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3 Reviews |  By 2Bleu

Well, JJ's at it again! Seems he hooked up with the McDaniel gang again and they couldn't wait for some of his tasty dishes. One of the McDaniel's had hooked up with a sweet little girl from Mexico named Carlita. Carlita just loved fiesta colors! On her clothing, In her home, and even in her food. Johnny came up with this yummy recipe just for her. Carlita was so happy that she did a Mexican hat dance for him!

Recipe #457368

A do ahead recipe with big flavor.

Recipe #392711

From "The Busy Family Cookbook." Very tasty! I LOVE green chilies, so no surprise I enjoyed it, but the kids (ages 10 and 6) gobbled it up too.

Recipe #348938

One of my favorite sandwiches when I want to keep it clean and simple.

Recipe #308038

I had an awful craving hit me for one of these wonderful K-mart Sub's and HAD to have one! I searched high and low and finally found a woman on a message board that used to work the deli counter in the late 80's at a K-mart in Dayton, Ohio. This was one of the same stores that my Mom would take me as a kid to get one of these wonderful sub's and a frozen Coke! I used to stand in front of the counter and watch them make these sub's and remembered all but one of the ingredients. Make sure that you wrap your sub's and allow them to sit for 30 minutes before serving or they are not the same. This allows the bread, meat and veggies to show some love to one another.

Recipe #301815

6 Reviews |  By vitalev

I got the idea for this sandwich from Art's Tavern in Glen Arbor, MI. It's so delicious, one of my favorite ways to eat grilled cheese. For best results, use real cheese, not processed.

Recipe #293262

This recipe features slow-cooked chicken which is then used to make a panini sandwich. I clipped this recipe from Redbook magazine and hope to try it soon. This recipe uses chicken thighs, bone-in, but skinless. You can slow cook the chicken up to one day ahead and refrigerated. To grill the sandwich, a panini press, sandwich grill or a stovetop grill pan with a heavy skillet on top can be used.

Recipe #289116

It doesn't get better than this! Ham and gouda with a hint of sweet and a dash of spice. Created for RSC No. 11.

Recipe #283020

Easy to make, take and go!

Recipe #275504

This is a nice change from regular grilled cheese. A lot of adults get tired of regular grilled cheese by the time they have kids, this is one that you and your kids will love as well. You can cook them under your broiler if you wish, but be careful they will burn easily! :) You could also serve these as a side dish with Italian pasta instead of garlic bread!

Recipe #270476

This time grilled cheese wont do, no you want more. You say to yourself, "Self, I need to add some class." I think I have just the thing. Made on the grill side of the cast iron Griddle/Grill combo (the one with the grooves).

Recipe #265654

6 Reviews |  By Redsie

From Ladies Home Journal.

Recipe #250158

2 Reviews |  By Bergy

There are so many wraps but I think you will find this one a bit different, very hearty and tasty. It can be a "Do ahead" recipe by preparing all the ingredients ahead of time, place them in the fridge, assemble just before lunch. I like to use a Spring mix Lettuce that has Arugula in it but Iceberg lettuce is fine. The eggs are optional but they do add flavor.

Recipe #243329

We all have our different tastes for burgers I like mine flavorful and juicy this recipe will give you the best of both! see the bottom of the recipe for tips on even more extra juicy burgers! --- making a indentation in the middle of the uncooked burger will prevent the burgers from puffing up into meatballs shapes while cooking and keeps them flat --- do not add any salt into the burger mixture as the dry onion soup already has a lot of salt content, you can sprinkle some on towards the end of cooking if needed, if desired you may add in 3-4 tablespoons of your favorite barbecue sauce to the ground beef mixture

Recipe #208583

A family favorite, especially on Super Bowl game day! The amounts listed are only a guideline, you can adjust all ingredient amounts to taste. Purchase the sliced sandwich bread for this, use white or whole wheat. If you prefer lots on the mayo mixture on your sandwich then increase the mayo to 3/4 cup and the Dijon to 1-1/2 tablespoons. You will LOVE these sandwiches!!!!

Recipe #205520

8 Reviews |  By lazyme

I like to make this with holiday leftovers which makes it a snap to make. It's good on both raisin bread and croissants.

Recipe #191117

This is posted in honour of our very own beloved Chef Bergy aka "Her Majesty, the Queen of the Saturday Night Burger." I came up with this after browsing through her countless burger recipes and becoming hopelessly confused trying to pick just one. I hope you like this burger, Bergy! I posted this recipe out of the respect and love Zaar members have for you.

Recipe #188911

This one will brighten your day! The blend of these ingredients generates a light, yet robust and flavorful brunch sandwich. I love egg sandwiches for brunch and was thus resolved, this week, to come up with one that would be the best I ever had and one which was guaranteed to raise the eyebrows of friends and family. The idea of the little sprinkling of red pepper scares a few folks initially, but when they taste the sandwich, they always say, "Hey, this isn't hot at all!" And it's not. I used the ground cayenne because your body does not easily digest black pepper but red pepper digests easily and offers some health benefits as well. But the key ingredient here is the Dijonnaise Creamy Dijon Mustard (made by Hellmann's -- I don't know if there is a generic brand). I went through 3 dozen eggs (and LOTS of various condiments!) to achieve the final product, using my neighborhood buddies as guinea pigs. Let's face it, all egg sandwiches are good (except for the green olive one I made, which WAS a little shaky!) so it was a pleasant enough experiment, all told. In any case, the Dijonnaise sandwich won the final unanimous approval, hands down. And don't underestimate the value of that little orange slice on the side for the garnish. The fresh aroma which it provides while eating your sandwich makes it a worthwhile addition and most folks like to eat it as a refresher after finishing their sandwich. That's it -- enjoy!

Recipe #186243

One of my favorite sandwiches is Schlotzsky's Asian Chicken Wrap. Found the ingredients but was unable to find the actual recipe. This is my version. Tonkatsu is a Japanese sauce that this available in most supermarkets or make your own, recipe included. Do not leave out the cilantro . . it's the most important ingredient. Cooking time includes making your own Tonkatsu sauce.

Recipe #178381

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