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A fave lasagne version amongst my friends and me - though relatively simple to make the layers of flavor in every bite bring an exquisite blend of rustic, earthy, Italian. Btw, I named it 'Troppo', Italian for 'Too much' - a simple but fitting name as this will serve everyone at your table and a few more - you could halve the recipe but when it's this good and stores so well, why would you? Enjoy!

Recipe #510955

This is just FABULOUS! Mainly for holidays, or special occasions. I got the recipe from my sister-in-law. She has a couple of recipes that she makes every year at holidays, and this is one of them. She gave it to me, and now, I make it for the other side of the family, and for friends. It's Great!

Recipe #14384

65 Reviews |  By Sana

I make this regularly. I just wanted to have this on hand. NOTE: I use more egg and bread crumbs than suggested

Recipe #154400

This comes from Semi-Homemade by Sandra Lee

Recipe #447517

50 Reviews |  By keen5

This ham recipe was given to my mother by a mom & pop restaraunt owner. The owner did all of her own cooking and had a little restaraunt right on the corner of our street. Everyone raved about her ham. My mother helped her out a lot so she gave mom the recipe. Everyone raves about this ham at Christmas and Easter! The secret is to slice it soon after it is done and let the slices sit in the juice in the fridge. Then when you are ready to serve, reheat at 350 in the oven right in the roaster with the juice. Leftovers are great on a soft roll with butter. Prep and cook time is approximate.

Recipe #57765

Sauteed vegetables and italian sausage coated in spaghetti sauce and tossed with penne pasta. Makes a fast & easy weeknight supper! I usually use half sweet italian sausage and half hot. *I add Nature's Seasoning as my seasoning of choice, it's a blend of "Salt, Black Pepper, Sugar, Spices, Natural Onion Flavor, Natural Garlic Flavor, Parsley, Celery Seeds".

Recipe #463767

This is a good hearty winter meal. It can easily be made healthier by using low fat sour cream and cheese.

Recipe #205878

Recipe is from a booklet from Ro-Tel tomatoes. Heat it up cool it down. Just come hungry to the table! Serve with lettuce, sour cream, and guacamole if desired.

Recipe #378256

Recipe #381471

A very quick meal to put on the table for a hungry crowd.

Recipe #51234

1 Reviews |  By KiwiHil

I was given this curry recipe years ago by a local Indian family. It is so adaptable and so delicious that I make it all the time with whatever ingredients I have. In the ingredients I have specified beef (due to the inflexibility of RecipeZaar!) but you can use beef, lamb or chicken, chickpeas or vegetables or any combination of these. Casserole beef cooks beautifully, it takes about an hour. Chicken with coconut cream is also lovely. Often we have it as a vegetarian/vegan curry with chickpeas and vegetables. Serve with rice, yoghurt and naan bread if you like it!

Recipe #363550

A cold, uncooked sauce stirred through hot pasta makes an easy and nutritious meal on a hot day. Another favourite of mine from Alison & Simon Holst's "Very Easy Vegetarian Cookbook".

Recipe #346772

3 Reviews |  By Mirj

This recipe was given to me by a friend whose parents live in New Mexico. She had this when she went to visit them, then served it to me when I came over for dinner. I fell in love with the heat and the taste.

Recipe #14884

This is total veg comfort food...cheese, nuts, rice, and TONS of good veggies. What's not to love? This takes a little bit of time but it is well worth the effort.

Recipe #241877

The recipe was created for our local Friday night football concessions. I hope you enjoy it. We sell our sandwiches for $1.50 each.

Recipe #101193

This is the anti-saw-dust tasting, forget the pop-up thermometer bird cooker! Hence, we toss the thermometer altogether. Cooking the bird "upside-down" uses gravity and allows the juices to cook inside the breast meat, giving it a tender deliciousness that is hard to duplicate when cooking for a golden-brown-colored turkey breast skin. With my family, we prefer meat to skin and so after letting the turkey rest, carve in kitchen and set on buffet-style platter or large plate, removing fat and skin as preferred. This recipe is also great if you want a less-stress Thanksgiving as all it is is washing the bird, sticking it in a pan, and into the oven with a timer. Feel free to make other preparations while the bird is cooking for when the bird is out of the oven. Bird can be made up to a day in advance and reheated easily. If you like moist turkey breast meat, use this recipe. Meant for any size or type of turkey. No bags or basting, ever! Also great for students away from home for the holidays. This is not the turkey recipe if you want a Norman Rockwell picture. This is for cooking a great bird.

Recipe #338431

A throw-it-together and pop it in the oven supper. Use more chili powder or add hot sauce if you really want to spice it up! I just want to add: Many people who have tried this recipe have had to cook it longer than I have specified. A hint: I always use a casserole dish with a heavy tight-fitting lid. I sometimes presoak my rice in cold water for 10 minutes or so. Hope this helps! =) Barb PS...To Freeze : Cool, portion and freeze in a ziploc bag. To reheat: Thaw, place in a covered casserole dish and bake until heated through.

Recipe #31516

My dad was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, so he knows his way around Mexican food. The one thing that he will complain about in the huge international smorgasbord that is the Houston restaurant scene is the distinct lack of "REAL Mexican food", just a lot of TexMex. Nothing wrong with TexMex, but compared to the stuff in Arizona, it's a little... unbalanced. So when he said that my enchiladas were the best he had ever tasted, I took that as the true compliment it was. This is easy but time consuming, real cooking times are explained in the recipe. You can cook the using a skillet or a crock pot. You could even use leftover chicken by skipping to the rolling - but I would season the chicken with 1/2 cup stock and a quarter of the spices listed.

Recipe #226018

This is an easy recipe when you need dinner fast!

Recipe #106759

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