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This recipe was in a handbook given to me by the Coeliac Society - Melbourne. I think they taste rather good.

Recipe #41228

Homemade Nutella using only natural ingredients (gluten free and dairy free!)

Recipe #359279

I think I got this off the Delicious Living website. The author's name was Elisa Bosley. Really quick in the microwave and you could try changing the nuts for variety, although the pecans are really good in this.

Recipe #351369

Got this from The Yeast Connection cookbook. I've been trying to find recipes that are candida friendly. This is great and even includes directions to quickly make nut milk for the pancakes. If you don't have vitamin C crystals, I used aluminum free baking powder (I think 1 1/2 tsp?). You might want to add a bit of stevia to make it sweeter. I tried 2 tsp and it needed more (of the blend). My boys ate it up with powdered sugar on it, but we're not supposed to eat that! Cooking time depends upon your waffle iron.

Recipe #369368

Recipe from Sue Gregg, with some added flavoring. This makes 1 nice sized serving. You can grind the millet in your coffee grinder. The recipe doubles very easily. Serve with honey, stevia, maple syrup, etc.

Recipe #369610

This is from Whole, a website for candida sufferers. This uses carob and stevia for a low carb (not low fat!) dairy free treat. I put 8 servings, but that depends on how well you can control yourself, LOL! It says to use a food processor, but I just whisked it in a bowl and it worked fine. Tastes more like a bittersweet chocolate, so you could try adding a little bit of powdered sugar or honey if you like it sweeter. I love dark chocolate anyways! Also, remember that avocados, although high in fat, are the good fat.

Recipe #369674

We're doing the candida diet and haven't found a syrup that we like. We tried this, from the Feel Good Food Guide, and it's pretty good. Not as good as regular (sugar based syrup) but I have a syrup for my pancakes now! If you want to make your own liquide stevia concentrate, mix 1 tsp pure stevia with 3 T filtered water and place in a dropper bottle.

Recipe #375721

I revamped my Healthy Peanut Butter Balls to be able to eat them while on a candida diet. The trick to subbing the honey is to use a mixture of glycerin and stevia. The stevia I use is the blended kind from NuNaturals, not pure stevia (4T=1C sugar). I am also going to try this with carob powder, instead of the dry milk and will update if it turns out.

Recipe #376031

This is from Delicious Living magazine. It's a nice soda substitute. The original recipe calls for 1 cup natural cane sugar. Use that if you can have it. Prep time does not include chill time.

Recipe #376953

From Works great when you can't have ketchup, regular vinegar, etc.

Recipe #381848

When you have an abundance of zucchini, this really tastes like apple pie. Plus, it's healthier than other "mock apple pies" that are just crackers. The crust is gluten freeand the recipe is sugar free (stevia).

Recipe #382438

I got this off of Whole You use zucchini for the base, but once everything else is added in, it tastes just like Malt O Meal or porridge. I jazzed the original recipe up a bit.

Recipe #383617

From the Fab Five list in the April 2009 issue of Vegetarian Times. I never thought I'd have enough time to make vegan "cheese," but because this was one of the editors' picks I gave it a shot, and I'm so glad I did! Though it's called "feta cheese," in the title, it really is a creamy spread. I told my DH that it was an "almond spread" and he loved it! Asked what kind of cheese I used in it, and was surprised to learn there was none. The recipe is really easy, but takes lots of waiting time (not included in the times). I'm listing it exactly like in the magazine. But for the oil topping at the end, I think 1/4 cup oil is too much. Personally, I'm cutting it back to 2 tablespoons next time. Enjoy! Edited to add: The original recipe in the magazine says to bake it 200F for 40 minutes, but as several reviewers noted here (and I agree) it's better in a hotter oven. Try 400F and watch for it to brown. Baking is only needed to turn it from creamy to crumbly, so it's completely up to you.

Recipe #364732

Found this somewhere on the 'net but can't figure out where, so someone else deserves the credit for it but I'm not sure who. Omnivores in my life love this stuff too, so it's a good alternative to dairy for more than just vegans.

Recipe #72527

This is one of the simplest soups there is. But it is so comforting. I like that this one doesn't taste as thick and slimey. Why order from a Chinese Restaurant when you can do it quicker and better at home?

Recipe #313537

This rice has such sweet and comforting aroma. Coconut,'ll love it. I was looking for a rice dish to go with my Recipe #382313 and this is what I found on the net. To add an extra layer of flavor you could substitute some of the chicken broth with lime juice or orange juice and to make it spicy add a minced scotch bonnet pepper.

Recipe #382390

Perfect recipe for those needing breaded chicken. It has been the one thing I'v being craving since starting the I got creative. It may sound a little odd at first, but the outcome is crunchy, moist, flavorful, and tasty chicken. Really very good recipe! (tip - use thin cut chicken breasts, they cook faster and are uniform size.)

Recipe #327584

13 Reviews |  By anme

Way to use up random items to make a yummy oven omelet.

Recipe #224689

This is a real make fast dinner. It's easy and the kids like to top it with their favorite toppings. I have used the nacho cheese Doritos with this and it was great! Enjoy!

Recipe #20836

This recipe comes from the 2002 cookbook, Mediterranean Street Food.

Recipe #374175

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