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****************************************************** My sister Marie raved about the dinner which was designed, cooked and delivered to her table, at Easter, 2006. It was a joy and a pleasure to be with Marie's family at that time.... This year, we could not cook Easter dinner together. I was undergoing radiation treatments for breast cancer, and Marie fell victim to an aggressive form of ALS. I will get better with each day, while Marie's condition deteriorates at the same rate.... I therefore dedicate this cookbook to my sister Marie, with undying love. Update: October 29, 2007. Marie's suffering ended. God rest her beautiful soul. SISTERS Time passes. Life happens. Distance separates. Jobs come and go. Love waxes and wanes. Hearts break. Parents die. Careers end. Life happens ... BUT...... Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you. When you have to walk beside one dear to you in that lonesome valley, the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on, praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf. They will walk beside you, share your sorrow and share your tears, knowing all the while God is there with you, to give you the strength and faith you need and the everlasting blessings of healing love. ****************************************************** Here'a looking at you Kid... even though you like your red wine with an ice cube...

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From Epicurious.... Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Recipe #154087

5 Reviews |  By chia

after searching for the perfect easy flourless cake i found this one.

Recipe #117974

Figs stuffed with mascarpone cheese are a classic late-summer dessert in Italy. If you can't find mascarpone, substitute with cream cheese.

Recipe #100023

This is a simple Greek dish - very easy to make and very easy to eat. It is not a risotto in the Italian sense of the word, so don't look for that technique here. Still, you will be pleasantly surprised with how we do it (it's easier!). I would make this using water for a meal suitable for the Lenten Fast. The stock adds richness and more depth and the parmesan is just plain delicious on it. In Greece we would eat this (without the parmesan) with a hefty slice of feta on the side, some kalamata olives, crusty bread and a glass of wine.

Recipe #163086

yum! Note from UC86: This is a recipe I adopted...I hope you enjoy it!

Recipe #7875

A nice side dish to serve with your favorite meat.

Recipe #59219

I used to drool over the potatoes my aunt made at our huge family reunions, but not be able to eat them because they are traditionally cooked alongside lamb. Here is my vegan-ized version. Enjoy!"

Recipe #8926

From Mediterranean Dishes. I tinkered with this recipe a little because Evelyn wasn't there to stop me. You'll find this appetizer on most any Greek mezethes. I want be reincarnated a potato in the next round.

Recipe #142928

I created this Asian-inspired dish last night. It is permissible for phase one of the South Beach Diet and we LOVED it. I used frozen french beans from Trader Joe's, but fresh beans would be wonderful! Amounts are highly approximated; I didn't measure when making this, but this is pretty similar to what I did. (If using fresh beans, you'd probably want to blanch them in boiling water and then plunge in ice water, and *then* add to the pan.)

Recipe #96820

4 Reviews |  By Evie*

'spiced' up parsnips..

Recipe #9855

3 Reviews |  By Bergy

When the garden abounds you need to get a bit creative, You may add cheese, a bit of butter, leave it crisper - it is up to you - this worked for me. If you like leave the curly Q on the end of the bean. For the chicken stock I just use 1 teasp of powdered soup mix and 1/4 cup very hot water. I baked this dish in my toaster oven

Recipe #98688

4 Reviews |  By Derf

Delicious baby carrots glazed with scallions in butter.

Recipe #100892

4 Reviews |  By Rita~

Oh so sweet,& nutty, with the slightest kick.

Recipe #162461

So simple, so easy--and such good flavors. Delicious with a crisp rose. The fifteen minutes of prep is for boiling water and blanching the asparagus.

Recipe #160251

Lamb is one of my favourite things to cook. One day I shopped at my usual organic butcher and there begging me to take it home was a butterflied (gigot) lamb leg. Of course I had to obey. My mind was all awhirl with ideas but none which appealed. I thought, "What does one do with a Butterflied Lamb Leg??? Stuff it of course"..... Next question, "Stuff it with what?" Here, Ladies and Gents is where creative juices are allowed to flow freely. Reaching deep into the recesses of creativity, I came up with the following recipe for goodness, prepared and served it to a close friend with a critical palate, and a taste for good blend of herbs and seasonings. (Of course the Chocolate-Glazed, Hazelnut Mousse Cake, was inducement enough ). You may want to serve a "simply perfect" Koongoora Hill, Shiraz Cabernet from Penfolds. They boast it to be Australia's finest, rich heritage of winemaking tradition and experience since 1844. Whether you serve wine with your dinner, or not, do prepare and serve this delicious creation; I promise you won't be sorry . Please note for richness of flavour, all herbs used are fresh, not dried.

Recipe #159721

Annie swore by Mazola oil... Annie is my mother; Her children all affectionately called her Annie. Eggplant was relatively inexpensive. It was used frequently in various Romanian recipes prepared in my home. I developed a taste for the eggplant's distinctive flavour and enjoy it to this day.

Recipe #122686

3 Reviews |  By Lori 13

This is a keeper. Simple and sublime! Can be served as an appetizer or main course...

Recipe #159157

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