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My Food Odyssey Cookbook

This cookbook contains all the recipes submitted for all the regions we have already visited: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; Republic of Albania; The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria; American Samoa (an unincorporated territory of the United States of America); Principality of Andorra; Republic of Angola;
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Marinated Raw Fish In Coconut Cream, is one of a kind in Samoa, well if you like raw fish with it's rich taste of coconut milk, then you'll like this.:) enjoy.

Recipe #34927

This dish is a regional speciality of an area of Algeria called Constantine. For best results, use freshly steamed couscous. This dish is often served with laben aka buttermilk. You can substitute raisins for the dates, just soak them for 5 mins in hot water.

Recipe #387392

This hot and sour sauce which goes well with taro, breadfruit,and other starchy vegetables or any seafood dish. The sauce is used to accompany foods from Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti or Hawaii. Use coconut cream which has no added sugar, not cream of coconut used in cocktails. I find it at local Asian grocery stores.

Recipe #499820

The traditional accompaniments which should be served with each meal in Iran. Mokhalafat varies between regions and probably between families but here are some core ingredients: fresh herbs, pickled vegetables, fresh tomato and cucumber and flat bread.

Recipe #499378

Recipe #497523

This recipe is from Wikipedia says that Muamba de Galinha is the national dish of Angola If you have 250ml canned palm soup base ('sauce graine' or 'noix de palme') or home-made nyembe sauce you can add it to this dish.

Recipe #415075

This is the national dish of Angola, at least according to Wikipedia. It gets is characteristic flavor from red palm oil which gets its color from lycopene. It is also antioxidant rich and studies have shown it can help prevent heart disease by regulating the balance between good and bad cholesterol. You can find it in health food stores. Serve this dish with boiled yuca (cassava) or over rice. Prep time does not include marinating time.

Recipe #498166

This is a traditional Andorran recipe for a dish of red onion in a honey marinade served with black olives. I'm trying to cook my way around the world vegetarian style!

Recipe #500663

Pani popo is a Samoan sweet roll that has coconut (and if you like, pineapple) on the bottom. It is very popular throughout the islands, as many islands make different variations of the dish. Keeping your hands moist, will help with kneading the dough.

Recipe #209372

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

Colorful Traditional West African Dish eaten with your fingers!

Recipe #173211

This is the national dish of Afghanistan. In this version, stewed chicken is covered with a savory fried rice and garnished with carrots, raisins, and almonds. From

Recipe #498248

This recipe is from Wikipedia says that Qabili Pilau is the national dish of Afganistan

Recipe #415807

Afghan recipe for chicken with rice, carrots and raisins. For the Dim Sum fans out there, this is a sort of Afghanistan Sticky Rice - it's exactly the same, only way different. ;)

Recipe #29923

ZWT6 Asia. Afghanistan's national dish

Recipe #339783

From "Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating" (a cookbook I HIGHLY recommend), this is an absolutely delicious Catalan garlic toast soaked with tomato juices and drizzled with olive oil and sea salt! It can be topped with chopped olives, capers, anchovies or serrano ham and is incredibly wonderful when the bread is grilled and a good olive oil is used. And, this is a good way to use up fresh tomatoes that are getting a little past their prime.

Recipe #85349

2 Reviews |  By awalde

This divine, moist and exotic dessert is a combination of coconut and spices. Traditionally cooks oven-bake puligi or steam it in an “imu”, or underground oven. In this recipe you will find other methods that allow you to prepare it easily at home. Enjoy this warm (but not hot) with vanilla ice cream, cold with hot custard or simply plain. Posted for ZWT7.

Recipe #456801

Found on I don't know how authentic this recipe is to the rice served in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the directions were incomplete and ingredients were missing from the list. I made do with what I had to work with here.

Recipe #501215

From Iranian Recipes and Cuisines, this is a typical Iranian salad, with tomatoes and onions, cut finely. Lime juice perks it up nicely. :)

Recipe #499398

Little fried donuts with a tropical flavor of bananas. As an option, I have added crushed pineapple. The traditional panikeke is made with banana and rolled in cinnamon sugar. This recipe has an optional coconut syrup to dip the panikekes in. Posted here for ZWT7.

Recipe #457967

adapted from the internet-posted for zw7

Recipe #457749

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