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This is one of my favourite streetside snacks in Taiwan. It is extremely easy to make and tastes great on its own as a snack or in a lunch box. Could also be sliced and presented with cold meats as a starter. I usually make it without measuring anything, so these measures are estimates.

Recipe #127310

Legend has it that the first Dorayaki were made when a samurai named Benkei forgot his gong (‘dora’ in Japanese) upon leaving a farmer’s home where he was hiding and the farmer used the gong to fry the pancakes, thus the name Dorayaki. These are really yummy and great for a brunch or snack. The adzuki bean paste is known as anko. Cook time is estimate.

Recipe #120221

These eggs are really different from your standard hard boiled eggs and my kids love to have the in their bentos. The trick is to only medium boil the eggs initially and then crack or peel them and finish them off in the soy sauce broth. I use the smallest eggs I can find to do these, so that my kids can have two eggs and I don't have to feel guilty. The eggs aren't supposed to be overwhelmingly seasoned, but if that's what you're looking for, leave them in the broth for a longer period after boiling. I routinely double the recipe by increasing the number of eggs, but leave the amount of the broth ingredients the same.

Recipe #188795

These are so yummy! I haven't tried the miso one (yet! But once I get my paws on some miso paste. . .), but the soy sauce ones are fantastic. This is fairly typical bar food in Japan from what I have read online, but it also makes for good lunchbox food or a side dish for a Japanese inspired dinner. You can also make a bunch of these and freeze them for up to a month. This recipe comes from Bento Boxes: Japanese Meals To Go by Naomi Kijima - hence the single serving size. Cooking time does not include time to cook rice. I posted photos to try and make clear the grill, flip, brush, flip, brush, flip, done routine. Hope this helps. :)

Recipe #238542

Tamago is Japanese for "egg". Tamago yaki is sushi using an egg, like a sushi omelette. I really love it for it's sweet taste and light texture. You need a tamago pan to make this recipe. Any type of stock can be used in place of the dashi for a less fishy taste. Sounds complicated, but after a bit of practice, it gets much easier.

Recipe #119558

Date-maki is a sweet rolled omelette and is one of the foods that is served on Japanese New Year. It is easy to prepare by using egg and ground fish meat. The soft fish cake is known as hanpen.

Recipe #120797

Smokey and flavorful, these are centuries old in Asian culinary tradition. Makes a very pretty presentation, I wish I could show you how beautiful they are, almost a batik look to them. But it's the taste that'll knock your socks off!! I found this recipe a few years ago in an old (1984) Martha cookbook, and have made them many times.

Recipe #101782

One of my favourite types of rice balls especially when grilled and crispy. We buy our sushi ginger in thin slices in packets and jars, about 1/4 cup is what I use. Cooking time does not include time for rice.

Recipe #199549

2 Reviews |  By Julala

A yummy, yet so simple recipe that's great for a snack or even as an appetizer for a casual party.

Recipe #165145

21 Reviews |  By Breez

Quite a while back, I was visiting my friend Katy, and started flipping through pages of her Kenmore microwave book. At that time I was "playing" with all kinds of Chinese recipes, so I copied this recipe for hoisin sauce. I've had a request to post it here on Zaar.

Recipe #92803

I love making this and putting different fillings etc in it...such buns are extremely popular in Asia

Recipe #179987

spam sushi... made by hawaiian people

Recipe #82955

There are many versions of sesame noodles on 'zaar. This version is an authentic version that would be used in Japan. The preperation is fiddly but really makes a diference to your dish. This is ideal to serve at an Asian themed dinner party.

Recipe #183310

To save some time cook the green beans ahead, place in a zippered plastic bag and refrigerate until ready to use. Make certain to pat the green beans dry using a paper towel before sautéing them. If you like spicy like my family does add in 1-2 teaspoons dried chili flakes when sautéing the garlic. Just to let you know, I tried this recipe using Green Giant brand frozen whole beans and it was not as successful as using the fresh beans. Prep time does not include boiling the beans. This is a really great recipe for fresh summer green beans!

Recipe #166069

A great addition to your next Asian inspired meal. The recipe is adapted from Southern Living.

Recipe #151691

Japanese rolled omelet is called tamagoyaki or dashimaki. It's also known as a Japanese-style egg roll. Tamagoyaki is often served for Japanese-style breakfast. Also, it's one of the most popular dishes in Japanese bento lunch boxes. There are many types of tamagoyaki. Some are sweet and some are salty. Also, you can add fillings in tamagoyaki to make it colorful. Create your favorite tamagoyaki! Posted for ZWT II '06

Recipe #173413

Wonderful oriental side-dish. So quick and easy! I serve this with chicken or pork tenderloin marinated in Teriyaki sauce (recipe 44750). Or you can add meat to the dish for a one-dish meal.

Recipe #61712

This I had at one of the Best Chinese Restaurants in my city the Ling's Pavilion. And I was floored. Excellent is an understatement. I had been meaning to search and make this but somehow it slipped my mind. Dh was talking about this last night at a discussion about Chinese food. :D And I had to get the recipe. I found a few and have made a sort of combo going by my taste preferences and judgment. I will be making these this week. Am storing this for safekeeping at the safest site I know.:D You can fill these too before you steam them with any filling of choice. But I want to use them for dipping into gravy. Ooh! La! La! My mouth is watering in anticipation. Will edit after I make this.

Recipe #100569

1 Reviews |  By piccola

I fell in love with the scallion pancakes at my favourite Chinese restaurant, but they're soooo greasy! This is a healthy version that's totally not authentic, but very tasty and easy to make. (Prep time includes dough resting time.)

Recipe #154559

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