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Sweets For The Sweet, Sugar For My Tummy!!!

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These actually came from Sarah's x-mother in law's mother but Sarah is the one who makes them for us. Excellent cookies and you can change the same basic recipe up quite a bit.

Recipe #202768

Keep not only your eyes open for these but your stomach too ... you will need it because you will be filling it with these great cookies.

Recipe #206301

This cookie cake is heavenly. The sauce in the middle makes it moist and tasty.

Recipe #208743

This recipe came from on of the summer help that Rogene worked with at the mine. This is also know as Rogene's Rave Reviews Coconut Cake.

Recipe #218231

Mary and Charlie made a trip down south and came back with this recipe came from Charlie's sister. And just like Mary, Charlie and his sister ... this gets better with age.

Recipe #218290

Another easy and tasty recipe from Mary!!

Recipe #192520

This came from Sarah's friend Linda and it is to die for. This cake is so easy to take camping. It is our favorite camping cake. Good without frosting and gets more moist by the day.

Recipe #210448

This cake is so darn good ... Mary made it for all her kids and I am pretty sure they make it for theirs and so on.

Recipe #204319

This family recipe was almost lost. Grandma gave this recipe to Mary S. after the dementia set in. Sarah was at Mary's after Grandma's funeral getting a recipe. This recipe fell out of Mary's box and Sarah picked it up, recognizing her mother's handwriting. Mary pled with Sarah to let her keep it saying that Grandma had given it to her. Sarah made her a copy and the original recipe is in Sarah's recipe box and now here.

Recipe #202751

These are really good and can be eaten right out of your hand or used to enhance other dishes.

Recipe #216618

These cookies taste very similar to a Mrs. Fields cookie. You can sub chocolate chips for the chocolate bars, but it is best with the chocolate bars.

Recipe #217171

This is another tried and true recipe from Grandma. She always made her own jams and jellies and depending on what fruit was in season that was the fruit of choice for these cookies. Best - Apricot!!! 2nd Strawberry or Raspberry -- You make the choice, they are all good.

Recipe #205568

This couldn't really get any easier could it? This is great for breakfast or dessert!

Recipe #248573

One thing we Hill's know is Dessert ... this is another good example of that.

Recipe #207241

These cookies represent the true fall nature. They are soft, chewy and full of apples and cinnamon

Recipe #190158

This came from a lady that worked for Sarah. She would bring them to work in a little baggie for her lunch. I think between Sarah and the other gal that worked there, Sharon seldom had any cookies left by lunch time.

Recipe #201149

I am the first one to say no to Cherry Pie, but this is wholy different ... I not only said yes to one piece but two. As did Uncle Charlie ... I think he had three pieces. Plus it is super easy to make.

Recipe #189981

This recipe was sent to me by the Strawberry Festival from Newburgh. They were kind enough to supply it when we went on a quest to find it through "Request a recipe" forum.

Recipe #310313

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! I first tasted this wonderful dish at a potluck dinner after our homecoming service at church. I was fortunate to find the person who had brought this salad. I never knew grapes could be so delicious with cream cheese! I hope you enjoy it as much as our family does.

Recipe #305912

These are very dense, very chocolately and very good!! Got this recipe at a WW meeting and believe it or not, each "muffin" has only 1 point! These aren't for you if you're looking for a fudgy type browine, but for those of us watching our weight....they can be a lifesaver! Enjoy! (P.S. You can even make them in the teeny tiny muffin'd probably get 48 or so...sometimes I make half tiny, half regular. Surprisingly, the tiny ones need almost as much cooking time...)

Recipe #60847

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