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I wasn't always a! These are still some really great recipes that I'd like to share with everyone. As always NO MEAT involved : >
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Inspired by a WW Core recipe, but I ended up changing and adding too many other ingredients for personal taste. This is wonderfully fresh, delicious and tangy!

Recipe #301513

It's Cinco de Mayo, and I'm CRAVING guacamole... I totally threw this together on a whim, and I think it was one of the BEST I've ever made. Please note that I used my Penzey's Smokey Flavored Salt for the salt listed in the recipe. Plain old salt is ok too!

Recipe #302670

Made this as part of the "pickies" I had out for Mother's Day this year, mostly from ingredients I had on hand. This is delicious with tortilla or pita chips. I have also been taking the leftover with me to work, served over a bed of greens. All spice measurements are approx. I did them all "to taste".

Recipe #303660

Another great recipe that I adapted to be "meatless" from Everyday with Rachel Ray. To make the white sauce, I actually had to use whole wheat pastry flour and skim milk, because that is what I had on hand. I think it turned out great, BUT feel free to use the standard white flour and whole milk. Also, watch the heat on the poblano peppers. My peppers were a bit on the small side so I roasted 5 instead of 4!! My first attempt at this recipe came out a bit spicy for Lauren, but PERFECT for me. Make sure you scape ALL the seeds out before adding to the sauce if you not a fan of too much heat : >

Recipe #264065

This is a delicious, savory vegetarian recipe with butternut squash and cheese. The original recipe called for Gruyere but I used sharp cheddar instead. I think both would work quite well. This was my first time using quinoa in a recipe, and I'm really hooked. The little quinoa spirals are filled with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, making it a valuable addition to a vegetarian diet.

Recipe #265441

Awesome recipe from my NEW favorite cookbook, Student's GO VEGAN Cookbook. Non-vegans, feel free to add some grated sharp cheddar or parmesan to the filling before you re-stuff the potato skin. This recipe serves one, but can easily be doubled or tripled. And, feel free to microwave the potatoes if you are short on time.

Recipe #265959

I LOVE artichokes, and this is a wonderful vegan pasta sauce that makes great use of these delicious little thistles. I usually have canned artichoke hearts on hand instead of jars of the marinated ones. For this recipe, I simply added 1/4 cup or so of my favorite Italian salad dressing with a shake or two of crushed red pepper and some dried italian spices in place of the reserved marinade. Non-vegans, feel free to top your servings of pasta with grated cheese. I spinkled the top of ours with some nutritional yeast which is a nice vegan alternative to parmesan cheese.

Recipe #265973

Idea for Thanksgiving this year. From Barefoot Contessa

Recipe #266736

Baking tofu is a wonderful way for it to soak up all the delicious flavor in your marinade. In this recipe, the tofu has a bright, lemony flavor. If you have the time, let the tofu sit for an hour or so in the marinade before baking. However, if you are short on time, this step is not necessary. For those new to tofu, the block of tofu should be pressed between two plates, to remove any excess moisture from its packaging. Use a cast iron pan or heavy book. Baked tofu tastes even better the next day!

Recipe #268066

First time making polenta, and it came out AMAZING. Polenta can be served soft, right after cooking, or poured into a baking pan to cool. Once cool, the polenta can be cut into squares, and served with your favorite pasta sauce. Or, once it is cooled, cut the polenta into 1" x 2" sticks abd fry lightly in some olive oil until golden. the possibilities are endless.

Recipe #269887

Delicious recipe I adapted from: The Fat Free Vegan website. Please do not fear the number of garlic cloves in the recipe. They are kept whole and simmered for an hour in the broth, which mellows their flavor out perfectly. Almost like roasted garlic! This stew is nice served with crusty whole wheat bread, or over warm brown rice.

Recipe #269889

The flavor possibilities are endless! Even when they are sale, the tubs of hummus in the markets are a bit pricey. Take the time to make your own. It's really easy and lower fat because I use the bean liquid for moisture instead of streams of olive oil or tahini. I got two hugely genuine, UNSOLICITED comments from my mother AND grandmother (that's BIG, believe me...) I also like to open people's minds a bit. My family, just the night before, had proclaimed their determined hatred for anything "curry" or "cumin". After they gobbled this hummus for several minutes, and asked me how I made it, I proudly proclaimed the spice combo I used! Give everything a chance! Who knows, you might actually like it : > This recipe can easily be doubled.

Recipe #272535

From my new FAVORITE cookbook: Veganomicon. This is an amazing vegan filling for stuffed shells, manicotti, lasagna or topping pizza or pasta. Simple to make, possibilities are endless!! The best tools for this one are clean hands. They are the most effective for squishing the tofu to "ricotta-like" consistency. The recipe listed below is enough for one(1) layer in a 9x13 lasagna pan. Can be doubled if you like more "cheese" in your lasagna layers.

Recipe #279343

These delicious bites are another recipe I adapted from my NEW favorite cookbook-Veganomicon! MAny stuffed mushroom recipes are drizzled in butter or contain crab in the stuffing. These tasty appetizers pass they test for both vegans and meat-eaters alike! Original recipe called for daikon and mirin, but I substituted water chestnuts and rice wine vinegar with great results.

Recipe #279357

I am taking a "Healthy" Cooking class, sponsored by the university where I work. One assignment was to make-over a recipe to be more health conscious. Because I am a vegan, and unfortunately can't eat many of the dishes prepared in the class each week, I decided to make over the recipe VEGAN. The original recipe was a lasagna with a meat and cheese layer. I have substituted the full fat ricotta cheese layer with my Tofu Basil Ricotta and the "meat" layer with a vegan version of my grandmother's homemade ravioli filling (traditionally a mixture of ground beef, pork sautéed with onions, garlic, spinach and spices) This was also the first time I used the "no-bake" lasagna noodles! : >

Recipe #279709

From Veganomicon - The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook. Many vegetarians who decide to take the leap to VEGANISM, find it hardest to give up cheese. While I feel that most the FAKE cheese products out there are trying to mimic something that they just CAN'T, this version of grated parmesan comes pretty darn close to that nutty, salty topping that grated parmesan or other hard cheeses gives to a dish of pasta! This recipe is great too, because you can make it in seconds right in you kitchen instead of shelling out 3 times as much for the pre-made vegan grated cheese they sell in the store. The original recipe calls for 1/8 tsp salt, I use closer to 1/4. Use your taste.

Recipe #283639

This delicious vegan potato salad comes from one of my new favorite cookbooks: Veganomicon, The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook.. The recipe, as written, makes an enormous amout, but can easily be halved. I love the addition of thinly sliced cucumbers and dijon mustard to this familiar picnic favorite! This recipe calls for something called Vegenaise, which is my favorite brand of vegan mayonaise, containing no eggs.

Recipe #285342

The flavor of this sauce is amazing. No more buying jars of salty, high fructose corn syrup BBQ sauces! Take the extra time and make your own. This recipe comes from Veganomicon. The original recipe called for whole apricots, but I've also made this using 1/2 - 3/4 cup apricot preserves or fruit spread, and saved a couple steps. Great over baked tofu, tempeh or seitan strips.

Recipe #285380

Cooking vegan for my favorite meat eater is quite an enormous challenge for me sometimes. I noticed that Lauren had ordered spaghetti bolognese the last couple times we were in Italian restaurants. This was my vegan take on an old Italian favorite, and she thought it was great! I decided to use textured vegetable protein (tvp) because it absorbs the flavors of whatever you rehydrate it with.

Recipe #285382

In the spirit of the Superbowl this year, I decided to make vegan chilli cheese dogs. This chilli was made from items that I had right in the pantry and was the perfect topper the veggie dogs served in grilled buns! I actually took the time to toast whole cumin and corrriander seed, and grind them in my spice grinder, which made a REAL difference in the flavor. Another note: I made this using 1 can of black beans, but I think 2 cans would have been the perfect ratio. Use your judgement!

Recipe #285414

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