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Cakes: Birthday Cakes

[Cover photo by Jenny Sanders.]
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137 Reviews |  By Ms B.

I adopted this recipe. I had prepared it for a holiday function prior to the adoption. The comments from my original review stated, "This dense, rich chocolate cake is intensely moist. It baked perfectly and made a lovely layer cake. I will be using this recipe again for chocolate cake needs." The cake in my photo has Recipe #44126, between the layers, and is frosted with Recipe #31809 before being covered with my Recipe #105466. It was a huge hit, and I have made this cake many, many times since.

Recipe #31804

1 Reviews |  By 1Steve

Description: A really beautiful looking cake. Nice contrast between the white cake and the deep Lemon yellow color frosting and nice lemony filling. This is a real treat for lemon lovers.

Recipe #67593

Finally found my Mom's recipe! She would make this for my brother's birthday every year. This is one of the sweetest richest cakes you will ever find. One piece will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Recipe #42027

2 Reviews |  By Amis

This is a rich chocolate cake with just a hint of heat. This is totally my own recipe. I originally started with just a chocolate sheet cake recipe that I wanted to spice up a little for something different. Then I remembered that the Mayan's "hot" chocolate was actually drunk cold and had been mixed with spices. It was Montezuma (1466-1520) who introduced Hernam Cortes to his favorite drink 'chocolatl' served in a golden goblet. And it was the fact that Montezuma consumed his "chocolatl" before entering his harem that led to the belief it was an aphrodisiac. :D The very first chocolate drink recipe ever published was in 1631 and called for chillies, almonds, hazlenuts, vanilla beans, cinnamon and anise among other things. I combined the two recipes and played around until I got the flavor I like. Note: This does call for almonds and hazelnuts. Posted for Zaar World Tour 05

Recipe #139268

I used to buy this cake from the local bakery and decided it was less expensive to make it myself... (use only fresh fruit - not frozen)

Recipe #167939

Recipe #168977

Caution: Not for the timid or beginner baker. ***When I offered to make the cake for my friend's daughters Oz themed bday party, I thought for sure I could find a really fun ruby slipper cake online. But all I found were over the rainbow cakes or cakes using oz figurines - these were not creative enough for me. So I created Dorothy's Ruby Slipper Cake. I allowed myself 4 days of doing cake stuff before the party day because I didn't want to get over tired trying to do it all at once. But it can probably be done in two days - one day for baking and freezing and one day for building and frosting. Or I suppose one day if you woke up early enough. ***To make building the cake easier, you will need a long serrated bread knife, I wide spatula and a long narrow spatula - see pic 1. You will also need a 9x13" cake pan, two 8" loaf pans, an electric mixer, and a double boiler. ***The frosting recipe I use is Fluffy 7 Minute Frosting #22181 by Caryn. I have included it here. ***Good Luck and Enjoy!

Recipe #181972

This is a GREAT cake that can easily go to a pot luck or picnic or just about anywhere else too! It is so good and everyone LOVES it! My family enjoys it and so do all my co-workers. It tastes like a peanut butter cup! It is a MUCH requested recipe. I promise it will be a much requested recipe at your house too if you give it a try!

Recipe #68270

Really incredible. The best when served warm. Bring this to lots of potlucks.

Recipe #27899

Every swedish mom gets 2 books about baby food shortly after our babies are 2 month old, and this is the recipe for a birthday cake for the 1st birthday. My baby son loved it as much as his little guests, and the adults loved it as well!

Recipe #113098

Growing up, my brother and I each had our favorite birthday cakes that our mother would make. This 3-layer cake was my favorite.

Recipe #79123

This is a wonderful cake we often have at special occasions. It is a Pillsbury bake off winner from many years ago.

Recipe #57274

After reading a brief article about the all-American chocolatier, Andrew Shotts, I wanted to try one of his decadent recipes that helped him earn his spot among the “Top 10 Artisanal Chocolatier” by USA Today. I can honestly say, hands down, this is the best chocolate cake I have ever made and probably will ever make. WARNING: If you are not a fan of incredibly moist and tender, rich but light, and fudgy but creamy chocolate cakes then this dessert is certainly NOT for you. If you are… then buckle your seat belt this is pure chocolate ecstasy. Use the highest quality chocolate and cocoa you can find. MAKE AHEAD: The cake will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 3 days (covered). Bring to room temperature before slicing.

Recipe #144494

2 Reviews |  By Artemia

I LOVE this recipe so much.. make it for a party or birthday when you want to WOW your guests. I hope that you enjoy making this, I know I did!! Not a beginner recipe but a great one to have your kids assist you with the filling or frosting! Originally found in "The Summer Book" by Susan Branch. Make sure you have a double boiler for the filling and a candy thermometer for the frosting! NOTE: I made four 8" layer cakes by doubling the recipe, rather than using one batch to make three 8" layer cakes. Be generous!

Recipe #179632

A very moist chocolate cake due to the mayonnaise base, with a very rich frosting. The name of the cake comes from the story that somebody (I think around the turn of the last century) supposedly paid $100 to a restaurant in Chicago for the recipe--equivalent to paying several thousand dollars today. The story is widely known but I don't know whether it's fact or fiction. I myself don't like chocolate, so when I have to make a dessert and don't want to be "tempted" I like to make something chocolate. Therefore I haven't eaten it myself. However, a number of people I've served it to have asked for the recipe so I feel confident that it's quite good.

Recipe #91473

18 Reviews |  By Bev

At Shubox Cafe, this dessert is known as Awesome Coconut Cake, aptly named by one of the cafe's best customers. To make this recipe, you'll need to buy one 15-ounce can of sweetened cream of coconut. Some of it is used in the cake; be sure to save the rest for the Cream Cheese Frosting(Recipe #43686). From Bon Appetit.

Recipe #43684

A good friend of mine made this cake for her daugther's B-day party. It was adorable and delicious. She gave me the recipe and I am posting it for safe keeping.

Recipe #63845

7 Reviews |  By Molly53

This recipe appeared in the February 1988 issue of Woman's Day magazine and was reprinted in our local paper today. According to the article, "Diana had a special fondness for this cake because it was served at her childhood birthday parties." The baked layers can be wrapped and refrigerated up to three days or frozen up to three months. Unwrap and bring to room temperature before assembling. Completed cake can be refrigerated up to four hours before serving.

Recipe #84781

7 Reviews |  By Ninna

This is great for kids although it is my married son Paul and his wife Wendy that request this for their birthdays instead of a traditional birthday cake.

Recipe #176180

I remember liking a gumdrop cake my Mom used to make, I do not have her recipe, so when i saw this one in a magazine i hung onto it,have not made it yet, but it sounds good. Would be nice at Christmas time for the kiddies. The intro to the recipe recommends using sugar coated gumdrops that you can find in the bulk food stores and using only the red, green, white & yellow ones.

Recipe #64396

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