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I used to make an Italian Cream Cake prior to making this particular recipe for many years that I swore was the best. Well I was wrong, because since I had the good luck in finding this recipe I've no longer gone back to the older cake recipe. Found it in "Taste of the South" magazine some 5 - 6 years ago. It's one of Trisha Yearwood's family recipes that was featured. I'm not even sure if she's given it in her cooking TV show. I've added a couple of little changes that I believe gave it a couple of extra points. But anyway, this cake is unsurpassed perfection on a plate and one I know I will treasure for many years.

Recipe #498351

5 Reviews |  By Annacia

This colorful dish mixes balsamic vinegar, honey, and mustard for a balance of sweet and savory. At just 141 calories per serving, it’s a healthy option to round out any meal.

Recipe #497219

2 Reviews |  By ~Nimz~

My sister and I cook dinner for a group of want-a-be race car drivers that meet in the Man Cave every Monday night. This is one of their favorite meals that we fix. It is simple to make and is just down right good eating. It makes its own gravy that is great over rice or mashed potatoes. Hope you enjoy.

Recipe #506752

1 Reviews |  By Annacia

From Vietnam. Found on The Kitchen blog. Posted by Emma Christensen. She says: "This dish is actually quite elegant in its simplicity. The seasoned noodles are the real star with the crispy pork and other ingredients just there to play back up. It's usually served cold or room temperature, and many versions include either dried or whole cooked shrimp to make it a more substantial meal. I chose to leave the shrimp out of my dish, but please feel free to add them if shrimp are something you like."

Recipe #505699

3 Reviews |  By Zurie

This leans towards Coq au Vin, but isn't. It's my effort at a chicken with a robust sauce, and it was delicious. Serve with rice or cous-cous, a green vegetable and a salad.

Recipe #148965

A Latin American twist on the classic Mediterranean snack. I never buy store-bought hummus anymore, as this homemade version I makes tastes so much better! The amount of servings really depends on what you'll be using this for- I use it as a dip with crackers, a spread on pita sandwiches, and I even stuff it into chicken breasts. The hummus also seems to keep for as long as week in the fridge.

Recipe #502279

This is a good, basic go-to buttermilk cake — moist and ever-so-light — a great jumping off point for whatever you can dream up. Try different berries - the original had no almond extract or almonds but I love it. A little cinnamon and nutmeg with pinch of ginger with peach chunks would be delicious. This is a thin cake and cooks very quickly, which is lovely if you invite someone over for coffee and cake and have no cake, or wake up with a craving! Adapted from Gourmet and Smitten Kitchen

Recipe #504747

7 Reviews |  By Nif

A delicious and easy pasta dish that you can substitute chicken for the shrimp if you are not a fan. You can also use a different shape of pasta, but linguine is nice. The optional ingredients are really good but you can omit if you can't stand a little heat. If I use all those ingredients, I find it a little hot, so I add about 1/2 cup half and half cream. I tried to keep it healthy here though! Enjoy!

Recipe #350140

This recipe comes from the restaurant "Brennan's" located in New Orleans. No one has to know how simple and quick it is. I posted this recipe exactly as it was in the book, however, if you like a little "heat" please feel free to add some cayenne pepper to taste.

Recipe #65768

1 Reviews |  By teresas

This is out of my Asian cookbook...enjoy! Cooking time doesn't include marinating time...based on KateL's review I posted a photo of my 3 pounds of ribs in my lasagne pan...I also took the pan out of the oven to turn the ribs keeping the oven temperature steady...I did change the cooking time to include another 10 minutes...that's how long it took mine to get nice and caramelized...hope this helps...

Recipe #507224

2 Reviews |  By Annacia

Chatelaine magizine says: "You've told us that a block of cheese and a package of bacon are staples in your kitchen pantry. Keep this easy toss in mind when you can't think of what to make for dinner. It's fast, simple, comforting and satisfying."

Recipe #340032

This is a nice chowder for a cool day. It has great spices, along with vegetables.

Recipe #333299

Easy chicken that's fancy enough for company and tasty enough for family. Even your picky eaters will like this one. Can be made ahead and pulled from fridge a half hour before baking. Works well with skinless chicken too.

Recipe #277565

I haven't yet made these but everything Margo has given me has been great so I am sure these will be as well

Recipe #186538

A different version of pot roast. If you can't find plum wine or don't have it, substitute 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup plum syrup that you drained from the canned plums.

Recipe #510501

These are my attempt to make a chocolate version of Mexican Wedding Cake cookies. (My son named them.) In my experiments I felt that using half butter and half margarine made for the best texture, but you can of course use all butter if you wish.

Recipe #511252

1 Reviews |  By Zeldaz

This is scaled down and adapted from the original, as my pressure cooker is a smaller one, more like a deep pressure skillet. The cocoa and the chorizo make all the difference. A combination of ground meats works very well. Be sure to use whole cumin, as the ground stuff loses flavor when pressure cooked. If you double it, use a four quart or larger cooker. For a Cuban-style picadillo,reduce the chile powder to 1 tablespoon, add 2 to 3 tablespoons raisins, then add 1/4 cup coarsely-chopped pimento-stuffed green olives after pressure release. Garnish with cilantro and serve over rice.

Recipe #473104

This is a great way to easily make some REAL bread with your Amish Bread starter. So tasty!!! I came up with this recipe through trial and error (lots of error before success). This bread is light and yummy, yet sturdy enough to cut nice slices. It's a tad bit sweet from the starter and is great for a PBJ, chicken salad sandwich, french toast, or simply toast with butter as a snack. Love it. This makes a 2 lb loaf; I tried to make smaller loaves, but never got it right!

Recipe #375789

I love the tiny little green beans I can find packaged in some grocery stores labeled haricots verts! I can just eat them like candy, but they are even better cooked this way!

Recipe #482707

I don't remember where I got this. This is a really quick, tasty recipe, though.

Recipe #257097

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