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This is being made public primarily for family members who are interested in something I made for them.

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52 Reviews |  By Lennie

This is a family favourite; my teenage son eats at least 2 servings himself. Cooking time includes the browning of the meatballs, although you can brown them in the oven on a cookie sheet and make the sauce at the same time, saving yourself a little time.

Recipe #17724

Really easy and inexpensive dinner that the entire family enjoys. Even my picky four year old! This recipe is a mixture of many other recipes I have tried in the past. I have also used red cabbage at the end, and found it tasty for the adults, the children weren't terribly impressed with that addition though. Edit*** I have used this recently after trying new experiments and this recipe needs something I think. Something savory, maybe a couple anchovies? I do not know, but please experiment! I am also cutting the V8 to 2 cups as the 3 cups in the slow cooker seems to be too watery.

Recipe #8665

This is how my mother made her chowder for years, and it was always greeted with pleasure and delight from anyone partaking in in. Even my Aunt who has always hated Corn Chowder loved this recipe. You can use fresh corn if you prefer, but may want to add it in with the potatoes to cook, and if you must use canned corn, watch the salt. Canned corn will change the flavor greatly.

Recipe #15350

This is one of those basic dishes that you can spiff up in anyway you please. You can add cheese, veggies or anything that you like to make it more savory for a main course dinner. I can think of about a 10 herbs that would taste great in this depending on what meats and vegetables you use.

Recipe #15454

Serve this with crusty rolls for a satisfying winter or fall meal, or use it as a side dish with sandwiches. I am not a big lentil OR soup fan, yet I really enjoyed this soup.

Recipe #14773

Tasty and easy dessert for cold Fall evenings

Recipe #12231

Very nice main course vegetarian or vegan meal that I adapted from the Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home cookbook. My kids like everything but the sweet potatoes and mushrooms. I love the whole thing! Served with hunks of hot bread, it is heavenly.

Recipe #9101

Better than what? Well, better than my old recipe! Make sure that you handle the dough as little as possible once the liquid is added. Add 1/2 cup of shredded cheese before the buttermilk for a doubly good mix. *Later edit* I noticed that folks have different expectations of biscuits so I want to clarify. These are not meant to be crumbly. I do like those kind, but this recipe is more flaky. I am adjusting a few things on here to accommodate things I have learned in the 12 years since I posted this.

Recipe #15540

Nothing is more comforting on a cold winter's afternoon than a piping hot lunch, and this is just the thing to have. The nutmeg adds a wonderful "something" to this dish, and even those who aren't fond of spinach have complimented this recipe.

Recipe #15253

Wonderful, aromatic bread. Ideal for serving with "plainer" main meals, or for use in bread pudding or french toast. Just let it dry a bit before using it in your recipe.

Recipe #12255

I found this recipe many years ago and adapted it to what we had on had and honestly, what I could find fairly cheaply. Every single person I have served it to loves it, and I do too! Add different fruits if you wish, just make sure you add softer fruits at the end and just heat through to avoid a broken up mess. Bananas should be just yellow so that they are sweet but hold their shape. The applesauce is supposed to be the chunky type, but I haven't been able to find that in the market in years, so use your own or just use the regular as listed. Boneless chicken thighs taste good here too, no need to use the more expensive boneless breasts. Mangos are good in here too, and any sort of berry is good. Frozen even works, but they are more fragile, so you have to be more careful about how you add them.

Recipe #497990

I grew up eating the never ending pot of American Chop Suey. My mother would just add more tomatoes and pasta to it until I thought I would gag at the thought of one more dinner of it. Thing is, I wanted to have it when I got older after trying other people's versions, so I found some recipes and glued together this. It is creamy because of the cheese, but if you don't like it, you can have it "regular". Without the kids being little, I now add hot sauce to it to spice it up, but that is not a part of my original recipe.

Recipe #497989

Tasty change from everyday savory type meals. Add strawberries or other in season fruits for a change of pace. This recipe was originally found in 365 ways to cook chicken, but has been changed slightly to suit my families needs.

Recipe #14403

This is my creation made after tasting something similar at my local whole foods store. There will be extra dressing, just keep it in the fridge as this salad lasts quite a while and may need a shot of it if you are keeping it on hand. I brought this as a dish for a camping trip with a bunch of friends and it was universally loved and I had many requests for the recipe when we all

Recipe #12477

I love this as a side dish, or even a full meal if you are looking for something light. Take my advice though and serve it right away, no dawdling! It cools quickly and tastes better when hot or quite warm in my opinion.

Recipe #15244

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