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This is a collection of my favorite recipes. Some of them are my own and some of them are from a few of the good folks here at 'zaar, but all of them are delicious!
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Carrot juice, rich in beta-carotene, gives the couscous vibrant color and packs this dish with more than 100 percent of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A. The juice is reduced to concentrate the flavor. From Cooking Light.

Recipe #183646

This is simply the best beer can chicken I have ever had. You first rub a spice mixture over the chicken, then baste it with a delicious glaze. We've had it many times this summer. Winter's coming, and I can't wait to try it in the oven! This recipe makes two chickens; simply cut it in half if you prefer just one.

Recipe #192308

3 Reviews |  By hepcat1

Adapted from a Rachael Ray recipe. These are great on the grill topped with a black bean spread that I make (about to be posted). I get a lot of requests for this recipe.

Recipe #190200

1 Reviews |  By hepcat1

This is a very easy but delicious tasting lamb. I don't particularly care for lamb, but I made it because it's a favorite of my husband's and my mom's. My dad isn't much of a fan either, but he said it's the best lamb he's ever eaten. THIS MUST MARINATE FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS!!! The sauce shouldn't be made ahead of time, but it takes only a couple of minutes to throw together. The sauce is also a must to the overall success of the dish; it's much better than mint jelly, IMHO. I cut the recipe in half and it makes a nice amount for four people with a bit of leftovers for sandwiches the next day (although I don't reduce the amounts of the marinade). I serve this with recipe#34382 and recipe#50847.

Recipe #240805

213 Reviews |  By Mirj

Super easy, sweet and spicy!

Recipe #13982

This is my "summer Tiramisu" The original recipe uses one packet of sponge fingers, but I use more to get more coverage on this size of tin. I also added the lemon zest and find it is not too tart, you can leave it out of course if you are not sure about it. You don't have to make this in a spring form pan, if you like to scoop it out of a dish, use whatever suits you. I sometimes use trifle sponges or plain cake instead of the sponge fingers. Oh... the lemons are low fat and very healthy!

Recipe #62692

This recipe is delicious! I make it for every holiday and sometimes just for a colorful and delicious side dish during the week, just because we love it! Even those who don't normally like carrots really liked this souffle, and kids love it, too. It's a great alternate to sweet potato casserole; plus, it's super easy to prepare! I strongly suggest not adding any of type of "pumpkin pie" spices, etc. to this dish as it will really alter the outcome. This comes straight from Cooking Light with no alterations - it doesn't need any!

Recipe #108286

524 Reviews |  By Tish

This copycat recipe is as good as the original! I originally got this from a recipe adapted from Todd Wilbur's on (and modified it again until I thought I had it right)

Recipe #66121

6 Reviews |  By hepcat1

This is an easy recipe that looks stunning when served to guests. You can skip the decorative shapes if you wish and it will still look great. I used christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer, get the picture. You could customize it for any holiday. It really makes a great presentation and tastes great, too!

Recipe #108476

1 Reviews |  By hepcat1

This is a very easy recipe, makes a beautiful presentation, and is ridiculously delicious. Great first course for the holidays or a dinner party. It comes from Tyler Florence on the Food Network.

Recipe #108479

My own creation that I can't seem to get enough of! I prefer an omelet with a bit less egg, so feel free to increase the egg to goodies ratio if you prefer. You could also use a different cheese, although that's what makes this dish in my opinion. Enjoy!

Recipe #112448

A very tasty but not too "clammy" clam dip that was a favorite ar Grandma's while I was growing up and is now a favorite of my 11-year old son

Recipe #37168

I found this on one of the cream cheese packages and I thought it was so easy! Looks very good and spicy! Oh yeah! ;) No hard work or sweat here!

Recipe #238462

1 Reviews |  By hepcat1

This recipe is easy because it starts with cinnamon-swirl bread, reducing the need to add other flavorings. They are delicious, easy to make, and fun because they're baked in muffin cups to create individual servings. I wrap leftovers individually in foil, pop in a freezer bag and freeze for bread pudding anytime I want! Two "puddings" take exactly 70 seconds to reheat from frozen, at least in my microwave. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Recipe #189896

1 Reviews |  By hepcat1

My own concoction after scrounging around late one night for a quick impromptu dessert. Turned out pretty yummy, if I say so myself! Of course, how can you go wrong with anything Nutella?

Recipe #191607

5 Reviews |  By hepcat1

Having never made a pizza on the grill before, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. This is a really tasty pizza! The salsa verde (GREEN salsa) and queso fresco cheese are a MUST, in my opinion, to the success of this pizza.

Recipe #192290

1 Reviews |  By hepcat1

I love this chili, and the corn cake toppers are perfect with it! The muffin mix, egg and milk amounts are from a box of Jiffy mix; you should adjust these amounts to whatever brand you're using. Adapted from Rachael Ray.

Recipe #200536

3 Reviews |  By hepcat1

I made this delicious trifle for Christmas dessert last year but didn't think to post it until I pulled out the recipe to make again this year. It looks just beautiful with a straight-sided trifle bowl and tastes delicious.

Recipe #200541

1 Reviews |  By hepcat1

This one is so very, very good! The smoky guacamole is a MUST; it just won't taste the same without the chipotle. I got the recipe from my sister, who got it from someone at the Food Network.

Recipe #229384

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