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Some recipes call for this combination of spices.

Recipe #489361

Another eggplant recipe created to use up my many eggplants. I'm sorry to say that the frost hit the plant hard last night, so I harvested all of the remaining eggplants (10). I did find good homes for many of the eggplants with friends and neighbors. LOL!

Recipe #332457

Most chicken parmesan that I have had in restaurants have always been made from a boneless chicken breast that was flattened with a mallet, with a dollop of mozzarella cheese and sauce. With this recipe, I have chosen instead to use boneless chicken tenderloins, with a generous amount of mozzarella and sauce. This is one of my Dad's favorite recipes and he requests it every year for his birthday celebration. I serve it with fresh NJ sweet corn, ratatouille and garlic bread. It is a wonderful feast!

Recipe #334981

This recipe originated from a Cambell's Soup recipe for Salisbury Steak, but it has been modified from the original. LOL! I can never remember not to add the water into the soup mixture. It's automatic and I do it before I can stop myself. I have also used cream sherry in place of the burgundy wine. Mainly it depends on what I have on hand.

Recipe #335063

This recipe was given to me by my friend Julie. She doubles the recipe and actually cans it in mason jars which she gives to family & friends as hostess gifts. When I made it I tripled it and I would fill jars 3/4 of the way and freeze them. I have also made it with cream sherry. We serve it over whole wheat angel hair pasta. Yum.

Recipe #335398

I have always loved the flavor of chocolate malt and the combination with orange/raspberry is just delightful. Yum!

Recipe #353906

The original recipe was part of a scout troop International food project for one of the badges they were working on and submitted by one of the girls in our troop. However it has been modified for the crock pot, plus the stewing beef was replaced with ground beef.

Recipe #354389

I love smoothies and this one is perfect for a personal afternoon treat. It creamy, is fast and it satisfies your craving for something sweet, but not too sweet. Note: Cooking time is blending time. Enjoy!

Recipe #355336

While camping in Florida I decided to combine three of my favorite vegetables together for a tasty side dish.

Recipe #359391

This recipe was created with items I had in my pantry. I own and use a 3-quart Crock Pot, but you can adapt this recipe to any size vessel. I serve it with mashed potatoes, but you could use pasta or rice or what have you. I also serve crusty Italian bread with it. Enjoy!

Recipe #365285

This recipe is actually similar to twice baked potatoes, except the second part is cooked in the microwave. We always refer to them as "diet" potatoes as a joke, since they are really loaded potatoes.

Recipe #366307

The original recipe came from my DD's culinary school education packet, however she reworked it to her taste. She served it at home with a creamy sauce served on a bed of homemade pasta. Our family loved them plain right out of the refrigerator. The recipe makes 24 one inch balls, but you may want to double it and freeze the extras.

Recipe #369614

I decided to create this as an afternoon pick me up. Its made from ingredients I had on hand. *Note: Cooking time is Blending time.

Recipe #372909

Well I'm at it again, creating recipes in anticipation of my bumper eggplant crop again. . .

Recipe #375087

Kelleigh a recent graduate of culinary school is now able to whip up tasty recipes at a moments notice. Enjoy!

Recipe #375851

I love black raspberry ice cream and I decided to make a smoothie with frozen strawberries from my garden and the ice cream for a different flavor combo. *Note: Cooking time is blending time.

Recipe #376650

This recipe was inspired by Mikekey's recipe #263525. I had tagged his recipe to make until I found out a bread machine was needed. So here is my version made in the oven.

Recipe #377815

This is a colorful salad to impress your family and friends with your special taste for mixing the right foods to enhance a delicious combination of flavors. This recipe was created for the "Category Craze-E Contest! With the sub-category of Start with Salad at a Dinner Party! *NOTE: Now that the contest is over I have substituted blue berries for the peas which was one of the special must use ingredients, as suggested by Jen.

Recipe #378850

My Dad created this very "Special" alcoholic beverage that everyone in our family just loves! It's made with Wink or generic Grapefruit Soda, OJ, Imperial whiskey and maraschino cherry juice over ice. You could frappe the drink if you want. He also serves them in brandy sniffer glasses. *Note: Cooking time is None.

Recipe #380797

My Dad created this very "Special" beverage for the children in our family who all love and ask for it when ever they visit. It's made with Wink or generic grapefruit soda, OJ, and maraschino cherry juice over ice, topped off with a cherry. You could frappe the drink if you want. He also serves them in tall glasses. *Note: Cooking time is None.

Recipe #380798

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