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A low fat and high in fiber vegan stuffed cabbage roll recipe. Soy free. Great served with rice or potatoes. From My Vegan Cookbook.

Recipe #512713

My friend made me some sunflower seed milk and it was delicious. She used apple juice instead of water. You could substitute some or all apple juice if you like, leaving out or reducing the maple syrup or honey. You do need to soak the sunflower seeds at least 8 hours.

Recipe #510908

I would love to be in Austria right now, at a little outdoor cafe, sipping this warm and soothing drink. I usually sub whipped coconut cream instead of the dairy version. From Bon Apetit, 1991 and posted on Epicurious.

Recipe #508748

The Eastern Orthodox traditional religion prescribes four to seven weeks of fasting before Christmas and Easter, during which only vegan food is to be consumed. So all who follow this religion are on a vegan diet for this period of time. From Vegan Bulgarian Recipes to Keep Body and Soul Healthy, and tweaked just a little.

Recipe #505715

Macedonia, officially the Republic of Macedonia, is a country located in the central Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. It is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in 1991. Many eastern European countries enjoy Kompot all year round. This sweet, cold drink is refreshing on a hot summer’s day and, in the winter, Bulgarian children enjoy kompot as part of the traditional Christmas celebration. Feel free to use your favorite fruit to make this recipe your own. Mint could even be added for fresh flavor. When serving, be sure to give everyone a few bits of fruit at the bottom of their glass! I put this together from 2 different recipes.

Recipe #501673

Making spaetzle is easy, with no fancy equipment needed: a coarse grater, colander, or wide perforated spoon or ladle with 1/4-inch holes will work well. From Bon Appetit.

Recipe #500931

Pumpkin seeds give earthy flavor and lovely color to this side dish. This recipe is part of New Austrian Cuisine, via Bon Appetit. The original recipe calls for pumpkin seed oil, but as it may be hard to find I have substituted sunflower seed oil. You will need a spaetale maker, ricer, or piping bag to make the spaetzle.

Recipe #500930

You've heard of almond milk, you can also make other nut milks, like walnut milk. Here is a good recipe from Better Homes and Gardens. The nuts need some time to soak, so plan accordingly. Compared to certain other nuts, such as almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts, walnuts (especially in their raw form) contain the highest total level of antioxidants. California, China, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, Romania, India, France and Chile are the largest producers of walnuts. Interesting note: In China, pairs of walnuts have traditionally been rotated and played with in the palm of the hand, both as a means to stimulate blood circulation and as a status symbol. Pairs of large, old and symmetrically shaped walnuts are valued highly and have recently been used as an investment, with some of them fetching tens of thousands of dollars. Pairs of walnuts are also sometimes sold still in their green skin, as a form of gambling known as du he tao.[

Recipe #500254

Wonderful over baby greens or spinach, with cranberries, nuts, mandarin oranges, etc. Adapted from the Silver Palate Cookbook, using walnut oil! Enjoy!

Recipe #499999

I have another recipe from Moosewood that's called a Portabella Reuben, but this is from the Food Network Kitchens and I think you will enjoy this one too!You can leave out the tempeh bacon and/or use veggie bacon, toful bacon, wham(vegetarian ham), or even roasted mushrooms.

Recipe #457690

This is a combination of two recipes. One from Food and the other from the Spice House, said to found in a cooking magazine from the 1970's. :) You can easily cut this recipe in half or even quarter it if you like. I usually use larger amount of spices for more flavor. To give this seasoning a little kick, add 1-3 tsp. ground red chili peppers(or ground red pepper flakes).

Recipe #457550

I bought a large bag of kale and this recipe was on the back. I tried it and really enjoyed the sauce. I opted to leave out the almonds and cranberries, but it would be nice to dress it up. Enjoy! This will work with collards and other greens too. Kale is very high in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin, and reasonably rich in calcium. Developed in Europe, it is used in England, Italy, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, East Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Montenegro, Russia and even Japan. During World War II, the cultivation of kale in the U.K. was encouraged by the Dig for Victory campaign. The vegetable was easy to grow and provided important nutrients to supplement those missing from a normal diet because of rationing. Kale was introduced into Canada (and then into the U.S.) by Russian traders in the 19th century.

Recipe #456151

I like to collect different deviled egg recipes and this one qualifies! I got this from Eating Well magazine. I would say this is of Eastern European origin.

Recipe #425421

I watched this being made on the Martha Stewart show and found it on her website. Cook time is for cooking the eggs.

Recipe #422248

I haven't tried this, but it looks so good! Adapted from Vegetarian Times magazine! These sausages were a hit among Vegetarian Times vegan staffers, who loved the idea of homemade veggie links. They are a snap to make in a 2-layer bamboo steamer, but you may use a metal steamer in a large saucepan, you may just have to do several batches.

Recipe #403013

This uses wheat bran and not cereal. A healthy and hearty bread with the sweetness of raisins! Enjoy! Prep time includes rising time.

Recipe #401410

A great recipe from the Food Network Kitchens cookbook. To make porcini powder, simply grind a few dried porcini mushrooms in a spice or coffee grinder. To crack caraway seeds, use a mortar and pestle or place them in a small plastic bag and roll over them with a rolling pin. Great served with Recipe #385298.

Recipe #385373

Extra special served with Hungarian Roast Chicken with Horseradish Sauce. This recipe comes from The Food Network Kitchens cookbook, that I won when I played in Iron Chef game. Enjoy!

Recipe #385298

An excellent meat substitute. You can use in lasagna, chili, stuffed zucchini and/or peppers, on tacos, or in any recipe that calls for hamburger or vegetarian burger. Adapted from Caring Kitchens cookbook by Gloria Lawson.

Recipe #358967

A delicious bread and very healthy too! I adapted this from Oprah magazine.

Recipe #355930

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