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I finally got around to making these last night and, while my photos don't exactly reflect it, they were AWESOME! I made a very simple dipping sauce of about 2 parts Yamasa soy sauce to 1 part rice wine vinegar with some sesame seeds sprinkled on top. I froze the extra prepared, but uncooked pot stickers on a cookie sheet, each layer separated by waxed paper, then put them in a vacuum sealed Food Saver bag and back into the freezer. These got pretty consistent 5 star ratings on the site.

Recipe #137829

I originally found this recipe at Recipe Goldmine but have added and subtracted after trial and error. The original recipe called for a 10 oz pkg of frozen peas to be added during the last 15 minutes of cooking. I usually add a little rosemary and cayenne. Can add the spices you wish. This is very good!

Recipe #36984

18 Reviews |  By JoeB

This is from Alton Brown. The BEST pancake recipe I've used and it is a regular favorite. *****NOTE**** There are actually TWO recipes here. One for a batch of mix and one to make a batch of pancakes from 2 cups of the pancake mix.

Recipe #68088

Recipe #44287

4 Reviews |  By Steve_G

From Dannon's web site

Recipe #44288

Definitely not fast food - but really worth the wait! The olives give everything a really nice flavor. I have listed the raisins as (Very optional), but that is your preference! The recipe came from the "Good Eats" show with Alton Brown on the TV FoodNet. The original just called it "Pot Roast", but I thought it deserved a little fancier name.

Recipe #84457

Pretty standard fish and chips style fish. the beer batter and cornstarch make for a very crispy crust. Not a whole lot of grease if you're careful. From Alton Brown's Good Eats

Recipe #42712

This recipe is from a casserole episode of Good Eats. I love the idea of using frozen puff pastry rounds on top instead of going to the trouble of making a bottom and top crust. The curry powder in the roux gives it a really unique flavor.

Recipe #145902

Alton Brown is my FAVORITEST chef on the Food Network. He's funny and, like me, believes that everything in the kitchen should multi task. Most all of his recipes are easy and every-day stuff we can all enjoy. (Let's face it, some of those dishes from some of those cooks are a little too much trouble if you've got a hungry bunch or your market has limited selections.) This one, however, is simple and darn good.

Recipe #138672

We just polished off a couple of bowls of this treasure inspired by the insane Alton Brown and are laying here all slothful and stuff. Ok, it wasn’t exactly “inspired” by's his recipe with a couple of molestations by me. I've omitted his inclusion of apple cider as I didn't like what it did to the flavor (way too sweet) and increased the broths. The combination of gruyere and Emmenthaler cheeses works far better, in my estimation, than the commonly seen solo gruyere. And no optional splash of cognac for us -- though if you were to add it, I’m relatively sure you’d be safe from my wrath. But I think the secret here lies in the way the onions are cooked...until they submit and obey.

Recipe #147694

3 Reviews |  By byZula

This recipe is from Alton Brown. (This is a recipe I adopted from the Zaar account.)

Recipe #49675

Alton Brown's technique for delicate, soft, creamy eggs. Does this man have this down to a science? You bet he does.

Recipe #107476

1 Reviews |  By Xexe

Well alton calls this "better than grandma's" creamed corn. Well my grandmom always made the can variety So i am sure it is better.

Recipe #106870

I found this recipe on The Food Network website, courtesy of chef Alton Brown. Simple to make, though a bit pricier than your regular burgers, these are fantastic. Appropriately named, these "steakburgers" are so flavorful they need no more than the kosher salt for seasoning.

Recipe #99958

3 Reviews |  By Xexe

Recipe is from Alton Brown.

Recipe #106116

This recipe make one pound of brined pork belly. Recipe From Alton Brown.

Recipe #100744

7 Reviews |  By Sue Lau

A variation of Alton Brown's recipe. If you have only cooked pulled pork in the oven, you are really missing out on a treat. The smoke gives a beautiful flavor and adds the smoke ring that to me is the mark of good barbecue. You can use whatever type of sauce you prefer on this- vinegar based, mustard, or tomato based. Whichever type you use, it is best if it is on the thin side, so water it down if you need to.

Recipe #95361

Originated from the Good Eats episode, 'Down and Out in Paradise'

Recipe #79667

25 Reviews |  By basia1

From Alton Brown's "I'm Just Here for the FOOD". Haven't tried this yet, but Alton says this provides a creamer egg than steaming or boiling. He says it is a bit harder to peel though. Posted in response to a recipe request. (NOTE: Servings depends on how many eggs you decide to cook!)

Recipe #61856

from Alton Brown's show. Brining the bird is the key to moist meat. Made this again this year, only brined in just water instead of stock to save some dough. Again, the bird turned out perfect. Growing up, I hated white meat because it was always dry and grinding on your teeth ;-), now I love white meat. Cook time includes the brining time.

Recipe #9954

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