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Appetizers & Starters

Appetizers and starters for any times including snack time and light meal time. Beautiful photo by Mme Melissa!
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This salad is really delicious & comes from the book: Little Foods of the Mediterranean By Clifford A. Wright. The recipe doesn't state this, but I prefer to let the salad sit for 30 mins so the garlic flavour mellows a little.....

Recipe #374507

I never had or heard of a "fried rice patty" until I married my husband. He loves having them with chili. He has heart problems so I came up with this healthier version...healthier then his for sure! He makes them by cooking them in ton's of butter or margarine and then serving with ton's of butter or margarine and then salted to taste. Since he hates onions, I don't put them in his...just mine. :) You can multiply this recipe easily.

Recipe #161760

This was an appetizer I had at a wine festival in Santa Cruz, but we've had it as dinner, too. I love goat cheese....Since I keep bacon and bacon fat in the freezer, and goat cheese (chevre) freezes well, it's a very easy dinner. Update: I've started garnishing this with more of a tomato salad/bruschetta type topping with basil, olive oil and balsamic tossed with the tomatoes and it's SO good! Some toasted pine nuts work well with that all too! I also found that a Jiffy corn bread mix will make the corn cakes easily...just add the corn, onions and cayenne to the mix. Even easier!

Recipe #314266

16 Reviews |  By Derf

the best antipasto I've ever come across, the recipe is requested with every serving. Wonderful on crackers and have used it as a cold topper for a brie cheese wheel. (Originally from "Georgian Bay Gourmet, Winter entertaining")

Recipe #13586

A must for cool people - or those who like cucumbers! This is a very versatile sandwich spread or dip, which is so easy to whip up at the last minute; it makes VERY elegant sandwiches and is a wonderful accompaniment for smoked salmon, prawns (shrimp) or tuna. I have also used it to spread on savoury scones and crackers. If you plan to make this a day before you need to use it, you might like to salt the cucumbers first - as they do release water into the spread.

Recipe #300257

The secret of this popular dish lies in the marinade, which, when cooking, caramelizes the chicken and other ingredients, joining them together. When wrapping the chicken, it is customary to add a few other ingredients as a type of garnish. Cilantro, Chinese dried mushrooms, Chinese sausages (you can substitute smoked ham), and/or green onions are all used. When it comes time to cook, the garnish and chicken pieces are wrapped envelope style in square packets and (normally) deep-fried. Baking is another option; see instructions in the final step. Cooking time is normally about three to four minutes - long enough for the chicken to cook through but not for the paper to blacken. (This is for five to six inch squares - the cooking time will be longer if you are working with a recipe that calls for larger packets.) Stir the pieces lightly with chopsticks a few times while deep-frying. Drain the cooked chicken packets on paper towels. This recipe can be prepared ahead up to the deep-frying or baking stage, then frozen. Time does not include 1 hour marination. Recipe courtesy Rhonda Parkinson.

Recipe #237059

This is the Runner-Up recipe for 1991 in the San Francisco Chronicle, by Flo Braker.

Recipe #189370

these are great. My neighbor gave me the recipes she makes these for her kids all the time. They love them.

Recipe #40250

44 Reviews |  By Mirj

These are very addicting.

Recipe #14303

Another recipe "stolen" from the Cambodian grandmother of a former student of mine. These are very similar to a dish served at a local Cambodian restaurant. At the restaurant you can also get it as an entree with rice. Prep time doesn't include marinating.

Recipe #241513

This watermelon gazpacho was a result of a lot of watermelon and several different recipes that I liked only parts of. It's the easiest version I've seen, and everyone who's had it loves it. It's wonderful on hot summer evenings with anything grilled.

Recipe #181341

I think this is from a Gilroy Garlic's a light, simple, wonderful starter that I serve in mugs before dinner. It's also our cure-all for winter colds. Since it is so simple, the quality of the chicken stock is crucial. I usually add way more garlic and cilantro than the recipe calls for, but heck, when EVERYONE is eating garlic, who cares?

Recipe #181451

I "bribed" one of my students to watch his Cambodian grandma make these and write everything down. These are just like what she made! If you don't like ginger, don't make these. Prep time doesn't include marinating.

Recipe #241510

Lots of oomph in this one! You may use goats cheese, mozzarella, or feta! Adapted from Country Home magazine. This recipe may be doubled easily.

Recipe #159664

Copy Cat recipe from google search. Posted in reply to a request.

Recipe #37437

This simple, rustic appetizer has terrific flavor and is a favorite with my family. I mentioned in the directions that I like to let the bean mixture sit for a bit, but that is not included in the prep time. This is a great starter for and Italian or Mediteranean style meal.

Recipe #76855

The Herbfarm Restaurant is located in Woodinville, Washington. Each week, the award-winning restaurant chooses the best from farm, forest, and sea to create thematic 9-course dinners showcasing the Pacific Northwest. In October 2001, Gourmet Magazine ranked The Herbfarm among "America's Best 50 Restaurants."

Recipe #110895

I used to maintain a website called "Guide to Living Alone" which featured some good recipes for one person. This recipe is one I put together for my friend Ellen, because it was one of her favorite sidedishes at a Chinese restaurant we frequented. The little triangular foil packets of chicken were such a treat! If you double/triple/etc the recipe, it can also make good appetizers for a party, or even take-alongs for a picnic or potluck.

Recipe #114586

This is the $400 winner in the Everything Onion Category in the BHG Magazine. This makes 16 appetizer servings.

Recipe #215219

Plan ahead this must be chilled for a minimum of 12-24 hours before removing from the pan and serving, this is an amazing spread to serve at a get together with crackers. Make certain to overlap the plastic wrap in the loaf pan to allow easy removal of the spread. This loaf can be made omitting the provolone cheese slices if desired and made in a 8 x 4-inch loaf pan and line the bottom of the pan with pine nuts. Servings is only estimated.

Recipe #193463

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