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Claudia Roden's family, which was originally from Syria, always served this sweet-and-sour Syrian recipe at picnics. From Food and Wine magazine.

Recipe #506884

The classic Syrian nut dip muhammara typically contains walnuts, bread crumbs, Aleppo pepper paste and pomegranate syrup, but there are endless variations. The bright-flavored take here is adapted from a recipe by Anissa Helou's Syrian chef-friend Mohammed Antabli. Pistachios, cashews and freshly toasted pine nuts, almonds and walnuts give it a chunky texture, while onions and red bell peppers make it tangy-sweet. Recipe from Food and Wine magazine.

Recipe #506882

From the cookbook 'Syrian Cookery' published in 1962.

Recipe #506812

Found on Kuk's Kitchen blog. The poster is unnamed but the intro reads thus: "Chicken stew and appam was a staple at my home when guests came. But the stew I remember the most was one that my mum made on my cousin S's wedding day breakfast. Not sure if that special taste was due to the prior shallow frying of chicken pieces by my aunt E, my mum's special loving touch or the fact that it was such an enjoyable day with all of us cousins sitting around the breakfast table before our dear S chettan got married". Times shown are my guess only.

Recipe #506801

2 Reviews |  By KateL

Entered for safe-keeping. From June 2012 Vegetarian Times. Lemony from sumac, grassy from thyme and oregano, nutty from sesame... perfect served with olive oil and bread for dipping. Sumac powder is available at Greek grocers and online; in a pinch, most people substitute lemon zest, but sumac is not as tart.

Recipe #479866

From the 2002 cookbook, Mediterranean Street Food.

Recipe #374206

The pan should be 2-3" deep You will need 2 very large bowls You will need a large knife Middle East stores will have the wheat but make sure it's medium ground. Have the butcher trim fat & grind lamb,you need the amount after the fat is trimmed. Use "good" spices I put 3T.salt but this is to taste Syrian bread is thinner than Pita This dish is made with Lamb and Wheat as it's main ingredients. It goes far & freezes well after baking. I wrap 3 slices each freeze & take out what we need. This is "healthy" eating.Any questions please contact me. Carrie PS, This is the dish many eat raw with raw onions & olive oil over the top. "Yes,it's good raw" and lamb is a very clean meat.

Recipe #133486

2 Reviews |  By keeney

Cdn H/H Dec 08

Recipe #345721

This spice blend is frequently used in Syrian and Armenian dishes. This recipe is derived from my grandmother-in-law's Armenian Orthodox church. The original made just over a pound of spice blend, which is far too much, so I've scaled it down by a quarter.

Recipe #477585

This recipe is from Taste of Home and it is described as a colorful salad where you will experience a different flavor with each bite. So true!

Recipe #330001

Resembling olive-filled spiral biscuits, these olive pastries make a great salty snack to serve with drinks

Recipe #130602

A nice change. A different baklava without nuts! Unlike other baklavas, this is best within 2-3 days of making, after which it may get a bit soggy. You probably won’t use all the butter, but it’s always good to have extra rather than not enough. *Samne is an Arabic type of clarified butter similar to the Indian version ghee. You can purchase samne or ghee at most international markets. You can also make your own clarified butter, make your own ghee, or substitute regular melted butter. I used a 9X13 inch pan. The amount of servings is a guesstimate. Modified from,

Recipe #449859

Recipe #426761

This is another Arabic dish I learned while living in Syria. This dish is a lot of work but well worth it.To make it correctly, the zuchini must be very small, under 6" long. Hollowing them out perfectly takes years of practice but you can still use zuchinis that you have poked holes through. Try to hollow them out as much as possible so the walls feel thin. You may be able to find a special tool for this purpose at an Arabic store or you can use a thin metal potato peeler with a sharp point on one end. After washing, cut off the stem and insert the tip of the peeler into the middle of the zuchini and turn it, pushing down into the zuchini at the same time. You want to try to remove as much of the white part as possible. Core the zuchinis first, before starting anything else in the recipe. I have seen other recipes saying to use an apple corer to hollow them, but I have never done this myself. The rice should be soaked in hot water for 2 hours before cooking and thoroughly washed so its water is clear, not cloudy. This reduces its cooking time. Do not substitute margarine for the butter. It is mostly water and will evaporate and burn before browning the vermicelli.

Recipe #464685

This cheese is used in a lot of sweets, including katayif and knafa. I am guessing on the prep time and cooking time because I am not sure exactly how long it takes the water to drain because I never timed it.

Recipe #436139

This is similar to the Greek dessert, Baklava, but not as syrupy. It is the Syrian version. My DH is the one who makes this as I have no patience for the phyllo dough, and he does it really good!!!

Recipe #95151

1 Reviews |  By Elmotoo

I was googling along...looking for additional NA/ME recipes...and stumbled across this tasty morsel at a site simply called 'Syrian Cooking'. It was originally submitted by Ghinwa Alameen. Nom nom!!

Recipe #501957

Puff rolls, these should be hallow in the center, but sometimes and they were not. Traveled extremely well in my husbands lunch. As with most of my recipes, I haven't got a clue where they came from. At the time I was writing the recipe down, all I was concerned with was "Do I have the ingredients".

Recipe #88891

I received this recipe from a friend of mine.

Recipe #469918

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