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Appetizers "Bona Petite" Cherie'

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Easy party appetizer! Made with deviled ham and pimento or red peppers. For Christmas, add some green onions or roll in chopped chives. Prep time doesn't include chill time.

Recipe #327871

A neighbor gave this recipe to me years ago. Co-workers at my husband's office suggested, adding salsa or hot sauce.

Recipe #56151

I found this recipe on a can of evaporated milk many years ago, and I make up many batches each year to take to parties and give as gifts at Christmas. These are wonderful.

Recipe #323372

This was in an advertisement for Bob Evans Sausage in a magazine. Looked delicious.

Recipe #323767

Found this recipe in "The Metro St. Louis Guide to Smart Parenting" as a kid-friendly healthy recipe. Very simple and very tasty! The sauce rEALLY makes the recipe! The soy and panko give a nice twist to the familiar boring tuna cakes of yesteryear. Can be used as a main dish or as an appetizer. NOTE: Due to the concensus of reviewers, I have decreased the original 1/4 cup soy sauce to 1.5 tablespoons.

Recipe #287950

This is posted by request. These are used to dip into a Hungarian dip I have posted. These are soft pretzels.

Recipe #257973

A great appetizer/canape for cocktail hour...for you olive and cheese lovers out there! These are real simple (I am all about simple!!!) but very savory and go great with cocktails...or girls' night in...etc. etc. etc.

Recipe #303653

This is a fun and easy take on "Fish & Chips" that is so yummy!! My husband and I went to an open house and they served something similar so I went home and whipped up my own creation which I actually think tasted better! I usually use full fat mayo and cream cheese, but you can certainly substitute low fat. I served it cold, but it could also be warmed and be equally as good...enjoy!

Recipe #303272

I cant remember where I got this recipe but it is wonderful

Recipe #128509

Delicious, dainty appitizers, easy to make ahead of time and just put together an hour before you need them, A great flavour, just the thing to serve your guests with a drink before dinner

Recipe #246909

This recipe comes from a friend. I was very skeptical the first time I tried it but it is delicious. Whenever I take it to a gathering the recipe is always requested

Recipe #12194

Great at parties. I like to use Ritz crackers from the crumbs but anything with a little salt will do. You can use Sodium Free soy sauce. Kikoman brand is fantasic! You can also use buttery spread (i.e I can't beleive it's not Butter)

Recipe #289656

These get eaten up in no time. Make lots because your guests will be asking for more.

Recipe #25648

This is a quick and easy favorite for unexpected guests or to bring with you. I'dont remember where I got this, but I've been making it for years.

Recipe #287965

My mom, Marvis Bears Slagle, fixed this in the early '70s and with a small salad, it made for a great meal. Mom passed away last month so I am honoring her by sharing a few of her recipes. Best if made in a big cast iron skillet.

Recipe #287125

A translucent golden-brown crust allows the green of the avocado to be seen. The crispy exterior is a counterpoint to the unctuous interior. These are a signature dish for me, and the one I most often get requests to make (although my seafood and ricotta stuffed buckwheat pancakes run a close second). These fritters came about ten years ago when I was shopping for a dinner I was making for a friend who is a CIA-trained chef. I was in a vegetable market and saw these gorgeous avocados that I just KNEW would be ripe in the next two days. I tried to think of what I could do with them since a) everyone serves cold avocado, and b) I really am not fond of guacamole. As I tried to think of what I could make with them that was hot, the work 'fritters' jumped into my head. Having never made a fritter before, I was a little surprised to have that thought; but having never known when a vegetable was going to be ripe before I figured I was on a roll and decided to go for it. To serve with my never-before-tried-fritters, I decided to make a crème fraîche-lime-cayenne dipping sauce. So I made fresh crème fraîche, and used it as a base not only for this dip, but for a Tia Maria sauce to go with the flourless chocolate cake I made for dessert (another never-before made item, but with the recipe from Cook's Illustrated it was the only thing I wasn't making up as I went along). The result of the fritters was that I got to taste the test fritter, then had to dive across the couch before the last one was devoured in order to have a second. The one evolution in the recipe is the change from cayenne to chipotle in the dip. I like the smokiness, and it gives a rough edge to something very smooth - I am all about contrast. Feel free to use whatever chile or combination thereof that you like best. This dip is easy and stands on it's own at a party for anything you want to dip into it. I have also made it with vegan sour cream with great results. The name Alligator Claws comes from an alternate name for the avocado: the alligator pear, as well as the fact that the wedges of avocado look like claws. (For those not familiar with the name Alligator Pear, it derives from both the tough, textured exterior - reminiscent of an alligator's hide, and the fact that you really can't eat one until it softens - just like a pear.) Alligator Claws are also a great name to call them if you have kids who either won't eat anything that sounds weird and you want to keep them to yourself, or - if you want your kids to eat them - if you have kids who'll only eat things that will gross other people out. If you are preparing these for kids (and I recommend you do whatever name you choose to call them), protect their palates and tone down the heat of the sauce. Maybe skip the chiles altogether and put in just a hint of finely ground pepper (white pepper won't look like black specks throughout the dip - I'm normally not that fussy, but it's something kids will notice). Allow half an avocado per person. This is so rich that more is too much. Note: You can easily cut the recipe in half, all the batter is is a one-to-one mix of flour & water (someone has suggested trying tempura batter which comes in a mix at many supermarkets - I tend to be a from-scratch kind of guy. Or do I just mean itchy?). Enjoy. -- Text by Michael David Winter, aka The Poker Roach

Recipe #287008

1 Reviews |  By Sonya01

More Peanut butter.

Recipe #286671

Recipe #269323

Easy, tasty crackers. Great with hummus or other dips.

Recipe #282720

34 Reviews |  By yooper

These are very easy to make for a buffett or appetizer party. I usually double this, because they go fast! Note: The last time I made these, I fried the bacon after I cut it into thirds until it was almost done, cooled slightly on paper towels then wrapped around the water chestnuts and secured with toothpicks. The sauce was a lot less greasy. I cooked for about 5 minutes less. Enjoy!

Recipe #49106

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