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My Food Odyssey Cookbook

This cookbook contains all the recipes submitted for all the regions we have already visited: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; Republic of Albania; The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria; American Samoa (an unincorporated territory of the United States of America); Principality of Andorra; Republic of Angola;
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1 Reviews |  By ellie_

Recipe source: local newspaper

Recipe #374179

Recipe #262653

This mild and flavourful dish comes from Julie Sahni's 1980 book, Classic Indian Cookery. She adapted it from a dish served at the Akbar India Restaurant in New York City (which I think is now closed). I am posting this for some former exchange students who are going through severe Kabuli withdrawal. I often make this a day in advance. A few comments. I think Julie Sahni writes some of the clearest recipes on the planet -- and she does so without being patronising. Check out her books (and note that I have abbreviated some instructions slightly). Also, I wonder if Kabuli means the recipe is influenced by dishes from Kabul, Afghanistan. Finally, I have never timed this accurately, so the prep time is a bit of a guess.

Recipe #245052

Afghanistan's national dish. My family likes this version very much. Modified from Recipe#59168.

Recipe #423877

This is an excellent supper dish from Angola, Africa, which children will enjoy. Serve the fritters with a hot green vegetable or salad and brown bread and butter. From wiki recipes.

Recipe #499688

Yummy and creamy with lots of fresh flavor. You could use vegan "feta" cheese to make the salad completely vegan. This is a nice salad with roots in Albania. Recipe created by Kaylin on Kaylin's Kitchen blog.

Recipe #500019

Obviously not the real way but us dairy free can have it too and it does taste very good. Algeria is a former French colony, “Café au lait” and “caffè latte” are used as contrasting terms, to indicate whether the beverage is served in the “French” or the “Italian” way – the former being in a white porcelain cup or bowl, the latter in a kitchen glass and always made from an espresso machine, whereas “Café au lait” might be espresso or dark coffee based.

Recipe #405114

This is a beautiful naturally gluten free cookie that looks pretty and tastes very nice masha Allah. I make these as gifts as well as for family. Make sure not to over mix when making the whole batch. I always make a half batch at a time and bake as soon as possible. Over mixing or handling the batter will make the cookies tougher. Found on

Recipe #436165

I found this recipe off of the Rhodes website. I just love this bread, but don't want to go through the tedious task of making it from scratch. This is a faster way to enjoy this island favorite.

Recipe #316305

This recipe is from Wikipedia says that Escudella is the national dish of Andorra Pages, in Catalan, means peasant, rural, or rustic.

Recipe #415684

This is the old-school version of this from

Recipe #501315

Tirana Fergese is the national dish of Albania, this is a vegetarian version made with peppers, tomatoes, and cheese.

Recipe #499223

Papayas are everywhere in Samoa. Here is a great way to use them.

Recipe #500088

Serve as an accompaniment, add to wraps and salads, add to a cheese platter or antipasto platter. I have made a few changes, basically combining several different recipes.

Recipe #499379

Afghani dish that took some time to make but was well worth it. The combination of cumin and cardamom was new and wonderful and the addition of carrots and raisins made the meal tasty and unique.

Recipe #59168

This recipe is from week nine of my food blog, "Travel by Stove." I am attempting to cook one meal from every country on Earth, and Angola is my ninth stop. Lemon Salad is a traditional Angolan side dish made with thinly sliced fennel and lemon juice.

Recipe #466885

2 Reviews |  By CJAY

Algerian green beans and almonds served as a side dish. I found this for ZWT 6. Algeria North Africa

Recipe #423293

Submitted for my food odyssey, American Samoa. Recipe taken from here Prep and cooking times listed are estimates based off the recipe. It may also be worth while checking out this link before preparing this dish.

Recipe #499887

Found online, posting for ZWT6 (NA*ME/Algeria).

Recipe #427210

This is a Catalan dish, it was given to me by the publican of our local pub. Every Monday he prepares a different dish, and this particular one was especially delicious.

Recipe #205444

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