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Rhubarb--just 'cause I like it!

[Cover photo by flower7.] Eaten as a fruit, though technically it's not (it's a stalk).
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This rhubarb pie is simple, but good. I love the crumb topping on it. For a slight change, try Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie. The crumb topping may be replaced with a full or lattice crust.

Recipe #40865

This is an old nostalgic recipe from my grandmother..We looked forward to it every spring..I think she got it from an Amish neighbor.. This is very different, I think because of the addition of a cream sauce that can also be used on gingerbread..

Recipe #118580

If you like you can use a whole chicken that is cut into pieces.

Recipe #28483

8 Reviews |  By nancyal

My mother-in-law gave me this recipe and i just love it. It's about all i do with my rhubarb. I usually make a double batch because my husband could eat it all. I usually just measure the 4 cups as opposed to measuring out 2 pounds. i also just pour the sugar and sprinkle the water over the top. I don't stir it.

Recipe #29731

My family requests this cake every spring as soon as they see the rhubarb peeking through the ground. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Recipe #167392

2 Reviews |  By Paddles

This is a favorite of our family and the kids don't do many desserts!!! (I am considering having DNA run on them to make sure they are "my" children!!!) My mother-in-law shared this with me last year. We grow our own rhubarb and this is the only way I can get anyone else to eat someone with me. I will cut and freeze the rhubarb to have fresh on hand when the cherries come on. Then, I will pit and freeze cherries to use later after the season is over.

Recipe #91634

Chill time is not estimated in for this soup.

Recipe #28469

Creamy and sweet and tart all together - yum!

Recipe #27725

Lovely refreshing dessert. You can leave out the ginger if you are not a fan or serve it separately. Serve with whipped cream and/or ice cream or with custard. Can be made on the stove top too in less than half an hour. I never use cornstarch to thicken it, but feel free to do so.

Recipe #128315

all I can say is oh YUMMMY!

Recipe #51944

5 Reviews |  By Mercy

Lentils may be substituted for the mung beans.

Recipe #93971

3 Reviews |  By Bergy

Dates & rhubarb make a lovely combination. Serve for breakfast with a cinnamon bun or plain bagel. I like some French Vanilla yogurt on it MMmm

Recipe #27606

5 Reviews |  By Pioneer

This is an old time favorite recipe of my family.It is a tart spicy condiment that adds zest to anything you serve it with

Recipe #12546

Garlic mashed potatoes would be a perfect accompaniment.

Recipe #93966

This dish is lovely with its subtle honey, lemon and sage flavours. The rhubarb relish is a wonderful accompaniment. Minted new potatoes and green peas are a good addition. I hope you will like it.

Recipe #94015

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

A take off of Vietnamese fresh spring rolls that are little self-contained salads-to-go -- crisp raw veggies and lots of minced fresh herbs, along with cooked shrimp, pork, fried tofu but in this recipeI used ingredients called for in the RSC contest all neatly wrapped up in a deliciously chewy-soft, rice paper that you eat with your hands. They’re delicious, refreshingly cool, and fun to make as a group so each can place what they want into them. Perfect for a light summer meal, or hors-d’oeuvre. Being posted for the RSC contest. Which you needed to use the ingredients posted in the contest to make the recipe. Can be double very easily. Is served with 2 sauces both very different from each other and each complementing the duck. Rice paper rounds and rice vermicelli that are two of the essentials for this recipe so go ahead a alter this to add the vermicelli. Bean threads/bean vermicelli can be used in it's place.

Recipe #93513

Ok ok, not real frog hairs lol. Chef Nelson's wife's family introduced him to this pie. His words on it: "I think the name of this wonderful dessert lends more mystery to it than its actual origin. As any Iowa farm boy could tell you, the hair on a frog is indeed one of Gods finest creations, literally! To put your mind at ease, there is no frog hair in this dessert, but if you look closely at the cooked rhubarb you will notice the fine fibers of the fruit. This appears to be the only explanation for the name that anyone is willing cough up. Although, when you ask Ted Taggart if there is a hidden meaning, he will just sort of smile as though there is a mischievous boyhood tale he's still not willing to divulge. He's funny like that!" from chef2chef So rest assured this warm and comforting dessert won't have frogs leaping out at you :)

Recipe #259330

I got this from a lady at bingo, who got it from a neighbor, etc ... I have never liked rhubarb. I LOVE these cookies!!

Recipe #95022

5 Reviews |  By Sue Lau

This tea has an intense fruity flavor with just a hint of herbally sage. Great with a piece of lemon added.

Recipe #93038

4 Reviews |  By Lennie

A different variation on plain ol' tapioca. Taken from "Rhubarb: more than just pies".

Recipe #28307

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