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Jasper loves chicken, so this is dedicated to him!
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Fast and easy dish to make on a weekend night after working all day.

Recipe #34474

I do about 12 breasts at a time and freeze for sandwiches or wraps or I use it for stirfry's.

Recipe #36944

I searched and finally found this recipe on the internet. It is a copycat of the Bourbon Chicken sold in Chinese carry-outs in my hometown. This recipe is so good that my sons gobble it up leaving me just a spoonful. Their excuse was they thought I had eaten. Editor's Note: Named Bourbon Chicken because it was supposedly created by a Chinese cook who worked in a restaurant on Bourbon Street.

Recipe #45809

This recipe should start as 'Raise unsexed baby chickens for 6 months. When roosters become too loud for their immediate environment, carefully cull. Behead, pluck and gut.' Our roosters are free range chooks who are used to flying, foraging and generally having a very nice life. They are MUCH bigger than your typical commercially raised chicken - almost twice the size of a large commercial chicken and they have a much more gamey taste. Unfortunately singing with full throated joy like Pavarotti is not appropriate in suburbia, and when even a dark garden shed cannot contain the sound, it is reluctantly time for silence.

Recipe #87557

These are delicious! And much more cost-effective than buying chicken nuggets. Nice and juicy, yet crisp on the outside, too. Yummy, yummy! For an Italian twist, omit chili powder and substitute Italian seasonings. Makes two dinner servings, or 4 lunch/appetizer servings.

Recipe #89503

Several years ago, I noticed a post on some random cooking site asking for help with dry roast chicken. Someone suggested the 'flipping' method described below. I've been using it ever since, and it works! The actual recipe is a very basic one I found in a little paperback book at the grocery. You can replace the Italian seasonings with any others you prefer, but I think you'll find the general method gives great results. Exact cooking time will vary somewhat according to weight, of course.

Recipe #98395

Good way to prepare chicken breast for salads, or casseroles.

Recipe #101403

Sweet and spicy chicken skewers. These are made in the oven and I have never tried grilling them, but can't see why it wouldn't work!

Recipe #110937

Gorgonzola is produced in Lombardy and Piedmont, it is one of the world's fine cheeses.

Recipe #121434

I make mine on one cookie rack placed on a baking sheet but I'm sure that the chicken could still be great placed directly on a foil-lined baking sheet, although I don't think it would be as crispy. Plan ahead the chicken needs to soak in the buttermilk for a minimum of 4 hours or overnight. If you like a lot of heat then use 2 tablespoons of hot pepper sauce, or you can omit the hot pepper sauce completely, but I suggest adding it in, it really brings out the kick in this chicken---- you will *love* this recipe, I know my family does! :)

Recipe #141939

This is the best roast chicken recipe! It's adapted from "Roasting: A Simple Art" by Barbara Kafka. The rosemary sprigs under the skin add a lot of flavor, so be sure not to skip it unless you just can't get fresh rosemary. The high heat at which you roast the chicken may cause some smoking, particularly if you skip the potatoes & onions, so be forewarned. It's crucial to the recipe, though, so don't reduce the temperature. Open doors and windows if you need to; it also helps to clean your oven first if it's got splatters or drips in it. The only time I've had it smoke is when I've skipped the vegetables, though. Use a large roasting pan--if you have a really big one, you can do two chickens at once for a dinner party. Just place them side by side in the pan, on top of the veggies, and increase cooking time if needed. It's not really as fussy as it looks--and it's so delicious! And after all, aren't you and your family worth it? ;)

Recipe #164587

Bright citrus flavors and aromatic herbs make this chicken dish a certain croud pleaser. The double reduction -- once before baking and again after -- give this a wonderful concentration of color and flavor. Serve with a beautiful green vegetable such as spinach, asparagus or green beans. This dish is from the Aeolian Islands just off the shores of Sicily and adapted from a 1993 issue of Eating Well magazine. (Had good success making the sauce and preparing the chicken the night before. Just needed to quickly rewarm the sauce before baking.)

Recipe #170067

2 Reviews |  By Geema

This recipe was a Southern Living grand prize winner in 1998 by Janice Elder of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Recipe #184663

I wanted a supper dish for chicken livers which was simple, comforting and would fill my DH up after a hard day's work. After first serving it up, he's declared it his favourite treatment of chicken livers and demands it very week! The amount in this recipe will serve two for a lunch or one for a supper.

Recipe #186214

A wonderful recipe for chicken featuring balsamic vinegar. What sets this apart from others is the surprise inclusion of that distinctly American condiment, catsup. Together these create a delicious sweet and sour combination. This Cooking Light inspired dish is just 4 points per serving. For Core followers, count 1/2 point per serving for the wine or substitute with additional broth.

Recipe #206122

A great tasting way to use up those rice krispies before they go stale!

Recipe #3167

Beautiful and delicious, this incredibly moist roasted Chicken puts Kenny Roger's Roasters, Boston Market, and other rotisserie style chickens to shame! Please don't let the word "overnight" mislead you; for actual hands-on preparation, this is a Quick-N-Easy way to impress Sunday dinner guests!

Recipe #8782

4 Reviews |  By del

Delicious and easy roast chicken recipe I got from the back of a bottle of soy sauce. Too good to be overlooked!

Recipe #10911

10 Reviews |  By Bergy

The herbed potatoes keep the chicken very moist and lend it their flavor. Nice recipe

Recipe #23411

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