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Authentic Mexican

My collection of Mexican salsas, main dishes, desserts, beverages and Tequila cocktails.
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This is a pre-Hispanic recipe. Warm corn tortillas are filled with hard-boiled eggs and topped with a creamy pumpkin seed sauce and accompanied with Chiltomate: a spicy Habanero and tomato salsa. Very traditional in the Yucatan Peninsula. The chiltomate can be made up to 6 hours ahead and warmed before serving. The hard-boiled eggs can be made up to a day or two ahead. Prep time does not include the time for cooking the eggs.

Recipe #369864

This is my mom's recipe. It has a spicy, hearty flavor, yet it is not heavy. It's also full of vegetables, which can be varied by adding carrots or potatoes, but the corn is essential. If available, try using Mexican zucchini, which is pale green and smaller than regualr zucchini. Also, the pasilla chilies cannot be substituted, as the flavor would change entirely. It is always served with lime wedges, chopped onion and a side of arroz blanco (such as Recipe #130916) and it is your choice to add it into the bowl of soup or not. We usually ate all the soup first and left the corn to the end, adding more lime juice and salt to it.

Recipe #367075

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This is a very traditional salsa from the region of Jalisco. It tastes best when the tomatillos are small and tinged with purple. It goes great with any meat or seafood, especially good with carne asada. The yield and number of servings is approximate.

Recipe #322192

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This is an all-purpose sauce that is a staple in Mexican homes. It is served over fried eggs for breakfast or chilaquiles. It can also be poured over almost any pan broiled meat, such as chicken breast. It can also be made into a salsa if it is pureed without water. Please note that the level of heat will depend on the kind and number of chiles that you choose. Fresh chiles add a sort of "greener" flavor whereas the dried ones give a deeper flavor. Also, if you are looking for a light, clear sauce, use a sieve to separate the solids.

Recipe #344316

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Potatoes and leeks in a light tomato broth. Can be made vegetarian by using vegetable broth instead of chicken broth.

Recipe #358007

A cornerstone of the cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula, this is a simple recipe for a moist, spicy pork roast. If you can't banana leaves you can use foil paper and still get very tender meat.To slice the habaneros use a fork and knife because they will irritate your skin if you touch them. Serve the tacos with fresh salsa and avocado and cucumber slices to garnish. Prep time does not include marinating time.

Recipe #322305

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The beer makes these fajitas super tender. You could substitute chicken for the beef. I've never tried this with shrimp, but if you do let me know! Also, for added color use different colored bell peppers. For a truly Mexican dish add a sliced fresh jalapeno chilie. Prep time is marinating time. I don't know how many oz. in a bottle of Corona so it's just a guess.

Recipe #327455

This was my Mom's recipe. The meat is used to make tacos and is served with salsa, avocado and fresh cheese (queso ranchero). With a side of arroz rojo (Mexican rice) and a green salad it makes a quick and satisfying meal.

Recipe #353624

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I originally got this from a microwave cookbook but decided it was a hassle to open the microwave every 10 minutes. I adapted it to the stove top. Cooking time will depend on how tender the meat is. Maggi sauce can be found in most well-stocked supermarkets in the ethnic foods section.

Recipe #327990

This pasta can be served as a side dish or you can add some cooked chicken breast and serve it as a main dish. To roast the chiles, simply place them in a hot griddle or large skillet, and cook them until all the skin is blackened and blistered. Then place them in a plastic bag to steam them and loosen the skins. To peel them you might want to use rubber gloves to avoid getting your skin irritated.

Recipe #349514

This spicy, earthy dish has a similar preparation to mole, however it's flavor is quite different. The sauce, made with peanuts and pecans, is fairly easy to make. The chicken cooks in a pressure cooker. Use the chicken pieces of your preferences (I prefer skinned breast halves and drumsticks), but make sure that they are bone-in, otherwise the broth will have no flavor. You can make the sauce milder by using only 3 ancho chiles and one pasilla or you can substitute California and/or New Mexico chiles.

Recipe #329066

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This is an easy, creamy and spicy dish, that can be served in about 45 minutes or less, depending on the chicken pieces you choose. Make it as hot as you like. Serve accompanied with white Mexican rice and a side of steamed vegetables. Adjust baking time if using boneless chicken breast so that they don't dry out.

Recipe #333133

An authentic breakfast item served around Mexico, these are the true molletes. There are other mollete recipes out there, but this is the traditional one. They are cheap, fast and very good. In restaurants they are served with hot coffee and fresh fruit. They can also be served as an appetizer for brunch. You can find bolillos in Mexican bakeries but can substitute 6 in. sections of French bread for the bollillos. Serve 2 for a main dish or 1 for an appetizer.

Recipe #330179

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A sweet salad traditionally served in Mexico for Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner as one of many desserts. Kids love it. Any apple works fine, but I prefer crunchy apples that aren't too sweet or tart such as Gala or Golden Delicious.

Recipe #329043

Delicate custard flavored with coffee. It doesn't use as many eggs as traditional flans, so it is lighter. Cooking time doesn't include the time needed for the flan to cool.

Recipe #331296

Delicious cake, courtesy of La Lechera condensed milk. The frosting is butter rich so you may skip it if you like.

Recipe #327453

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Easy tequila cocktail. Developed by Gilmer Canul Caamal in Cancún.

Recipe #329698

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Sultry drink to sip slowly. Found online.

Recipe #325750

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In Mexico City, this drink (shot) is simply known as "muppet", I have no idea why but it's served in bars and clubs all over the city. The amount of tequila will depend in the size of your shot glass, the shot has to be half tequila, half 7 up.

Recipe #357653

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I found this online, I haven't tried it but posted it for safe-keeping.

Recipe #331143

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