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Pork Main Dishes

I'm always open to new pork recipes. Sometimes it feels like that all we ever eat! With my husband being a pig farmer, it's definitely the cheapest meat around for us. Sometimes I have a hard time justifying buying beef and chicken. These are not necessarily recipes I've tried, but they've caught my eye and will likely be tried sometime in the future.
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This recipe sounds strange and tastes wonderful. We have experimented with other brands of soda, but none worked as well. You can also cook potatoes and carrots with the roast for a complete meal.

Recipe #13269

From Taste of Home.

Recipe #190322

This is the only way I make my ham for New Years and Easter.

Recipe #151563

Over 100 five star reviews convinced me to try this ham recipe I found on the 'net. We had it last night, and it is a keeper!

Recipe #148628

This recipe is sooo good! Substitute 1/2 cup of orange juice for the bourbon if desired.

Recipe #121669

What an interesting change from tradtional manicotti! You'll love the creamy texture of the cheese sauce! Note: if you slightly undercook the manicotti they will be easier to stuff.

Recipe #60587

A favourite with our family.

Recipe #114941

This is a super easy recipe! I will often have this ham going in one of my crock pots and my crock pot mac and cheese in my other one,

Recipe #101112

This is the recipe we got from my uncle when we wanted to make our own sausage. We discovered that making sausage was a bit more work than we were interested in -- especially since we had to rent shop space and use equipment we weren't really familiar with -- so we decided to leave it up to our butcher. Since he's also started using this recipe, we still get the same great sausage -- at a slightly higher price, yes, but with a lot less work! (I haven't included the time it takes to stuff casings because that will be different for everyone.) **Edited Sep07/06: I forgot to indicate in the intial post that this sausage gets smoked for 3-4 hours after it's in the casings. Without the smoking, it won't be farmer sausage, so it's a pretty key step!!!

Recipe #184513

This is a meal like my mother made. Neither the American Heart Association or Weight Watchers International would approve of this, but it's really good eat'n!

Recipe #51894

This is fantastic, even if you don't love onions! It makes an awesome entree or side dish, depending on your tastes. It's Elswet's own recipe. The trick is to choose Vidalia onions. They're sweeter than common onion bulbs, and will cook sweeter for those who are not lovers of onions. Otherwise, you could try purple onions. Those look much prettier in their finished form.

Recipe #179628

I love these! I don't even eat BBQ ribs anymore because of these, maybe one day I'll branch out but these are too good!!!!!

Recipe #123438

30 plus years old, my BIL's father was a Ukrainian chef at a roadhouse in Kindersely, and came up with this. Took years to get the "professional secret" out of these guys on how to do these for yourself. Since my wife tossed my deep fryer many years ago, have adapted this to circumstance, and tweaked it somewhat, but have never had a single complaint, or, come to think of it, very many leftovers! Note the important "technique" of cutting the membrane on the inside of the curve of the rib bones, and pulling the membrane off the entire rack (3 mins the first time, 45 seconds after you understand how easy it is to do!) as this allows the marinade to get all around and through the meat...

Recipe #163696

161 Reviews |  By JoAnn

Different, unusual way to prepare ribs. The soda pop tenderizes the meat. Untried recipe but they sound so good I just had to post them!

Recipe #19724

133 Reviews |  By Bergy

This recipe comes originally from the "Meat lovers Cookbook" - It is easy to put together and wait til you taste them.they are awesome - I served them with noodles and a green salad I sometimes add 3 cloves of garlic with the BBQ Sauce - Play with it to suit your taste.-

Recipe #88486

Quick, easy, delicious -- the best kind of food!! (Cooking time is boiling and BBQing time)

Recipe #176400

I got this recipe from one of my best friends, who served it to us using ham. Because we always have an overabundance of pork, I prefer to use this recipe with the roasts instead, since they're virtually flavourless by themselves.

Recipe #178047

This is very tasty and have received rave reviews. I serve the liquid from the roast, in a small bowl, to spoon over the meat.

Recipe #23939

Hard to believe only 3 ingredients can be this delicious! Plan ahead to allow for marinating time and try with chops or chicken, too. (prep time doesn't include marinating time.)

Recipe #176145

I love chile verde, and I've been impressed by this, the easiest and tastiest recipe I've found. Yes, it cheats a bit by using sauce from a jar (hmmph, you might say!), but sometimes you can achieve really good results from shortcuts. :) This is the recipe I use most often for Chile Verde. Delicious, and folks ask for the recipe.

Recipe #40572

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