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Great sourdough bread that can be made in the bread machine with the dough cycle.

Recipe #30704

Found this in an old Breadmaker recipe book. I'm taking it to church tomorrow, so I will let you know what everyone thinks! Makes 1 large loaf.

Recipe #384827

3 Reviews |  By mliss29

"From County Cork, Ireland" from Jane Kinderlehrer's the Art of Cooking with Love and Wheat Germ (and Other Natural Foods). I am editing the instructions because I made this today and see that they're really weird. Preheat the oven, then make the dough and let it rise for an hour? I don't think so. Also, today I was standing at the health food store thinking, "wheat germ...I think I wanted that for something...oh well." And I didn't get it. So I made the bread with King Arthur's White Whole Wheat Flour and no wheat germ or sesame seeds. It is soooo good. I also cooked it at 350 for 50 minutes along with Melody Ashcraft's Recipe #213228, and it turned out fine. (Does anyone know if you really have to warm the flour up for 20 minutes? Thanks.)

Recipe #280437

I have been trying to make buns similar to the SUBWAY buns and after checking with several other people and taking their recipes and making some changes, I came up with this recipe that is light, tasty and so good.

Recipe #141038

At least this is the closest one you'll be able to find. Most likely. It's not going to look like they're bread, but I heard if you freeze it, let it sit out for a bit, roll it and then put it in regular bread pans in the oven and cook it to about 350 it should turn out closer to it...... But I'm too scared to try that, if you try it and you like it let me know! This recipe came from MC-Recipe Digest V1 #583 by Barbara Zack on Apr 21, 1997.

Recipe #343216

50 Reviews |  By Mirj

This recipe originally comes from Kosher by Design by Susie Fishbein. I've been making this challah every week for the last two months, and it makes a delicious, rich challah. I don't use the bread machine method, making the dough in my Kenwood mixer and giving the final knead by hand, then braiding the challah and baking it in the oven. I'm posting this as a bread machine recipe at the request of Miraklegirl. BTW, I don't use all the water called for in the recipe, I usually add a bit at a time until I'm happy with the consistency of the dough.

Recipe #142387

554 Reviews |  By P4

These buttermilk biscuits are authentic. This recipe came from my great-great-grandmother, and was handed down to all the women in my family, and we are all Southern. I am the first one to commit the sin of using a food processor (lol) but I find it works very well. I would put these biscuits up against anyone's - they are perfect in every single way. I hope you all enjoy them.

Recipe #26110

I tried about eight different bread recipes before finding the one that I now make weekly for my sandwiches. This is it. It's a modification of a recipe from a Bob's Red Mill Flour bag. It was written for bread machines, but I bake it in the oven instead because I don't like the shape of the loaves in my bread maker. You could also mix it by hand, but using the bread machine or stand mixer is much easier.

Recipe #330485

3 Reviews |  By Sue Lau

Perfect for making the buns for your favorite sandwiches a little more healthy while still remaining delicious!

Recipe #334085

A very moist corn bread recipe.

Recipe #70103

7 Reviews |  By Sue Lau

Kids love these, and nothing beats eating doughnuts you have made yourself.

Recipe #39547

Moist, tender, buttery homemade rolls. The ease of the bread machine leaves time for you to spend on your other dishes. Probably the best bread machine roll recipe I've found. Too good for anyone to believe I really made them. Prep time includes bread machine time. VERY good rolls, they have never failed me personally, please try them!

Recipe #78259

This is a flaky Yemenite bread that my friend Yechiel taught me to make in Israel. It is delicious with puréed tomatoes and zhoug (a spicy condiment--I posted the recipe separately) or with honey. Well worth the effort! (Cook time is rest time).

Recipe #60282

I never cared for cornbread til I fiddled around with Jiffy Mix to make a light, sweet, cake-like cornbread. Just watch your baking time, mine is ALWAYS done in 15-16 minutes only. Also makes good muffins, *use paper baking cups, tho.

Recipe #53305

A different combination, but very delicious and moist.

Recipe #74854

Modified "Wholemeal Scones"

Recipe #289888

From Laura Dolson,Your Guide to Low Carb Diets on "I call this "focaccia" because it is baked in that style - flat on a sheet pan, and then cut up into whatever sized pieces you want. It works for toast, sandwiches, and other bready uses. It is "rough" in texture like heavy whole grain breads. Since it isn't made with wheat, it doesn't have the same kind of grain as wheat breads, but the carb in flax is almost all fiber. Flax is very useful on a low carb diet, as well as being amazingly good for you."

Recipe #160607

These buns form a 'hollow' in the middle after baking. This hollow represents the empty tomb when Christ arose on Easter. They taste very much like cinnamon buns. YUMMY!

Recipe #59065

A great snack or breakfast bread. Recipe makes 2 loaves. This freezes well.

Recipe #249847

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