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Vegemite is an Australian food icon, which can be consumed daily. It is a spread made mainly from concentrated yeast extract that is leftover from the beer brewing process, but that doesn't make it alcoholic.

Recipe #204570

8 Reviews |  By Tisme

I grew up with vegemite soldiers, my grandmother made them for my mum, my mum used to make them for me, and then I made them for my kids, and I guess it's just one of those things that will continue. I still love this recipe every now and then and so do my teenage kids and DH. Yes we are all Happy Little Vegemites here!!!! And of course it goes without saying the spread MUST be vegemite........NO alternatives !!!!

Recipe #266239

2 Reviews |  By Tisme

I have posted this recipe to go with a cheese and herb damper I make Recipe #284122 This butter is so delicious on this damper and so quick and easy to make. I use Masterfoods honey and wholgrain mustard for this butter.

Recipe #283917

I remember my mum used to drink this occasionaly when I was young. This was served at parties for the ladies. I found this again scrolling through the woman's weekly site. Pimm's is a blend of liqueurs and herbs with a gin base

Recipe #294064

1 Reviews |  By Tisme

Had this recipe for years and years, not until DS asked about these a few months ago did I remember them. It was a very old recipe from Mum's cookbook, I used to send this slice with my kids to school and they loved it as did their friends. A girlfriend used to ask me for the recipe all the time, and I just never got around to giving it to her, time just eludes us all sometimes!!!! ........Probably too late now, seeing her eldest in now 21 !!!!!!!

Recipe #382709

4 Reviews |  By Tisme

I got this recipe from the Sunday Magazine in the Herald sun by Donna Hay. I wanted to take a picture, but they were gone by the time I got the camera out! A yummy addition to the great Aussie favorite!

Recipe #165969

1 Reviews |  By Ozzzie

Delicious little pastries. Perfect for serving at kids parties - they will love them.

Recipe #96484

1 Reviews |  By Tisme

Loved these as a child, and these one's are made with the old aussie favorite Weet-Bix. Lovely iced with chocolate icing.

Recipe #207034

How can you make and Anzac bisuit better.....add chocolate!

Recipe #380509

4 Reviews |  By Tisme

This is a recipe my mum used to make, years later she made these every week for my husband who loved them. Now my daughter makes them for him. When we were young we knew them as Goofies! Easy and tasty! Any mixed fruit can be used, we often even put nuts in.

Recipe #187298

1 Reviews |  By Tisme

My mum used to make this all the time when we were kids. I used to make it for my DH who absolutely loved it, but now his diet won't allow him to have it. It can be made with all Lemons or all Oranges, whatever takes your fancy, or whatever you may have an abundance of. Mum's recipe was written in pints and not litres so I have left it this way, but the amount you get depends on the size of the bottles, and when serving you may like to add more or use less cordial pending on your taste.

Recipe #293465

From Kraft Foods. I used to buy these from the bakery but now I don't have to, they're so easy to make. Posted for ZWT III.

Recipe #230926

2 Reviews |  By Tisme

A recipe from one of my mothers old handwritten cookbooks. A great Australian tradition!

Recipe #301246

1 Reviews |  By Tisme

My family just love this potao salad. I prefer the skin left on the potatoes but they can be peeled.

Recipe #377022

1 Reviews |  By Tisme

I found this recipe on the C.S.R. sugar site, and the family loved it. Very easy and quick to make.

Recipe #259255

3 Reviews |  By Tisme

Good Aussie Tucker Mate! I use this recipe all the time and it always comes up trumps! Damper is so versatile it is so nice served spread with butter on a cold night to serve with a bowl of steaming hot soup, or with casseroles or with salads in summer. It is great served with antipasto or dips on a platter or even great to take on picnics, to serve with anything you like. For something delcious try whipping up a batch of Recipe#283917 this butter goes so well with this damper and is so delicious.

Recipe #284122

4 Reviews |  By Tisme

How do you like your vegemite? Well here is another way you might just like!

Recipe #321300

1 Reviews |  By Tisme

When its raining and cold outside, try this. Just the thing to warm you up. Served with ice-dream or custard its delicious!

Recipe #291973

2 Reviews |  By Tisme

A great Aussie favourite which incorporates the best Aussie fav....VEGEMITE. I got this recipe from another Aussie Icon.... the A.B.C. You will only need 2/3 stubby, what you do with the rest is up to you!

Recipe #285524

10 Reviews |  By Tisme

I have made this a few times, keeps about 3-4 months in the refrigerator, goes well as a filling in cakes, or on scones, muffins,fesh bread or whatever takes your fancy!!!

Recipe #152882

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