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Recipe #147020

Ataiyef are a traditional treat for the Jews of Aleppo during Hanukkah, usually eaten during an afternoon break with tea or coffee and on special occasions, such as weddings. Besides Hanukkah, they are also served at engagement parties and at Shavuot, a harvest holiday that commemorates the giving of the Torah. For this recipe, chill the syrup (Shira) before using so that the hot pancakes stay crisp. Recipe adapted from Aromas of Aleppo. Cooking time is approximate.

Recipe #268738

Pronounced "shack-ree-ay", this is a yogurt-based dish that can be made with beef, lamb, or chicken. If you decide to make with beef as I usually do, the meat must be boiled separately in beef stock for a minimum of 3 hours to make it melt-in-your-mouth tender for the best results. This dish is best paired with arabic-style rice and if preferred, a salad. I have tried this recipe with American and Greek style yogurts but they do give the best results. The American yogurt is not sour enough and forms little balls that separate out of the liquid and the Greek yogurt is often too thick and is not the right consistency. Arabic yogurt can be found in most Arabic or Halal grocery stores. Also, if making the rice, I usually use Ghee but if you cannot find it, butter is a good substitute. Margarine is not as it contains too much water and evaporates without doing its job, browning the vermicelli. Also, some find it easy to pre-blend the corn starch into the milk before adding it to the yogurt. Doing this will not harm the recipe. I have always used a non-stick pan. If you do not have one, be sure it does not stick to the bottom or burn by stirring quickly and consistantly and use a lower temperature. Be sure to soak the rice for at least 2 hours and wash it until its water is no longer cloudy before cooking.

Recipe #464441

This recipe comes from a cookbook published by my husband's grandmother's Armenian Orthodox church. I prefer the bright, refreshing flavor of its lemon-mint dressing over mayonnaise-laden American potato salads.

Recipe #477564

There are many variations on kibbee. This is the one my husband grew up with; it comes from a cookbook published by his grandmother's Armenian orthodox church. Fortunately, leftover kibbee is delicious, because this recipe makes a LOT.

Recipe #477619

Not sure where I found this recipe -- have had it in my recipe files for years.

Recipe #501450

A nice tasty change from the typical nut filled baklawa pastries. Quite quick to put together if you make the syrup beforehand. This is a make again recipe for my family and my FIL's dewaniya (Men's gathering). Modified from a recipe found on

Recipe #451788

I've tried lots of recipes and this one is my family's favorite! Using instant yeast, you can make 20-22 "pitettes" or 8 medium bread rounds in about 90 minutes, including baking time! There is no fat or sugar added (except for the sugars in the dry milk powder).

Recipe #486447

My neighbor baked these for me when my first son was born, and they were so delicious. I had to have the recipe. Recently found the recipe and made these for Christmas, adding food coloring for a festive look.

Recipe #270208

This dish is similar to Bazella, with its tomato-based broth. In this dish, the main ingredients are fasoulia, a type of lima bean and meat. Cubes of lamb may be substituted for the beef. I learned how to prepare this dish while I was living in Syria for a year, studying abroad. Please note: if you use dry lima beans, they must soak in water overnight. The shells may come off of them when you begin to cook them, but this is normal.

Recipe #409559

Recipe #48291

A Syrian friend gave me this. They got it off the internet because they missed their mom's rice. I wish I knew who to credit.My DH who lived in Lebanon when he was young even says this is like the rice his mom makes, maybe even a little better!

Recipe #110990

Found on (by Martha Rose Shulman, "Spicy Vegetarian Feasts"). Posted for ZWT 6 - NORTH AFRICA*MIDDLE EAST.

Recipe #427148

A refreshing simple version of the rose flavoured drink that tastes slightly of sheesha (flavored tobacco).

Recipe #410069

This recipe is from Damascus Syria ; it is one of many thousands of recipes in the Syrian kitchen . my Mama used to make this for us as an appetizer and yet I eat it as a main corse cuz it is sooo good . Syrians are fussy people when it comes to food ie if its not extra good and tasty it will be forgotten and scrappped from the menu . Tip 4 you : put 1 tbls of allspice when you boil any meat. This will make the scum of the meat cluster so it will be easier to skim and remember that when the water is starting to boil you dump it ....yes you dump it then you wash the meat and put new fresh water .Why is that ?? well let me tell you that your meat will taste better,stay fresher for longer time . and remember to look for the arabic food store near you to get your olive oil taste different .

Recipe #98853

This dish is really easy to make and tastes GREAT!! Comes originally from Syria. This dish tastes really uniques and original. Ideal to impress people with something new.

Recipe #193152

I copied this out of a cookbook probably over 20 years ago and have been making it ever since. It's always a hit at parties and everyone asks for the recipe.

Recipe #34026

A Food and Wine staff favorite courtesy of Chris Hanna. It's really not that difficult to make your own pita bread (they may not always have a pocket in the middle) and they have better flavor and texture than store-bought. Give these a whirl! *See note in directions if you would like to make these in advance and store them in your freezer*

Recipe #428344

I developed this while trying to create a crockpot friendly Chicken dish made with ingredients similar to those in some Moroccan and Syrian recipes I've seen... I needed something I could prepare in bulk for a holiday party. I only used 1 onion and diced it to make it more kid-friendly. I'm happy with the results and the feedback from the group was VERY positive. Hope you enjoy it!

Recipe #469303

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