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Finnish & Irish Fare

My husband has Irish blood in him — his grandmother grew up in Belfast, Ireland, and married in 1942 to a wonderful Kentucky man. They moved (back) to the States after World War II and took up residence in the small town of Covington, KY, where my husband grew up. His favorites are: Beef Boxty, Irish Stew, and Shepherd's Pie. My mother's family has direct decendants from Finland — her grandparents came over to the States in the mid-1800's where they settled in a one-horse town, Ashtabula, Ohio. We grew up only knowing one or two Finnish foods. One is a tasty coffee cake that my grandmother would bring whenever she would visit us: Nissua or Nisu. This is best when you slice a piece fresh out of the oven and slathered with butter. Once it's cooled, toasting it is the way to go! Again, make sure to use oleo or your favorite jam/jelly — even apple butter tastes. Oh yes, and don't forget the coffee!!!

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2 Reviews |  By acerast

The Finns seem to have many interesting ways of preparing root vegetables. Here is one from Florence Schwartz's "Vegetable Cooking of All Nations". It looks like it would go nicely with roasted meats. Posted for ZWT3.

Recipe #235228

This soft, slightly sweet bread is made with plenty of butter, which results in tender pieces that can be pulled apart, bite by bite. A hint of cardamom and a handful of plump raisins make it a special treat for teatime. Total preparation time includes to dough rises. From Gourmet magazine, August 2007 (Julia Langbein) and posted for ZWT6.

Recipe #423449

1 Reviews |  By mdmdt

I discovered these pastries as an exchange student in Finland and they are my absolute favorite in the whole wide world (my boyfriend's too). I have been searching high and low for a recipe and finally I found this one on Axis of Aevil so I thought I'd share. Can't wait to try it!! There's the traditional Finnish filling as well as an American alternative since quark is pretty hard to find in the States. NOTE: The vanilla cream flour can be replaced by mixing together 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar and 1/4 cup potato or wheat flour

Recipe #290790

A staple soup of Finland served with bread.

Recipe #235212

From, for ZWT#6

Recipe #427259

This roast lamb is one of the most delectable imaginable, and my whole family love it. It was given to me by a very old friend years ago - I don't know his source. Number of serves and cooking time is for a 5lb leg with bone.

Recipe #62035

Based on a recipe from Karen Berg Douglas' book, Scandinavian Sweet Treats.

Recipe #369337

"Soup is good food" I found this for the World Tour. Serve this with freshly-baked Finnish Rye Bread and some cheese for a nice lunch.

Recipe #136955

12 Reviews |  By LiisaN

A traditional Finnish rye bread. Often this would be served with stews or soups - at least thats when I remember having it. Best with butter!

Recipe #81854

Posted for Zaar World Tour. This pie is a bit tangy...especially if your blueberries are not too sweet! You may want to consider adding a little more sugar to the filling if you like a sweeter pie.

Recipe #134765

I love this, though I will admit that for some it is an acquired taste. I like to top mine with lingon berry sauce, whole cranberry relish would do. It is pronounced 'Rootmoose' or 'rut-Muss' depending on where the speaker is from. I am from the states so I tend to say 'rootmoose'.

Recipe #78072

2 Reviews |  By kolibri

Mulled wine - glögi - is a traditional Finnish alcoholic drink served hot, typically served around Christmas. This is my own recipe and I'm quite proud of it.

Recipe #137079

An easy and delightful recipe that makes an elegant starter for a festive cocktail party - served with vodka of course! If caviar is hard to source or is expensive, lumpfish roe can be used. I see this being served for a Midsummer party in honour of the lands of the midnight sun, with assorted vodka cocktails! This festive and very special appetiser was developed by one of the best-known Swedish chefs, Dr Tore Wretman, who served a version of this dish in his Stockholm restaurant in 1958, since when it has become a classic. (This recipe version by Market Kitchen and Swedish chef and cookery writer, Anna Mosesson.)

Recipe #427773

Sima is a sweat mead that is an essential seasonal brew connected with the Finnish Vappu festival. It is usually spiced by adding both the flesh and rind of a lemon. During secondary fermentation raisins are added to control the amount of sugars and to act as an indicator of readiness for consumption — they will rise to the top of the bottle when the drink is ready. Sima is usually accompanied by munkkeja or Tippaleivät (donuts and other pastries). Mead is ready after 2-3 days.

Recipe #136528

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