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4 Reviews |  By Katzen

I was inspired by the Harvest Grain Blend that King Arthur Flour sells, but being in Canada, the cost of shipping is prohibitive enough to make me come up with my own version. Add 1/2 to 2/3 cup to your favourite bread for extra crunch, flavour, and nutrition! I suggest replacing 2 tbsp of each cup of flour with the mixture as a starting point. I've also added some barley flakes and 7 grain cereal to my mix. Store in a tightly sealed container. Another way to use the mix is to make a "soaker", which you do by pouring 1 cup of hot water over 2/3 cup of the mix, and allowing it to soak overnight. Then add this to your bread mix, ensuring to subtract out the 1 cup of water and 2/3 cup of flour from the recipe you're working with.

Recipe #384672

This is from TOH magazine.I am typing it up for safe keeping and ZWT2. Makes 1 2-pound loaf. The bread is nice and soft, but somehow still chewy at the same time. Wonderful for sandwiches! I used Bob's Red Mill 10 grain cereal and 3 1/2 cups all purpose flour and it worked beautifully!

Recipe #173346

Texas Road House Sweet Yeast Rolls from the head teacher for Texas Road House found on a FOX News website with a link to a short video for the public at w

Recipe #227170

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this bread flecked with herbs, is an almost identical version to the bread served at the popular restaurant Ramano's Macoroni Grill. I came across the recipe after becoming addicted to their bread and craving it constantly (thanks to Google search and Cafe Michele). It's a great bread to tear and dip in flavored olive oils and to serve with your best Italian pasta dishes, or soups.

Recipe #62058

This is delicious and uses whole-wheat flour, making it a healthy accompaniment to any meal.

Recipe #136007

9 Reviews |  By Rita~

Try it with Sun dried tomatoes instead of the olives. Have a dish of first press extra virgin olive oil, season it with pepper. Dip away!

Recipe #58075

I got the pizza dough recipe from my Breadman Breadmachine book. I made a 2 lb. dough. I put the ingredients into the machine in the order as I have listed them. I added fresh and dried herbs, a small piece of pimento from a jar, some kalamata olives as well as some minced garlic and Romano cheese. I cut everything up fairly fine. I also sprinkled some fresh ground smoked black pepper on this. The possiblities for this are endless, depending on what you like. You could probably divide this in half and make two smaller focaccias if you wish, though, the cooking time might be different with a smaller focaccia.

Recipe #302988

Another excellent spread for hot bread, bisquits or hot cakes (pancakes) This one is my daughter's favorite.

Recipe #17086

Wonderful bread to serve with chili or thick hearty stews. This recipe comes from a Betty Crocker cookbooklet.

Recipe #112424

There are several honey butters already in Zaar, but mine is without added sugar and is more honey than butter. My family loves this.

Recipe #122164

A basic honey butter that's delicious on cornbread or muffins! Also, a number of variations. Try it on scones!

Recipe #131054

This recipe is from Nancy Silverton of La Brea Bakery. Nancy is well known for her baking expertise and particularly for her sourdough. This is the best Sourdough Bread Starter that I have had the pleasure of making. It is easy, quick to prepare and gives your breads the best sourdough flavor around. I have also posted her famous Recipe #316417 here. Please feel free to search the web for more of Nancy's bread recipes using this starter. I have found breads of all walks, pancakes, waffles, etc.

Recipe #316306

This recipe is from Nancy Silverton of La Brea Bakery. Nancy is well known for her baking expertise and particularly for her sourdough. You can find the recipe for Recipe #316306 here; you will need it for this recipe. This bread is light and airy with a nice crust and crumb. Very good!

Recipe #316417

One of my favorite bread recipes! These will make you look like a star! When I make this recipe, I make 2, instead of 3 loaves, from the same amount of dough. See photo gallery. Here is the method that I use after mixing the recipe and putting the dough to rest in a covered plastic container. For the baguettes I folded at one hour and then again at 2 hours. I then rough shaped into baguettes, allowed to rest under plastic for 15 minutes; final shaped and placed on the nonstick bread pan and covered with a cold, damp tea towel for the final rise. This video shows the rising and folding: This video shows you how to shape: From KA: These crunchy baguettes feature a chewy interior riddled with holes, and a crisp, deep-gold crust. While it's a challenge to make "real" baguettes at home, this version is probably as close to an artisan bakery version as you're going to find. Step-by-step photos illustrating how to make this recipe following the original recipe below:

Recipe #323218

Easy and delicious, slice them open to reveal the goodness of chocolate and almonds! Adapted from All The Best The Pampered Chef.

Recipe #336424

These are the most delicious biscuits I've ever tasted! They just melt in your mouth. Great on their own or with sausage gravy, these biscuits are sure to impress. This recipe comes from Shirley Corriher's "Cookwise".. a terrific cookbook! She's the food scientist on "Good Eats" with Alton Brown. I think that this is her grandma's recipe. Be sure to follow this recipe exactly.. There is a method to the madness!! Enjoy!! One of my reviewers complained that she couldn't work the dough. So I updated the directions to be more explicit. This dough cannot be "worked" like traditional biscuit dough would.. the excessive moisture creates a steam inside the dough as it bakes creating an out-of-this-world treat! So just forget everything you know about making biscuits and have faith in the recipe... it really is worth the effort.

Recipe #86302

This is from Beatrice Ojakangas' Great Holiday Baking Book. I own several of her books due to our common Finnish heritage. She says, "You really can do these rolls from beginning to end in an hour! I use the food processor to mix the dough and hasten the rising by using rapid-rise yeast. This yeast is so finely milled that it dissolves right in the flour mixture, and it can stand a higher temperature, giving the dough a boost for the single necessary rising." These were handy when my step-sons lived with us, and of course, they loved them.

Recipe #268957

This breads texture is a cross between focaccia and English muffin bread. It's wonderful toasted and is so easy to make because it requires no kneading.

Recipe #262593

20 Reviews |  By Dee514

This recipe was posted in reply to a beer bread request on the "Recipe Request" message board. "Alaskan Beer Quick Bread by John McGhee. A great addition with any Alaskan beer and to any meal!"

Recipe #35390

I made this recipe on Christmas morning and it was a hit with everyone. I prefer this bread with dill, but I think there are many combinations of herbs you could use. Also, you can use 2 cups all-purpose flour, instead of the two different types the original calls for.

Recipe #24575

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