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2 Reviews |  By Kat

Kiss that oily nose goodbye! After dealing with Oily Skin and Acne for many years, there have been few things I've found that work (short of expensive temporary medical solutions.) Here is the best I've found so far.

Recipe #13240

This is a light,tropical and luscious body butter that smells almost good enough to eat! I wouldn't however!!! I received this recipe in a monthy e-newsletter I receive from Nature's Gift. It is a wonderful small company in TN which specializes in essential oils and aromatherapy supplies. I love applying this butter right after I get out of the shower since it literally melts into your skin and leaves you soft and silky. It is wonderful in the winter but you may find it a little heavy in the warmer months. I remedy this situation by applying the butter sparingly after showering while my body is still damp... the water combines with the oils in the butter and helps emulsify it...right into your skin. I love the light, tropical scent from the coconut oil and cocoa butter... the essential oils are optional, but I think you will find them heavenly! I have a special bowl and beaters I use just for this recipe... just so I don't use them for anything else. Be sure to store this butter in a cool place since it will melt and turn into a soupy mess!

Recipe #256951

1 Reviews |  By yogi

Emollient-rich cocoa butter has a delicious chocolate scent. Combined with mint, this light lotion is great for the body and senses. Got this from the book, Drop-Dead Gorgeous. It's good to use all natural products when possible. Many of the ingredients found in modern cosmetics have been identified as hazardous by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency! Cook time includes first cooling time.

Recipe #54321

1 Reviews |  By yogi

A nice powder to use after your shower or exercise. You can also find already made chlorophyll in most health food stores. Prep time does not include time to make home-made chlorophyll.

Recipe #59976

This is a wonderful alternative to expensive store-bought hair gel. Enjoy! This recipe is from Rima Soni's Q& A Trouble Shooter column of this week's Weekend magazine.

Recipe #66367

KIDS LOVE THESE!!! So much cheaper and easier than the kind you buy at the store.

Recipe #66418

This will do good to your hair.

Recipe #66887

This recipe came from "The Body Bible" by Pamela Allardice. I use it often and it is really cheap and works well even on very sensitive skin (like mine). I buy my kaolin clay from a ceramics supply shop and it is very cheap...I think the last time I bought it i paid about $3.50 for 5kg (about 11 lbs). I sometimes add thyme to the parsley, this is good for loosening blackheads. Make sure you use course ground almond meal, the last meal I bought was fine and it doesn't work anywhere near as well as the course stuff.

Recipe #67372

From the Weekend magazine's "Aroma Allure" article by Minaxi in her "Beauty" column.

Recipe #71956

From Janice Cox's Natural Beauty At Home, 2nd edition.

Recipe #72457

Honey is a great thing. It is a skin softener and a reputable healer. Did you know that if you put a small amount of pure honey directly on a skin blemish, as a quick and easy instant rememdy, it helps it disappear! It is a good skin toner as well as it retains moisture being a natural humectant! This toner may feel slightly sticky at first. However, if you let this toner sit for say about 5 days, then the stickiness tends to disappear. Rinse your face with cool water for the first week that you use this.

Recipe #72876

7 Reviews |  By Shawn C

After using this stuff I needed a cheaper way of doing it. Now that it is available in some stores the cost might still be too steep for all.

Recipe #73374

2 Reviews |  By 89240

This mask isn't the prettiest, nor does it smell very appealing, but it has done wonders for my skin and leaves it very smooth. These ingredients are just a base, you can use almost anything you have on hand. I chose lavender oil because it heals acne scars, and dandelion, burdock root, and red clover because they have wonderful healing properties for adult acne. The parsley flakes also promote healing, as does the zinc. I take all of the supplements in pill form as well, and my complexion has much improved. There aren't any harsh ingredients, so I use this a few times a week and sometimes I leave it on longer. I also cleanse my skin before and after with pure glycerin soap. For scars, you can apply lavender oil directly onto skin with a q-tip and let it stay on your skin over night, this works for scars all over the body. This makes about 2 applications so you can either put half in the fridge for later or share with a friend, have fun!

Recipe #75409

The perfect massage bar for a special Valentine treat (or any time you need a little TLC)! These are rich and full of vitamin E. Cocoa butter and coconut oil can generally be found at nutrition stores; the decorative molds can be found at craft/hobby stores. And even though the chocolaty aroma of the cocoa butter is very strong, the peppermint, florals, and ylang-ylang give it a beautiful fragrance. Ylang-ylang may be hard to find, but by all means, try it - and remember, a little goes a looooonnnnng way! Also remember to store these in the refrigerator - coconut oil likes to melt easily, but it makes the bars silkier!

Recipe #82928

I think this is quite an old recipe, it's been used in my family for a long time. I like it because there are no chemicals, it's inexpensive and it smells good! This can be used as an air freshener or as a personal freshener on a hot day. Try spraying your poor hot feet after a hot day of shopping. I use it to spray on my hands after dishes or housework, the vinegar is a natural skin softener.

Recipe #96663

I found this in Rima Soni's Q & A Trouble Shooter column, Weekend. I am yet to try this. So, if you do, before me, let me know how is it!

Recipe #99175

This is for those beauty divas who want ultra shiny luxurious hair that's full of highlights. It's for those who have dark brown or black hair.

Recipe #107722

This scent is so yummy! I have had to give up chocolate due to a sensitivity... so this is my fix! It's so much cheaper than what you can buy... and smells even better! I use sugar because of sensitive skin (salt burns for me) but you can also use salt if you like. Just a warning... this is a bit messy in the shower, be sure to rinse the shower well. I've never had it stain the tub.. but it's better safe than sorry! The measurements and servings are an estimate... use more or less cocoa or vanilla for the scent you like.

Recipe #177139

A basic recipe for lip gloss with limitless variations. I can find the beet powder in the herb section of the natural foods store. Cook time is cool time. Inspired by recipes from Natural Beauty at Home by Janice Cox.

Recipe #268322

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