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Sweets For The Sweet, Sugar For My Tummy!!!

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WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS!!! The cream cheese in the dumplings just sends the flavor over the moon!!! Everyone will want second helpings of this family favorite! My husband likes to have it warm with half 'n half poured over the top. If you would like to half the recipe, use a 9x9 baking dish.

Recipe #309004

The BEST blend for a bar cookie!! Chocolate and peanut butter reminds everyone of Reese Cup Candy. This layered brownie recipe was a hit at our annual family reunion - they emptied the plate!

Recipe #311445

CREAMY DELICIOUS!! At our annual Blanchard Reunion, Aunt Marguerite would always bring this pie. For desserts it would be the first to disappear. The recipe for this pie was always requested. I have not seen a similar one. The toasted pecans give a wonderful flavor. Easy preparation!

Recipe #311195

An apple lover's cake for sure!! Very moist with a carmel-like frosting. Great for serving guests and for family celebrations. This recipe has been used frequently by my relatives.

Recipe #251086

4 Reviews |  By VA

Fast, easy, delicious, elegant. Recipe from DH wants his next one served with ice cream instead of whipped topping. Batter can be made one day ahead of time and kept in refrigerator.

Recipe #112825

I'm posting this in answer to a request. It was submitted to All Recipes by Angie Hammond.

Recipe #68659

Adapted from a recipe on Everyday Food on PBS.

Recipe #120264

I have never posted a recipe I haven't tried before, but I was going through an envelope of old recipes -- clippings, cards, fading paper, you know the sort of things that collect in the back of drawers. I found this one on a water-spotted and yellow paper that's ready to crumble apart. I think it may have come from an aunt, but it may have been from a woman in the church I grew up in. I remember having them at Christmas. Since the paper is crumbling I figured I'd better post it to keep it safe. THE YIELD IS A GUESS. THE SIZES OF THE CANS WERE NOT SPECIFIED. I tried to come up with the standard, US can sizes. I'll edit both once I've made it and correct it. If anyone makes it before I do please tell me how many it made for you.

Recipe #260167

This is an easier version of Baklava. Posted for the Greek part of the Zaar World tour. From Better Homes and Gardens.

Recipe #139782

2 Reviews |  By Dee514

This is my favorite nut roll recipe, because it comes out great every time. I have included recipes for two different fillings (Pecan and Maple Walnut). Each of the filling recipes will make enough to fill 4 nut rolls. These are a nice treat for breakfast/brunch :) Prep time includes rising time.

Recipe #49234

Found this on the Internet posted by Dee Dee Lamb. Sounds like my kids will love it. Please note there are nuts in the ingredients.

Recipe #131819

1 Reviews |  By Oolala

From A Passion for Baking by Marcy Goldman. I am posting for safe keeping. I saw the recipe in Dec., 2007 Family Magazine. The recipe states "These morsels are tender and wonderfully buttery tasting, with crisp edges, chewy centers, and gooey chocolate. If you want them doubly rich, with molten chocolate chunks studding the cookie landscape, use freshly chopped semisweet chocolate. Large cookies bake up into crinkly, dense, chewy cookies; smaller ones are more delicate and tender-crisp."

Recipe #271247

1 Reviews |  By Oolala

This is from a gal I worked with when I was a legal recruiter. She brought it in and everyone was in heaven. I included the cool down time in the recipe. It needs to be baked for about an hour and then cooled in the oven for another hour and then chilled for 8 hours so you'll need to make this a day ahead of when you're planning to serve it!

Recipe #158613

Very easy to make, and what's better than nut and chocolate? Makes very good energy bar.

Recipe #91183

2 Reviews |  By Oolala

Had this recipe in a drawer and it is so easy. Thought I'd post it. It is super quick. I didn't include chilling time to recipe. The texture is like a cross between a smoothie and ice cream. You can pour it into individual graham cracker shells but don't use the big pie shell because it will run if you were to cut it like a pie. It is more liquid than solid. My kids love it! I've used half and half for the cream and splenda for the sugar.

Recipe #117989

3 Reviews |  By Oolala

Found this in Good Housekeeping Magazine, May, 2006. From Lindell Hughes of Neosho, Missouri. She made this as a young girl for a 4-H competition and her recipe eventually won a prize at the state fair. It is made in a 13" X 9" glass or ceramic baking dish. Cooling and chilling time not included in estimates nor is the extra hour in the oven after baking.

Recipe #171602

18 Reviews |  By Oolala

These are the best thin and crispy type of chocolate chip cookies! The recipe hails from Tate's Bake Shop in Southampton, NY. The owner, Kathleen King has a cookbook with a forward by Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) and the recipe is in that book, although I found it on-line. I tried these cookies this summer after my friend, Jane, turned me onto them. I had been buying them but now that I can make them, I'm saving a ton (of $) but gaining a ton(of weight)! Click on this link for photos and info. Rachael Ray featured Tate's in her Hampton's on $40. a day (she could only afford one raspberry square! - I posted the recipe here recipe #237056 . Enjoy with cold milk! *Reviewer Chef Crazed Tyler is right about the brown sugar and I have changed the amount here to reflect the proper amount! Thank you!

Recipe #147910

4 Reviews |  By Sue Lau

The Blue Owl is a very cute, tea room type of establishment, in Kimmswick Missouri. Kimmswick is a very small and special little town that has lots of shops filled with antiques and gifts. I am sure you know the type. The also have one of the older St. Louis riverboats there, the Huck Finn, I believe. Not at the restaurant! But down the street at the Mississippi river bank. I often visit Kimmswick when I go back to see my parents, who live not too far from there. The Blue Owl serves foods besides desserts, but it is the desserts they wow everyone with for both size and taste and the reason the Blue Owl is slightly "famous".

Recipe #320059

This Apple Crisp, or Apple Crumble, is the best one that I have ever made. It has become a staple for every gathering that we hold. I hear about it if it is missing from the food line-up! I also frequently take it to potlucks, BBQ's and get-togethers. It has the perfect blend of ingredients for a true homemade, down home, apple dessert flavor. This is very comforting in the winter months served warm, yet refreshing in the summer months served at room temperature with a dollop of sour cream, cinnamon or vanilla ice cream.NOTE: Prep time does not include the 15 minute resting time after baking. Do not skip this step or the crisp will have to much unabsorbed liquid and will become messy on the plate.

Recipe #304806

This is the most infamous recipe in my repertoire. A great go to during those times when you are emotionally on the edge :) Be careful; these are addictive. This is not the recipe for you if you are watching your waistline. They do freeze beautifully before and after baking.

Recipe #315748

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