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A tropical treat! Can vegetrain baked beans makes this Sweet, Easy and Tasty for all. Great for a outdoor summer party's, pot luck

Recipe #427652

I love Bloody Marys but the juices are so high in sodium. I've made this with fresh tomatoes (you don't have to) and using lovage lowers blood pressure and makes a great salt substitute. Worcestershire sauce is good in these but high sodium so go to taste. Lovage has celery flavors. For Ray I added Shrimp Vegetarians omit it!

Recipe #427480

Tender and smokey. Leftovers make great shedded beef. Just pull apart with very clean hands add your favorite BBQ sauce place on a bun and enjoy.

Recipe #427839

1 Reviews |  By Rita~

I used a mix of frozen blackberries blueberries and raspberries. You can use one or all three. Top your favorite sliced toast, scones, glaze a pork roast at the very end with this jam or place a teaspoon in a cup of tea hot or iced. Make a flavored mojito.

Recipe #429482

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

This is an updated version of my Recipe #228708

Recipe #429788

3 Reviews |  By Rita~

This is a sweet and sour condiment. Use it in Chinese cuisine as a dip for deep-fried dishes, such as spring rolls, egg rolls, pork, noodles, and deep-fried tofu as well as for roast duck or chicken. It is made from sweet tart plums along with sugar, vinegar, ginger and chilies.

Recipe #430697

Lightly infused with lemon from the basil. This can be used to glaze chicken or pork. Spoon it over cream cheese for a quick appetizer. Sweeten a cup of tea or lemonade. Warmed to glaze a cake. This can be made with regular basil, cinnamon basil, Thai basil, Purple basil. All creating a different jelly.

Recipe #431332

Here I go again. A take off of my Recipe #49909. Sneaking in good for you foods. Kale! It fights fat is high in fiber, vitamin A, calcium, a great sources of beta-carotene, one of the antioxidants believed by many nutrition experts to be a major player in the battle against cancer, heart disease, and certain age-related chronic diseases, it also provides other important nutrients. Check out some good information on kale here Do make the whole amount and freeze as ice cubes to add to soups.

Recipe #431350

A USA Beer kicked up With a French Liqueur. Oh yum. Ok Blue moon drinkers have had the beer with a slice of orange or had a Recipe #431545 but have you tried this? I have to give this credit to a bartender in Metuchen NJ her name I recall is Jessica at Novita's.

Recipe #431544

I enjoy Guinness and when my DD's friend Alex made one of these for me OH YUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

Recipe #431545

Vibrant in taste and color. Unique, Sweet, fruity and tangy. A hint of raspberries and lingonberries. Made with jarred lingonberries but you can use red currant jam. Great for your summer Picnic's. Oh and so healthy for you and the family! the benifits of cabbage and beets are BIG.

Recipe #431832

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

Summer garden fresh tomatoes and basil pesto with fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese on sliced Italian bread. Try an addition of roasted red peppers making this just as good if not better.

Recipe #433759

Healthy Asian Salmon burgers with slightly spicy wasabi mayo and zucchini relish recipe #434197. You can pan fry or grill these burgers.

Recipe #434325

A take off my recipe #389253. I wanted to roast (grill) the tomatillos, onions, chili's and garlic. So this is what I came up with. Yes you can roast in the oven. Make now and enjoy all year! Or give as gifts.

Recipe #434697

This cocktail will keep you on your toes! Two ingredient drink that's so easy to make especially when your DH makes it for you! ;) Van Gogh Vodka is exceptional choice but for my pocketbook I went for Three Olive which is just as good and 1/3 rd the price. Then a touch of the Nocello walnut liqueur to give it that nuttiness we all (are) LOL need! A strong drink indeed. I start drinking straight up then 1/2 way I add a couple ice cubes! ;) OK I'm a wimp!

Recipe #434824

Sweet but lower in sugar jam with a hint of orange, cinnamon and cardamom. Fill a cake or cookies, top toast or crakers, serve with a pork roast.

Recipe #435116

A chunky sweet and tart condiment/spread made with blueberries, figs, and cranberries. Spiced with onions, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and rosemary. Chutneys are traditionally served with curried foods, but do try this on ham, chicken, roast pork, wild game or your Thanksgiving turkey. Also nice on meat and cheese platters. Mix some chutney with cream cheese for a nice spread on crackers. Mix with some oil for a quick marinade or glaze meats at the end of cooking.

Recipe #435211

Fresh summer peaches and figs blessed with Grand Marnier, vanilla, cinnamon and fresh ginger makes this jam rich and sweet.

Recipe #435393

Don't toss the watermelon rind! Kick it up by pickling it into this Cajun relish. Top fried catfish, grilled shrimp, fried alligator, or just kick up a good old hot dog!

Recipe #435581

A canned recipe using summer squash spicing and sweetening it with love. Top a hot dog, burger, fried fish with this. Or add to mayonnaise for an easy tartar sauce. 8/2011 added garlic and used just red bell peppers.

Recipe #435585

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