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These are the recipes that I have either made or that interest me as I start into the world of canning.
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Not as clear as jelly but pretty! I added 8 drops of red and liked the color but for a redder color go for more. The remaining apple fiber I used to make Recipe #137024

Recipe #260203

Very tangy, not too sweet! Heaven must taste like this. Got this from the NPR website, with a story about going to pick the apricots at the orchard every summer. Note: I pack the apricot halves firmly into the measuring cup so they are bursting full when I measure them. If you don't pack them in as firmly, you might want to use a few more apricots. Also, a note about the serving size: this assumes you are using a tablespoon or so as a serving to spread on a piece of bread. In my experience, this recipe makes just less than a pint of jam.

Recipe #246688

16 Reviews |  By Rita~

This is a beautiful golden, clear, delicate, tasting jelly. Avoid the bitter milk in the flower stems, and any green parts it is UNPLEASANT! Great for gift giving. If you want to add more color add a couple drops of yellow. I found no need. Recipe #101039 is fabulous in this recipe used as the sugar or add a vanilla bean to the 3 cups of dandelion liquid for vanilla flavor. May 2011-I did a sun tea approach. I put the flowers in a large jar added 3 cups hot water and placed in the sun then left at room temperature for 24 hours. Strained then proceeded with the recipe.

Recipe #90601

Ahhh! Refreshing homemade Strawberry Lemonade, in bottles, in your cupboard, ready to be mixed with water and served over ice whenever the mood hits you...... first, though there's a bit of work to be done......

Recipe #66453

2 Reviews |  By Dib's

This is a great condiment for sushi or sashimi.

Recipe #69097

I was intrigued by the idea of making jelly out of tea when someone posted a request for recipes. I tried this one, and I like it alot. Obviously, it all depends on the quality of your tea. So far I've only tried this with a very high quality organic chai, and it is SO good! If you find a type of tea that works really well for this, post a review and let us know! []

Recipe #147883

A nice butter to spread between a sponge cake, for tartlets or to put on your toast for breakfast. It is a great home made gift for Christmas.

Recipe #27934

Marmalade was my Father-In-Law's favourite. We never ate it because it was so bitter, so I just made it for him. Over the years, I came to discover that it was the pith and the membrane that made me turn up my nose to this glowing concoction. I can guarantee you, that if you follow my method, you will have the best bottle of sunshine you can imagine. UPDATE Aug 18/08: I'm very happy to say that this recipe won Second Place in the "Certo" category, and Third Place in the "Marmalade" category at our local fair.

Recipe #222217

This is a favorite of my grandsons and all my kids. I found it on RecipeUSA and adapted it for sugar free apple butter. Of course, there is sugar in the apples, but none added to the recipe. It's great on toast or as a condiment.

Recipe #89414

An easy, delicious recipe for late summer - early fall.

Recipe #169004

From The Southern Living Cookbook. A very simple jelly using bottled grape juice. Goes together in no time, so it's perfect for last minute gift ideas or beginning jelly makers. Uses hot water bath canning.

Recipe #118985

I've been making this relish for the past few years and my family loves it. The recipe is unusual because it does not use the orange peel. It also makes a lot, feel free to cut the recipe in half. Enjoy!

Recipe #145506

This is an easy recipe that takes only a very short time to make, perfect on just about anything and no preserving for this just prepare and store in the fridge for up to one week.

Recipe #141674

I made this recently and it is fabulous, tangy with intense flavor! -- plan ahead the sauce needs to chill for a minimum of 2 hours before serving and may be made up to three days ahead -- the amounts listed will make about 5 cups, if desired you can cut all ingredients in half, minced orange peel may also be added, use 1 tablespoon for a double recipe :)

Recipe #148710

Recipe #183568

Recipe #52213

Delicious with turkey and so easy. It tastes as if you really went to a lot of trouble, not!!!

Recipe #77921

2 Reviews |  By Ridgely

Easy and great gift for giving. Tasty too.

Recipe #76063

A quick recipe for one bottle of marmelade, I use it to avoid canning - just put it in any bottle and refrigerate after making. It's best when it's first made though, and still warm. I like my marmelade tart - if you find it's too sour for your tastes, just use more sugar. Note: you don't need any gelatin, there's plenty of natural gelatin in the peel of all citrus fruits.

Recipe #158660

This is absolutely delicious served on toast. Makes lots so you'll have plenty for gifts.

Recipe #12949

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