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Recipes from Family Members

These are recipes from my family members, both closely related and extended. As you can see, my mom, sister, and husband have their own Zaar accounts here!
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A family recipe dating back to the early part of the 20th century, by my great-grandmother. I have a tendency to think of this as Grandpa's salad, because he always prepared it for us. My mom and sister still make it for our holiday family gatherings, although now we usually use sugarfree Jello. (I've recently discovered that Perfection Salad is not something unique to our family - there are a lot of old recipes on net for it. They're generally similar to the one below.)

Recipe #27320

From my Family Recipe Box, Grandpa's note on the card says: "Dee-licious!"

Recipe #28156

Updated and corrected recipe! I watched Mom make the rolls for Christmas dinner this year, and have updated the recipe to make sure all the amounts and steps are just right. :) Mom originally got the recipe from Aunt Lee, and these are my favorite dinner rolls. They take a bit of time to prepare, but they're well-worth it. I know it's a lot easier to buy rolls from the Pillsbury Doughboy, but they're not nearly as good. :) This is what's on the table at our family gatherings. Prep time includes day-of-baking rising.

Recipe #27122

This is the stuffing that my mom makes very Thanksgiving, and it's absolutely divine. The holiday just isn't the same without the taste of this dish. The day after it's cooked, it's wonderful cold, too! This recipe makes enough for a 12-pound turkey, about three quarts of stuffing.

Recipe #44938

For those of us - and I know you're out there! - who really do like liverwurst. I love the stuff! This recipe came from my grandparents.

Recipe #46294

I remembered Mom making this salad when I was a teenager, so I recently asked her for the recipe. Between her memories and mine, this is what we came up with - it's great for picnics and potlucks and is very tasty. :)

Recipe #29278

My family would crowd into the kitchen to get their first forkfull of Mom's potato salad. It's that good! This potato salad is not at all sweet - something which was important for our family. Let it sit in the fridge as long as you can before serving... it's even better the next day!

Recipe #27065

This salad is made in Finland in two ways: either with herring (rosolli) or without (punajuurisalaatti). It's my favorite beet salad, and although I've never made it including the herring I'm sure it would be tasty that way, too! Based on a recipe from "The Finnish Cookbook" by Beatrice A. Ojakangas. First prepared in our household by my husband Mike. :)

Recipe #28754

Here's a recipe based on one from my mom's recipe clipping collection, then combined with Julia Child's wonderful buttery method of preparing garlic. Yum!

Recipe #109535

I loved it when Mom used to make this for us! I have no idea if she originally made it for Dad, who had been in the army, or if she just liked it because it tasted good and was a budget stretcher. A traditional favorite, good ol' SOS. Note: the title of this recipe specifies that it is made ground beef, rather than chipped beef; "authentic" SOS is generally made with chipped beef, however many folks also refer to the ground beef version by the same name.

Recipe #28667

An easy recipe for "yellow rice." This is my wife's favorite rice that I make for our dinners.

Recipe #27442

A different take to the traditional upside down cake!

Recipe #27412

A rich side-dish. Also good over baked potatoes and other vegetables.

Recipe #27414

This is a good lazy afternoon lunch or dinner. Easy, and it tastes great.

Recipe #27486

Washington State University sells Cougar Cheese. The Viking Cheese is "a mild-flavored, semisoft cheese comparable to Monterey Jack," aged for at least four months. My wife and I are in a re-creation society and study Norse culture, and find the idea of a meatloaf stuffed with Vikings amusing.

Recipe #105898

A good traditional spicy beef soup. Add as much heat to this with peppers as you like.

Recipe #29798

An unusual topping for vanilla ice cream. I like this one slightly spicy.

Recipe #31241

I wanted to make fruitcake this year that people would enjoy and actually eat. Here is the recipe I came up with. My sister-in-law even asked for it! (Please note that my wife came up with the title, not me.) Time does not include "curing." (can also make 3 to 4 full sized loaves, approx)

Recipe #51347

My sister gave me this recipe from Camp Wi-ne-ma, on the Oregon coast. We spent many a wonderful summer day at Wi-ne-ma, on the beach, in the chapel, or with our camp friends in the dining hall. If I close my eyes I can still hear the sounds of the kids chatting and laughing in the echoing high-ceilinged hall, still smell the delicious odors of our meals. My sister Cathy says, "I remember these from my many summers spent at Camp Winema, while growing up. They were my favorite cookie, and still are to this day. Whenever I bite into one of these cookies, I have many fond memories from those days."

Recipe #81903

Recipe #49743

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