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Favorite Dutch Recipes

Some of the best mealtime or coffee time memories of my childhood. For me these are ultimate comfort foods.

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10 Reviews |  By PanNan

A delicious way to use those summer berries.

Recipe #39200

7 Reviews |  By PanNan

This was a popular dish while I was growing up. I still love it today.

Recipe #38020

3 Reviews |  By PanNan

A wonderful summer time salad or dessert.

Recipe #39061

4 Reviews |  By PanNan

This is another favorite traditional Dutch soup recipe. We often had this on a cold winter night with a hearty bread. We had a lot of soups growing up, and Mom would make basic small meat balls, and keep them in the freezer to toss into the various soup recipes.

Recipe #39203

10 Reviews |  By PanNan

This is another Dutch recipe with almond paste. It's very traditional - yummy, too.

Recipe #39225

3 Reviews |  By PanNan

There are many Dutch pastries and desserts made with almond paste. It's popular and delicious. This is a wonderful sweet bread recipe. The prep time includes soaking the cereal. Makes one very large loaf, or two loaves.

Recipe #39249

2 Reviews |  By PanNan

In Holland a meat ragout is a common dish. It is a creamy sauce served over cooked rice, pasta, or mashed potatoes. Sometimes it's made with mushrooms, or other vegetables, but often there's meat in the sauce. This version is made with veal. It's very good.

Recipe #39274

2 Reviews |  By PanNan

This is a traditional old-fashioned Dutch recipe. I had this often as a child. I like the crockpot version, but the liquid doesn't cook down as much. To do that I just boil the liquid while I keep the meat warm and prepare a salad or other veggies to go along with it.

Recipe #39290

27 Reviews |  By PanNan

This recipe is one we used to have when I was growing up in Holland. It's hearty and a delicious way to get your greens.

Recipe #33269

3 Reviews |  By PanNan

This is a tasty treat. Crepes are common in Holland, both sweet and savory with sauces. The crepes can be made ahead and refrigerated. It's a wonderful way to use up leftover meat.

Recipe #38107

3 Reviews |  By PanNan

This is an old Dutch recipe. Options have been noted for making it lighter in fat and calories. The flavor doesn't change much when making it lower fat. Nutmeg is very common in Dutch cooking. It's used to flavor vegetables and meats. You might use it lightly until you are used to the taste in this type of dish. We love it. Maggi aroma (dark liquid in a small bottle)is found in the ethnic foods isle in my supermarket. It could also be found near the gravy seasonings or condiments. If you can't find it at all, try a little soy sauce or Worcestershire, although the taste will be somewhat different.

Recipe #38979

11 Reviews |  By PanNan

This is a different and delicious way to serve baked or rotisserie chicken. It's a Dutch recipe. We never have left overs. The prep and cook time does not include the time to bake a chicken. I usually start with a fresh hot rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.

Recipe #39114

11 Reviews |  By PanNan

This popular Dutch "fast food" is a great way to use left overs like meat and mashed potatoes. Typically, croquettes are sold by street vendors and snack shops in Holland, but they are very easy to make.

Recipe #39129

6 Reviews |  By PanNan

These are very popular spice cookies in Holland, especially for Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas Day, December 5). The sweet spice flavor is wonderful. The prep time includes refrigerating the dough overnight.

Recipe #39137

8 Reviews |  By PanNan

This is a family favorite Dutch recipe. Mom made this when we were growing up. The common curry powder found in the grocery is fine for this recipe. If you are looking for the authentic taste, or are a spice connoiseur, you would look for Indonesian curry powder or Sate seasoning. I find it on-line.

Recipe #39499

4 Reviews |  By PanNan

This is a traditional Dutch recipe. It's a rich, buttery, dense cake. The key to making it, is keep the ingredients, and also your hands, cold while working the dough.

Recipe #53784

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