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2006 WT Africa and Middle East

All my African and Middle East recipes for the Zaar World Tour 2006.

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A lovely Moroccon salad that makes a great starter, side dish or a light summer meal together with fresh bread. You can either fillet the oranges or slice them. To fillet an orange start by slicing a 1/2-inch thick piece off the top and bottom of the orange. With the fruit resting flat against the work surface, use a sharp knife to slice off the rind, including all of the bitter white pith. Slip the blade between a membrane and one section of fruit and slice to the center, separating one side of the section. Turn the blade of the knife so that it is facing out and is lined up along the membrane to free the section completely. Continue until all of the sections are removed.

Recipe #175714

A very tasty recipe from the 'Good Food for Friends' cookery book using tuna, eggplants and cherry tomatoes. The baba ghanoush can be prepared earlier in the day and kept covered at room temperature. The baba ghanoush also goes well with other robus-flavored fish such as swordfish or red mullet. The recipe is for 6, but it can easily be adapted for 2 or 4. Serve with buttered spinach and/or potatoes. (This recipe is labelled as Middle East in the Zaar World Tour because of the Baba Ghanoush).

Recipe #138840

This is a quick but impressive dish by Jamie Oliver.

Recipe #164328

The humble carrot served in an exciting way. This is an excellent side dish to roasts and steaks. I didn't have fresh parsley on hand, so I omitted it and it still turned out great. I will try the recipe with the addition of the parsley next time, though. Recipe source is my favourite Swiss cooking magazine called 'KOCHEN' (December 04). I included this recipe into my African cook book for the Zaar World Tour, as all ingredients appear in Middle East dishes.

Recipe #152832

Ok, I don't have kids myself, but this African dish is very mildly spiced, creamy and slightly sweetish from the mango puree, so I assume your kids - and whoever doesn't like hot food - will enjoy this dish from Zambia. The instructions may seem long, but this is only because I suggested some options. It's really an easy dish.

Recipe #169703

An absolutely fantastic summer salad. Nice on its own, but also lovely with a piece of barbecued meat. Recipe source is a small booklet called 'Simple Summer Food' that came along with the June addition (06) of the British 'Good Food' magazine. Although this is not a traditional Middle Eastern recipe, I included it to my African recipes for the Zaar World Tour, as it includes couscous and chickpeas and the whole dish certainly tastes Mediterranean.

Recipe #170168

This is a recipe that we've tried as part of our African cooking evening. Serve it as an appetizer or snack with flat bread. Recipe source is an African cook book which labels this dish as Tunesian. This recipe uses less oil than another Zahluk recipe I've seen in a Moroccon cook book.

Recipe #169530

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