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its a variation of what my mom makes with mung and jaggery i tried it out and it was just as delicious as its

Recipe #94020

Prep time does not include baking the potatoes.

Recipe #93834

7 Reviews |  By Susie D

This a easy bread machine loaf full of fruit and nuts.It's very good served with whipped honey butter or toasted and spread with cream cheese.Don't let the sweet potatoes keep you from trying this recipe.

Recipe #93844

1 Reviews |  By PaulaG

These muffins may have slightly different ingredients but the end result is a wonderful rich, moist muffin. The sugar sprinkled on top before cooking gives a slightly sweet crunch and cracked glazed appearance.

Recipe #93958

2 Reviews |  By PaulaG

With so many people having problems finding the sorghum, I revamped the recipe. This version produces a sweeter and lighter tasting muffin.

Recipe #93959

This is one of my entries for the Ready, Set, Cook! contest. Pancakes for dessert! Chocolate pancakes made with buttermilk and buckwheat flour. Not too sweet, and can be garnished with more than just powdered sugar, such as ice cream or fresh whipped cream. Serving size depends on the size of your pancakes. I like to make them about 4 inches.

Recipe #93934

3 Reviews |  By Mercy

Granny Smith apples may be substituted for the zucchini.

Recipe #93974

This is a favorite of my families. I tweaked it a bit so it would conform to the contest regulations, but it is basically the same recipe. Hope you enjoy it.

Recipe #93821

1 Reviews |  By Sue Lau

Great for breakfast. The syrup has a nice fruity flavor that is very fresh and not too sweet.

Recipe #92864

When I created these waffles, I immediately fell in love with the rustic texture and the original flavor. I have to admit, I ate every single bite of the whole batch when trying to name these LOL. :) I do hope that you enjoy them. The cook time is what it took for both waffles to cook in my iron, but I believe my iron cooks rather quickly. Please keep in mind that all waffle irons are different (at least in my experieces!). I had a hard time deciding what the actual measurement was for the ground cardamom. It was closest to 1/8 teaspoon, but you can add just a touch more, as I feel it was a "heaped" 1/8 teaspoon, but definitely not 1/4 teaspoon lol :)

Recipe #93237

6 Reviews |  By Sue Lau

This is very similar in taste to whole wheat bread, so if you like wheat bread, you're sure to enjoy this. Make this easily in your bread machine. The chile honey is sweet, and lightly spicy, perfect for bringing out the flavors of the bread.

Recipe #93129

6 Reviews |  By Carol

I love cocoa and cherries (like Black Forest cakes, etc) and try to add more whole grains (like buckwheat) in my foods. Sometimes I add pecans or walnuts to the muffins too.

Recipe #93350

2 Reviews |  By Shar-on

This cake was created for "Ready Set Cook Summer 2004" contest.

Recipe #93538

1 Reviews |  By Bergy

These tortillas are delightfully different & Tasty. They are good with soup too or on their own as a snack. You may vary your stir fry vegetable to suit your taste. The dough is very easy to work with, just keep dusting the board with buckwheat flour. In one of the photos you will see just the stir fry no buckwheat tortilla. I also added green beans. The recipe is quite vesatile - use it as you will

Recipe #93219

2 Reviews |  By *Pixie*

Chocoholics unite! This one is definitely good for that chocolate fix! Created for the Ready Set Cook Summer 2004 Contest, Enjoy.

Recipe #93394

When creating this recipe, I tried to imagine something that might be served in a fancy Bed & Breakfast place or at a brunch. Although this looks fancy, it is really simple to prepare. Recipe makes about 10-12 medium sized pancakes,or about 2-3 pancakes per serving.

Recipe #93241

2 Reviews |  By Bergy

As soon as I saw Buckwheat I thought of Soba Noodles and this is my version of them (quite a bit of trial & error). There will be noodles left over but they are wonderful warmed in a bit of butter on a pan and served as you would a pasta side dish. Spice up the soup more or less to your personal taste. This dough is very easy to work with and is easily managed by hand rolling and cutting on a well dusted (*with buckwheat flour) board. However Soba Noodles are readily avable in most Oriental supermarkets and it does save a lot of work,

Recipe #93238

This simple preparation enhances the duck without obliterating the natural flavor, and doesn't require a long marination. Perfect for a special meal. Preparation time does not include marinating time.

Recipe #110201

This dish is lovely with its subtle honey, lemon and sage flavours. The rhubarb relish is a wonderful accompaniment. Minted new potatoes and green peas are a good addition. I hope you will like it.

Recipe #94015

Garlic mashed potatoes would be a perfect accompaniment.

Recipe #93966

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