will take longer to make if you have a hand-crank style grinder.

Recipe #46309

I found this recipe on The Food Network website, courtesy of chef Alton Brown. Simple to make, though a bit pricier than your regular burgers, these are fantastic. Appropriately named, these "steakburgers" are so flavorful they need no more than the kosher salt for seasoning.

Recipe #99958

I've recently gotten into sausage making. This recipe I got in "The Sausage Making Cookbook". This recipe is quite spicy, but can be altered to your own taste.

Recipe #112602

Chorizo is a chile-garlic flavored sausage much loved in Mexico and the American Southwest, but most of the commercially-available kinds are made with beef byproducts (such as salivary glands) that don't appeal to many folks. Here's a great recipe that uses ground pork, instead. It is a fresh sausage, so cook it thoroughly. It's highly flavored, so a little goes a long way. It is convenient if it is wrapped and frozen in small packages. Chorizo can be used in many ways! For breakfast, saute it and add to scrambled eggs. Fry up some chorizo and add some beans and spices, or grits or potatoes. Add it cooked to your burrito or taco fillings. It also is good to add cooked to a red chile sauce, stew, or any other dishes you'd like to have a nice Mexican flavor.

Recipe #102566

3 Reviews |  By Dee514

My hubby's grandmother was 16 when she came to the USA from Poland. This is her Kielbasa recipe which she handed down to her daughters. My M-I-L passed it on to me, and I am sharing it with you. The "2 hour" prep time may vary, depending on the stuffing/filling method you use. Note: The pork should NOT be too lean (75-85%), since the kielbasa gets its moistness and some of its flavor from the fat. Also, this recipe was "translated" from an old "pinch of this/that" recipe. Plesase adjust the spices/seasonings to your preference.

Recipe #38227

1 Reviews |  By teresa

My sister (who can not cook)was babysitting one day and made this for me and WOW was it good the kids and my husband was crazy for it...Very Very Good

Recipe #16022

This hamburger sausage recipe is wonderful. It's easy and you have over 2# of sausage which is cooked and can be used in sandwiches. Kids really like this for lunches,by the way so does Dad.

Recipe #11696

Another recipe out of, "The Sausage Making Cookbook". This is a good way to impress your friends. Have a cook out,using your homemade hot dogs.

Recipe #112603

This recipe is as old as the hills. I've made it for the last 50 years and it was old when I got it. I thought it would be a good addition, so that young cooks can see how easy it is to make a basic sausage. You can play with it, add more spice or whatever. I do suggest trying it as written first. Just as good as what you can buy, but you know what is in there. I make a double recipe and then freeze it. It is really easy and quick to whip this up and costs a lot less than store bought. Prep time does not include sitting in the fridge for 24 hours.

Recipe #37881

This came about when I was making a Black Bean Dip. The shaker top came off a bottle of hot sauce and I got a deluge instead of a dash. I tried to save it by making a bigger batch but then that was way too much for a dip. Logic called for a complete change in direction. This is the result. Not bad, not bad at all.

Recipe #111474

This recipe is from an engineer (and friend) who worked for me up in Alaska about 25 years ago. Wait until your local supermarket has their family-pack CHEAP hamburger on sale to make this. You really do not want to use the good stuff; the fatter the better for best final flavor and texture.

Recipe #67381

3 Reviews |  By BrendaM

A traditional Scottish favourite

Recipe #59184

Make your own Beef sausages for the Holidays! Very easy, and very good! I have had this recipe in my "special" collection-box, full of written and printed and torn-out-of-magazines recipes. This beaten box has been in my possesion for at least 25's so full, I have to have a huge rubber band around it! Don't know where 3/4 of the recipes came from, including this one. However, It's as old as the box!! *** Don't make less than 3 or 4 sausages, unless you adjust cooking time*** Cooking time is minus the chilling time.

Recipe #103992

One variety of a traditional Swedish sausage. Probably nothing for weight-watchers. The sausage is cured for up to a week. During this period, lactic acid fermentation takes place, rendering a sour taste. The raw unsmoked sausage may smell a little foul, but it disappears when cooked. Fry the sausages in a skillet or in the oven and serve with potatoes or cabbage in white sauce. They can also be broiled on charcoal.

Recipe #42354

3 Reviews |  By Olha

There is nothing as tasty as home made kovbasa. This sausage does not have to be smoked.

Recipe #77547

I'll be the first one to say so, 'cause I gotta be honest here, this stuff looks all nasty and funky,but I'll promise you it's GOOD! If yer going for looks and presentation just forget it.But if you want something that's so tasty you'll ruin yer diet in a heartbeat, here it is ya'll. Times are approx. Have a good day peeps.

Recipe #73117

Someone sent me this a while back,'s very good!

Recipe #73137

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